L-carnitine Green Tea Capsules For Weight Loss and Slimming,Women Eliminate edema and promote fat metabolism Belly Fat Burner

SPECIFICATIONSBrand Name: HABUMAMAOrigin: Mainland ChinaShelf Life: 24monthsIngredients: L-Carnitine, Green Tea, SilicaProduct Specification: 60pcs/bottleWeight: 0.12Date of Manufacture: 2023.08.05Department Name: AdultPackaging: BottleCharge Unit: BottlesGender: UnisexUsage And Dosage: Three times a day, two capsules each timeInstructions: Three times a day, two capsules each timeIngredientes: L-carnitine tartrateproduct specification: 60pcs/bottleuse gender: UnisexFor people: Adultpackaging: Bottleshelf...
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Brand Name: HABUMAMA

Origin: Mainland China

Shelf Life: 24months

Ingredients: L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Silica

Product Specification: 60pcs/bottle

Weight: 0.12

Date of Manufacture: 2023.08.05

Department Name: Adult

Packaging: Bottle

Charge Unit: Bottles

Gender: Unisex

Usage And Dosage: Three times a day, two capsules each time

Instructions: Three times a day, two capsules each time

Ingredientes: L-carnitine tartrate

product specification: 60pcs/bottle

use gender: Unisex

For people: Adult

packaging: Bottle

shelf life: 2years


Origen: CN(Origen)

Feature 1: Slimming Products

Feature 2: Weight Loss Diet Pill

Feature 3: for women and Men

function1: fat burning

function2: Slimming and Detoxification

function3: speed up metabolism

function4: Beauty

Uso y dosificación : Two capsules twice a day
Ingredientes : L-carnitine tartrate
Especificación de producto : 60pcs/bottle
Género : Unisex
Nombre del departamento : Adult
Unidad de carga : Botellas
Peso : 0.1
Vida útil : 2years
Embalaje : Botella
Nombre de la marca : HABUMAMA
Origen : CN(Origen)
Feature 1 : Slimming Products
Feature 2 : Weight Loss Diet Pill
Feature 3 : for women and Men

Product full name:L-Carnitine Green Tea Capsules
Main ingredients: L-carnitine alginate, green tea extract
Main effect: lose weight
Dosage: 3 times a day, 2 capsules each time
Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant women
Suitable for the crowd: Stubborn obesity
Advantages: Create healthy weight loss, create perfect curves, no rebound, no dizziness, no need to diet, keep cooking freedom
Specifications: 60 capsules in a bottle

L-carnitine: It is a type of amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. The main functions and effects include weight loss, enhancing endurance and anti-fatigue, and maintaining the baby's body functions. As an essential coenzyme in fat metabolism, L-carnitine can promote the metabolism of human body fat, accelerate the burning of fat, and thus play the role of assisting in weight loss. At the same time, when the human body has been exercising vigorously for a long time, the L-carnitine transport capacity in the body will also be enhanced to further accelerate the burning and oxidation of its own fat, so as to achieve the ideal fat burning and slimming effect.
Green tea extract: Green tea has a light taste and is cool in nature. It has the functions of lowering blood fat, promoting metabolism, removing excess oil, etc., and can play a role in weight loss. The polyphenol compounds contained in green tea can act on the body, increase calorie consumption, reduce excess oxidative free radicals in the body, and thus achieve the effect of weight loss.

Kind tips:
1. Eat casually for breakfast and lunch, no need to control or diet, the product will help you.
2. Stop eating rice, noodles, meat, and fried foods after six o'clock in the evening, and replace them with high-quality protein such as fish or eggs, and eat more vegetables and fruits.
3. Drinking alcohol and strong tea will affect the catalytic consumption of fat by this product, which is not conducive to weight loss.
4. In order to better achieve the effect of weight loss, it is recommended not to drink alcohol and drink more tea!
Are there any contraindications to be aware of:
Avoid alcohol when eating food, drink less tea, drink more water, and try to eat less sugary and high-calorie foods. This product is not to be used for three meals of a normal diet. You can eat meat and rice.

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