Strong Metal Repair Glue High Strength Cold Welding Glue Magic Plastic Repair Casting Adhesive Heat Resistance AB Glue Sealant

SPECIFICATIONSBrand Name: NoneOrigin: Mainland ChinaCertification: NONEProduct name: Metal Repair GlueContent: 20/50/70/100gHardness: ≥80Shear Strength: ≥18Temperature Range: -60°C~200°CVolume Ratio: A:B=1:1Package included: 2x Glue (A&B)Stock: SufficientService: Retail, Wholesale, Dropshipping, Fast shipping, Free shippingFeature 1: Metal Repair GlueFeature 2: Strong GlueFeature 3: Cold WeldingFeature 4: Metal Repair AdhesiveFeature 5: Metal Repair Paste 100gFeature 6:...
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Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: NONE

Product name: Metal Repair Glue

Content: 20/50/70/100g

Hardness: ≥80

Shear Strength: ≥18

Temperature Range: -60°C~200°C

Volume Ratio: A:B=1:1

Package included: 2x Glue (A&B)

Stock: Sufficient

Service: Retail, Wholesale, Dropshipping, Fast shipping, Free shipping

Feature 1: Metal Repair Glue

Feature 2: Strong Glue

Feature 3: Cold Welding

Feature 4: Metal Repair Adhesive

Feature 5: Metal Repair Paste 100g

Feature 6: Agent Caster Glue

Feature 7: Heat Resistance Repair Glue


Magic Repair Glue AB Metal Strength Iron Bonding Heat Resistance Cold Weld Metal Repair Adhesive Agent Caster Glue


Product Name

Metal Repair Glue

A+B Content




Shear Strength


Temperature Range


Volume Ratio



100% Brand new and high quality.

① Excellent storage stability, a wide range of bonding materials, and can be widely used for self-adhesion and mutual adhesion of metals, ceramics, plastics, and wood;

② The surface to be bonded does not require strict degreasing treatment, making bonding more convenient;

③ It can bond cracks in iron, steel, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and other castings, wear of components, and repair of sand hole holes. The product has the characteristics of high bonding strength, easy to use, and stable storage.

After curing, the adhesive layer has good toughness, is not easy to break, and is resistant to aging and oil stains.

It is widely used in the adhesive manufacturing and maintenance of plastic panels, fuel tanks, bumpers, reflectors, industrial oil tanks, transformers, radiators, lamps, electrical housings, etc. of automobiles and motorcycles. It can also be used in industrial products such as elevators and motors. Bonding assembly.


Package Included:

2* Strong Bonding Sealant(A&B)

How to use:

The glued surface should be polished with sandpaper to keep it clean and oil-free. After mixing thoroughly in the ratio of A:B=1:1, it should be applied to the glued surface. It should be initially positioned at room temperature for 3-6 hours, reaching 70% strength in 20 hours, and reaching the highest strength after 48 hours.Shear strength>20MPa (200Kg/cm).Can be used in an environment of -15-200℃.


Protective gloves should be worn when cleaning, gluing and gluing parts, and contact with the skin should be avoided as much as possible. Please keep away from children, away from fire sources, and use in a ventilated environment.


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