IRIN Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Distortion Speakers Analog Classic British Rock Effect Electric Bass Guitar Pedal True Bypass

SPECIFICATIONSBrand Name: IRINOrigin: Mainland ChinaPlug Type: NONEType: EffectsModel Number: IRIN Guitar Pedalweight: 300gName: IRIN Guitar Effect PedalAN-31: British Sound Rock Amp Simulator PedalAN-32: Amp Simulator Guitar PedalAN-33: AC Tone Guitar Effect PedalAN-34: American Sound AMP Simulator PeAN-35: UZI Heavy Metal Distortion PedalAN-36: TAUREN Overdrive Pedal Effect High Gain Pedal EffectAN-37:...
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Brand Name: IRIN

Origin: Mainland China

Plug Type: NONE

Type: Effects

Model Number: IRIN Guitar Pedal

weight: 300g

Name: IRIN Guitar Effect Pedal

AN-31: British Sound Rock Amp Simulator Pedal

AN-32: Amp Simulator Guitar Pedal

AN-33: AC Tone Guitar Effect Pedal

AN-34: American Sound AMP Simulator Pe

AN-35: UZI Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

AN-36: TAUREN Overdrive Pedal Effect High Gain Pedal Effect

AN-37: Analog Delay Pedal Classic BBD Vint

AN-38: TAICHI Overdrive Pedal

AN-39: Strong Compression Overdrive Pedal

AN-40: 10 Band Equalizer Effect Pedal

AN-41: MAXIMUM Dual Channel Overd

AN-42: Metal Pedal Distortion Pedal

Choice: yes

IRIN Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Distortion Speakers Analog Classic British Rock Effect Electric Bass Guitar Pedal True Bypass

1. Atlantis Sound Marshall speakers simulate analog Marshall speakers, whether it's Bluesbreaker-style overdrive or Plexi growl, you can control the knobs to get it easily.
2. True bypass minimize the tone loss.
3. Together with the adjustment of DRIVE, the VOICE knob adjust the frequency response and the distortion, which can simulate many kinds of AMP.

1. Southside the Mesa boogie MKII speaker to get a natural and focused rock tone.
2. 6 adjusting knobs for complete sound manipulation, unique crunch.
3. Quality components, true-bypass wiring to minimize the signal loss.

1. The IRIN AN-33 AC Tone is for those who love the classic Class A amp sounds from AC30.
2. Classical British rock, modern rock, Beatles to U2 have used this amp sound.
3. Distortion is warm and natural, with subtlety in mind.
4. 6 controls for shaping EQ and overdrive response: Low, Mid, High, Level, Voice, and Drive.
5. Quality components, true bypass design.
6. Illusion Vox AC30 amp, the classic British rock sound, so that many guitarists of the realization of the dream of playing.

1. IRIN AN-34 American Sound reproduces the sound of Soulmind Fender 57 Deluxe amp, which performs well from original sound to overdrive sound.
2. Together with the adjustment of DRIVE, the VOICE knob adjust the frequence resoponse and the distortion, which can simulate lots of amplifiers. 3. True bypass function minimize the tone loss.

1. The high gain heavy effect is equipped with a Bias knob to adjust your tone between American distortion and British distortion.
2. Also distortion and volume are designed to be dynamically balanced with two adjustment parameters.
3. With the VOL knob unchanged, adjust the GAIN knob to automatically adjust the effect and ensure the final output volume remains the same.

1. The dynamic and delicate overdrive brings out the best of the river of detail in your hands.
2. Also the gain adjustment range is super wide,turning the GAIN knob can be from BOOST type clear fader all the way to distortion.
3. The effect of high gain, all in a very clear, rich state of performance.
4. Both Low Gain and High Gain are delivered vividly.

Based on the BBD chip designed for analog delay, the high frequencies are warm and the effect is natural. This classic tone is loved by every guitarist who pursues Vintage and is perfect for playing emotional SOLO.

A low-gain overdrive, the unique VOICE's knob can adjust the EQ band of different style types,smooth (smooth) overdrive tone reminds you of the classic and legendary Dumble speakers.

The overdrive tone with a strong sense of compression has a large gain, and in contrast to TAUREN/TAICHI, this overdrive is more like a restless young rocker, with Comp pulling gears to adjust the compression level of the tone.

1. IRIN AN-40 BAND CONTROLLER, this 10 band EQ effect pedal is suitable for both Bass and Guitar, the frequency band ranges from 31.25Hz to 16kHz, including 4-string, 5-string Bass and 6-string, 7-string Guitar.
2. Independent output volume adjustment.

1. Two fabulous overdrive tones are created by the dual channel, the Drive channel features pure and clean overdrive tone without compression.
2. While Boost Channel delivers wild overdrive effect and long sustain by its independent BOOST Control Knob.
3. It also has 2 toggle switches, the left one for adjusting the brightness of Mid-frequency, 3 positions are available.
4. And the right dial can switch between different clipping modes, namely MOSFET mode and conventional clipping mode.

The AN-42 has a highly tunable three-band EQ, plus a midrange sweep knob, with firm low and clear, transparent highs that can easily handle both penetrating lead tones and sharp, broad rhythmic tones.

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