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Choosing a ring: How to determine its size?

You are about to offer a ring, but are you unsure about the correct size on your wrist? Our specialist Mylittlefantaisie gives you some advice so you never go wrong when ordering!

Length and inner diameter which correspondence?
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While for a flexible bracelet sizes are logically given in length (15 cm to 23 cm is the classic size fork for a bracelet), it turns out that for a ring, rigid bracelet generally circular, the displayed sizes correspond to a diameter (in this case the inside diameter, generally ranging from 5 cm to 9 cm). Even if it follows a certain logic (the jeweler generally going to the simplest to take the measure), having a circumference on the one hand and an inner diameter on the other hand can be confusing when selecting the size a rush!

Determine the size of a rod for man what size for a barcelet

Those who have the bump of mathematics, will tell you “easy, if I have the length of my silver bracelet, it’s like having the circumference of a circle, it’s easy to get the diameter of this circle and therefore the size of my rush! ” We could actually use the formula learned in college namely (Circumference = Pi * Diameter), yes but here, there is a nuance not to be neglected: a flexible bracelet is attached with a clasp where the wrist is the finest, whereas a rush, especially if it is completely closed, as for example for the branches of a semainier, puts itself by the hand and will have to be able to pass where the hand is wider than the wrist, left to float slightly once put on, it is also often like that we wear them!

What size for your rush?

For your convenience, here is a small equivalence chart of sizes (wrist / bracelet / rush) that will hopefully allow you to easily determine the size you need!

Be careful, however to relativize these measures, taken on quite fine body, do not hesitate to move to the larger size (which can the more can as little as they say), especially when it comes to a rod completely closed, or even an open ring sometimes too rigid to be discarded and put on.


The Pandora bracelet evolves according to your moods, your desires or your style. it allows you to highlight everything that is important to you (important events, unforgettable moments, hobbies or memories).

But still it is necessary to know how to compose his bracelet with charms!

Progressive Pandora BraceletThe Charms

The Charms are the pearls and pendants that make up your bracelet or necklace. You can choose your Charms according to their color, their material but also according to the theme that you want to add to your bracelet. Online shopping in Pakistan

Choose a heart-shaped PANDORA Charm to symbolize a love, a PANDORA Silver Charm in the shape of a cat to symbolize your favorite pet or even a PANDORA Murano Glass Charm, with ladybugs that will serve as a good luck charm!

Clips or Clippers or Stoppers

The Clips are pearls with a spring clip, which allow to balance the Charms on your bracelet. Your bracelet being divided into several sections, the clips will serve as stoppers, and thus allow your Charms not to slide all on the same side.

Silver bracelets consist of “no screws” where you can easily snap your Clips. For leather bracelets, which do not have a “screw”, you will need to bring you O’Rings (small rubber rings or silicone offered with your clips), which you will place first on the bracelet, and on which will come to lock your clips. You can also use these O’Rings on your silver bracelets to add sections to your bracelet.

Spacers or Spacers or Separators.Online shopping in Lahore
The Spacers, narrower than the Charms, are small ring-shaped beads used to highlight some of your Charms and pendants, but also to fill the spaces between your Charms by separating them.

The Clips and Spacers are mainly used to highlight your Charms, it is essential to add them to your bracelet so that it is airy and balanced.

The Chain of Security

The chain of safety, not essential but very recommended, is placed at both ends of the bracelet. Composed of two parts – one fixed that is to position at the clasp, the other rotary posiitonner at the post – it allows you first of all to avoid losing your bracelet, if it ever came to open. But the chain of security also allows you to block your Charms on the bracelet, to close this one more easily and from an aesthetic point of view, to make your bracelet more original and attractive.ONLINE shopping in karachi Pandora safety chains are available in the following sizes depending on availability: 4cm / 5cm / 6cm / 7cm

Pandora security chain

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