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You do it wrong: how to roll up your shirt correctly
Autumn is a rainy season, but it’s still hot. As the saying goes, “in October, the shadow flees, but if the sun rises, take care of the sunstroke”. On these dates we can leave home with a shirt and jacket and, at noon, feel an unbearable heat. And although it seems silly, to cope well with these climatic swings, it is important to know how you should fold your shirt.

The experts at MartinFit, an online clothing store, ensure that we must take into account three sacred rules before rolling our shirt in any way: Online shopping in Pakistan

1. If you do not want it to look like your shirt is going great, you should leave your wrist uncovered in case you decide to roll up your sleeves.

2. Your elbows should never be in view, unless you are working and need more mobility; however, the forearms should always be visible. Online ShoppingIn Lahore

3. Another sacred rule is that when seen with your jacket or sports jacket you should never roll up your sleeves unless it is necessary for a specific reason.

The three basic methods to roll up sleeves

Learning to roll up your shirt is important for several reasons: you will make your shirt not look totally wrinkled if you decide to stretch your sleeves again, and you will also avoid (as it happens when you do things wrong) you are falling constantly.

In MartinFit propose these three methods, which are the most used worldwide.

1. Informal method

Perfect for when seen with many layers (shirt with the sweater for example).
Perfect for those men who have thin arms.
Steps to follow:

1. Unzip the cuff of your shirt.

2. Turn the fist backward and from the inside out.

3. Roll the sleeve over itself until it passes right by the elbow, we can take the fist as a base. Sometimes we will need two, three or four rounds depending on the person, his fist size and the length of his arm. So, adjust it to the height you want.

4. Tuck the corners of the cuff of the shirt indelicately.

2. Master method

Perfect when the cuff of the shirt is a different color than the shirt and creates an elegant contrast.
It is very easy to deploy.
It is the most elegant method by far.
Steps to follow:

1. Unzip the cuff of your shirt.

2. Turn the fist backwards and from the inside out.

3. We pull the fist until you reach just below your elbow, all this step without bending anything.

4. We end up folding once or twice so that the sleeve holds in a fixed position.

3. Basic method

This type of rolling is only appropriate if you are working or for informal situations.
Steps to follow:

1. Unzip the cuff of your shirt.

2. Turn the fist backwards and from the inside out.

3. Go bending until it is just below the elbow. They are usually two or three times according to the length of the arm.

4. Adjust it as you wish. Online Shopping In Karachi

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