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10 kinds of girls to avoid at all costs, and why
How many of these signs will you recognize from your recent emotional story?
Our previous article 7 reasons not to go out with a Russian girl provoked reactions in shambles (and it continues), proof if it was necessary that you are much more numerous than we imagined to have gone to seek the happiness far to the east, in the land of (bad) happy people. Julien had the good idea to follow Alexander’s lead (with his article why girls avoid self-esteem) to extend it to a more general search for potentially identifiable signs in any person. , and that should make you take your legs to your neck so as not to waste your time or suffer needlessly.There it’s finished. She had started well, this story with this girl. Then, suddenly, turn around. She loves you, yes, but prefers you to stay friends. If you have the misfortune to make her understand that you have enough friends like that, she explodes you in the face and erases you permanently and without appeal of her life: everything is your fault, you who have so misunderstood …

If the story above evokes you something, congratulations, you have experienced the most formative and painful story in the world of seduction. You also, for a time, put aside all the principles of this universe, and forgot to objectively judge the level of interest of this girl, by projecting yours on her. Above all, you have neglected all the signals she sent you that should have pointed out to you that, on the side of the road, the race commissioner was waving the “red flag”, which signals you to slow down and think carefully before taking the next turn.

This girl, which I describe above, is what is called an injured person. Self-esteem very low, offset by a game of unconscious seduction very developed, it can turn the head to the most lapped men who love women. I met her myself, I fell in her nets, I took a lot of pear, and I learned some lessons about girls to avoid, which now unconsciously trigger the red alert in my mind , and that I take the time to clear here to share them with you.

Girls to avoid recognize that:
1. They are NEVER responsible for their woes
Life has been hard on her. She still is today, despite all her valiant efforts to get out of it. This girl fights every day to ensure her livelihood with a meager salary, forgetting in passing that with 2000 € net per month, she is far from the lowest level of income in France. But in her mind, the world has to be tough with her, because anything that happens to her can not be her responsibility …

Summary: with girls to avoid, it’s NEVER their fault

2. There is not an ex to save the other
Obviously, before meeting you, she knew other men (2, 3 maximum in his speech, much more in fact). Of course, all the men she meets in her life run after her, but that’s not her fault, she only sends signals of availability and need of protection to whoever crosses her path, and these monsters of men only think of seducing her in spite of herself.

Draped in her comfortable role of little white sheep, she will explain to you that all the men she knew have hurt her, deceived her, abused her, left her, when she gave them everything. But, surprise, in a few days, it is she who will leave you the heart charged with reproaches (and, for the next, you will join the long list of men who mistreated her, and him after you).

Summary: girls to avoid have all become “like that” to shield exs who hurt them

3. They all experienced a traumatic event and talk to anyone about it
Two of my exs have lost their young mother, one because she abandoned her, the other because she is no longer of this world. The first told me about it at the second appointment, in details, to explain to me how hard life was with her (return to point 1), the second spoke to me after 2 months of relationship, because she had no choice because of the discussion we had.

Healthy people never expose their scars to strangers right after meeting them.

Summary: The girls to avoid say too much, right away. Especially on what they should keep for her

4. They are always in seduction mode, with everyone
No need to explain that a girl who starts going out with you, failing to become exclusive immediately, has at least the delicacy of not sending it to you in the face when, for example, you are at a party and it is docked by all the heavy of the box. A healthy girl will stay by your side, elegantly pushing away all the contenders, an unhealthy girl will answer everyone and encourage them to continue.

Summary: girls to avoid need to please as much as to breathe, drink or eat

5. They have nothing in common with you (and no divergence)
It’s crazy as a girl interested in you can find common points and tastes with you, but even the most motivated girls can not agree with you 100%, except when she is in a need of seduction sickly. Moreover, more than agree with you, she will support everything you say to make you feel all its interest, to the point that you will have the impression to have found your soulmate. Lego woman, yes, but there are limits to self-effacement.

6. They immediately introduce you to the important people in your life
In general a sister or a cousin with whom she grew up (see next point) and for which she seeks approval systematically, conscious in spite of herself that she has difficulty making a coherent and responsible choice, and so insecure of her that she can not take sole responsibility for a choice as important as the man of her life.Summary: girls to avoid have no patience

There is nothing to augur the foul love misery that will be yours if you make the mistake of wanting to build healthy and solid with a party girl. The desire for emptiness, sticky and sticky seduction and bad champagne served by starched shirts being stronger than all the promises and all the landscapes that you can offer it, it will sing a deep interest for your values while nourishing the seeds of her double night life with her “party friends” whom she instinctively admires despite a lack of any real friendship and any real connection between them other than stupidity, ignorance and taste for hangovers.

Summary: girls to avoid need to get out of bed after dark

10. The Exorcist
Generally congenital complex of her ex-boudin liabilities but proud of her curiosity (in fact an intellectual over-stimulability), she found in the long studies and the long work of her preparatory class (95% literary) the catharsis of his repressed life.

Having become the queen of daily drama, her desire to confront the ugliness of the world in order to exorcise her demons will lead you, like an acorn by her side, to a life almost infernal where you will live by proxy the unfortunate fate of wandering personalities who inhabit it.

Summary: girls to avoid are drama queen

Sad, this article on women to avoid?
This article is very dark, I know, but its only purpose is to open your eyes to a simple fact: all girls are not frequent, and too much want to get them into boxes that are invented alone, we end up hurting ourselves.

Girls who meet one or more criteria in this article should arouse you a little distrust and encourage you to take a step back, so as not to suffer too much when they will stomp your heart after you have stolen by surprise (not do not think you’re immune, old guys from the forum, including me, have fallen into the trap).

If you have just left one of them and you want to change your mind, it may be time to register on Meetic, eDarling or EasyFlirt and make some light encounters. Seduction is a muscle that is always good to keep running;)

To restore a little balance, my next article will discuss positive traits to look for in a girl, when seriously considering a long relationship. In the meantime, have you ever met this girl?

7. They do not have any friend (s)
They are so in a relationship of permanent seduction with all the men around her that they are only passing surreptitiously in her life, and a girl who plays as much on the principle of seduction can not have friends, who will see it as a big danger every time they are seducing with a boy. In summary, she is alone, and the poster to coax you.

Summary: The girls to avoid have strangely nobody who keeps so much to their friendship

8. The gold diggers
Widely spread in modern big cities like the plague and spread via the internet at the speed of optical fiber, the greedy woman is a plague to which there is no vaccine, except that of the absence of any outward sign of wealth.

Draped from the alibi of the “search for security”, she proudly advances towards “ambitious men” to whom she devotes an instinctive admiration, to generally fail on vacation in the cabin of the boat or the deserted villa of one of they will pay her a year of sexual docility and pathetic offerings of her body. Body to which he has already found a replacement specimen more interesting, since, precisely, it is rich, and that the whores do not miss.

“And that perhaps, the day would come when, for the misfortune and teaching of men, the plague would awaken its rats and send them to die in a happy city”.

Summary: girls to avoid see in each man a wallet

9. The party girl
(Small etymological reminder with a definition written by myself)

“Party” means a feminine name of Anglo-Saxon origin designating the meeting of a group of persons, a source of music (generally electronic, repetitive and binary), and a sufficient quantity of alcohol or a any narcotic. Combining both a very bad lifestyle, perfect emptiness (we never learn anything, if not to read on the lips) and outrageous social comedy, these post-modern performances serve for a whole population of backward bridge between their days useless, that they would do better to abbreviate once and for all instead of going slowly.

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