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grams bracelet

The number of grams of the bracelet is a key factor in absolute price, so many people will be very entangled in the purchase, do not know the most appropriate number of bracelets should be, worry about buying expensive. Let me tell you about the number of grams of bracelets?

How many grams of a bracelet
The weight of the bracelet is generally from about 12 grams to about 20 grams.

Petite girls, 12 grams of gold bracelets can be satisfied, more than 20 grams of the bracelet will look domineering side leakage, it is suitable for those mature women to need to show the mature charm in different occasions.

The bracelet is a kind of jewelry. It is worn on the wrist. It is mostly made of metal, especially silver. It is also made of ore and crystal. Different from bracelets and bracelets, the bracelet is chain-shaped, with the main purpose of praying for peace, calming mind and beauty.

How much is the number of bracelets?
It is more suitable for women to wear a 5-12g gold bracelet because this gram is not very exaggerated and feels comfortable to wear. Of course, some female friends are naturally born with small hands, only suitable to wear some small and small styles, then about 3-4 grams can be. And more than 12 grams of a gold bracelet is exclusive to mature women, generally, about 15 grams is popular with the public, wearing feminine charm. If you want to choose more than 20 grams is also possible, but you need to pay attention to a reasonable mix, it is best to buy some other gold jewelry to wear together, to avoid appearing too exaggerated, but it will be a bit cheesy.

How to choose a bracelet
The style of the gold bracelet is increasing, and all kinds of bracelets are sought after by women. Simplicity and fashion collide, no matter how the current trend changes, the simple and fashionable gold bracelet is always the charm decoration on the wrist. Fresh and elegant, the delicate style of a woman. The woman’s elegant secret, simple wrist chain, blending into the feminine sweet elements, interpretation of the woman’s fresh and elegant.

The price of a gold bracelet generally depends on the style of the bracelet. The more fashionable the bracelet is, the more complicated the craft will be. The weight of the bracelet will not be light, so the price is relatively high. high. Generally speaking, the weight of a woman’s gold bracelet is more than 5-6 grams or tens of grams, but it is often around 15 grams, which is not only good enough, but also worn on the wrist. It is also very textured and can show its own temperament. Of course, in addition to the weight of the bracelet, the most important thing is to look at the exquisite workmanship of the bracelet itself, and whether the style is suitable for oneself.

Bracelet maintenance method
Stay away from the kitchen:

The pearl bracelet has tiny pores on the surface, so it should not be allowed to inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls absorb hairspray, perfume, and other substances. So don’t wear a beautiful pearl bracelet to send hair, but be careful in the kitchen. Don’t wear beautiful pearls to cook, steam and fumes can penetrate into the pearls and make it yellow.

Need air:

Do not leave the pearl bracelet in the safe for a long time, and do not use a plastic bag to seal it. Fresh air is needed between the pearls, and they are worn out every few months to let them breathe. If the pearl is placed in the box for a long time, it tends to turn yellow.

Place the fixed jewelry box:

Store the pearl bracelet in a soft pouch or in a jewel case to avoid hard edges and corners such as metal or stone and the pearl surface and scratches.

The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author’s point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Jingdong. Thank you for your support of Jingdong. I wish you a happy shopping




Natural Crystal Bracelets

Recently, many friends who have just contacted natural crystals have asked some common questions. The following are ten common problems that Xiaobian wears for natural crystal bracelets. Friends who have just started natural crystal bracelets can check it out

A: Our general human body’s response to the magnetic field is left (yin) and right (yang), so depending on the situation, it should be loaded in the direction you want, such as titanium crystal, citrine, green ghost, etc. If you want to make a fortune, it is recommended to wear it in your left hand. For example, obsidian, sapphire, white crystal and other crystals that help to discharge negative magnetic fields are recommended to be worn on the right hand.

2. Can you wear crystal during the physiological period?

A: There is no taboo in wearing crystal. Except when wearing a crystal Buddha statue, you can’t go outside with a honey-loving lover. The rest are not taboo.

3. Can you wear a crystal when swimming in the bath
A: I can wear it, but it is best not to wear it. Why do you say this? It is said that it does not affect the crystal, and the bath liquid will not harm the crystal, because the crystal will not reflect with acid or alkali, nor will it be similar to other chemicals. It occurs that it is reflected in fluorine under high-temperature conditions only. But why do you say that it is best not to wear it because the collision process will occur during the movement, the crystal is fragile, if you accidentally pull the line, it will not be troublesome.

4. Why should crystal be cleaned regularly?

A: First, the crystal absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. When it is always full, it is necessary to release it regularly. Released will bring more good luck to people.

Second, the psychological suggestion, purification, purity, and psychological integrity will be more convinced of its aura. And the author personally believes that the purified crystal is easier to communicate with the owner, and it is easier to exert its unique power.

Third, natural crystals are recommended to demagnetize once a month. Generally, degaussing crystals are used for degaussing for 3-4 hours.

5. Can you wear more than one crystal stone at the same time?

A: Yes, but pay attention to the match. The collocation that I am talking about here is not about the aesthetic collocation with which kind of clothing, but from the perspective of crystal energy.

For example, garnet and red hair crystal, tea crystal, powder crystal, citrine is a good match. One of the principles is to pay attention to it, that is, it has an effect on your body and does not conflict with each other. For example, those with poor physical fitness wear obsidian, and tiger eye stone can be used, but it is not suitable for wearing titanium crystal with great energy. Such a combination is definitely not good.

For example, people who have always been a little dizzy can not tell the people in the southeast and northwest (women are mostly) Dai Qingjinshi, Shululaishi, white fog pyramid crystal, ghost crystal is very good, and can also change the dizzy situation, this If you add tiger eye, it is not suitable because it is easy to make people feel impulsive. The person who is dizzy is most in need of calmness, and the green ghost and white crystal are well deserved.

In short, if you want to make a fortune, you will be equipped with citrine, ghost crystal, amethyst and so on. If you want to sleep well, you will want to sleep with garnet, white crystal, white ghost, powder crystal, etc. Don’t have any function of crystal at all. Wearing, it is easy to cause disorder, energy dissipation.

6, can you sleep with crystal?

A: Don’t sleep, why? First, because some crystals absorb negative energy, protect the master’s ability, absorb negative energy during the day, it takes time to recover, it should be placed in the cluster, rest well, if there is no cluster at home, put it on the demagnetized crystal to degauss, 3-4 hours to achieve the purpose of purification.

Secondly, when people are asleep, they enter the state of subconscious activity, and the sensitivity of feelings will increase relatively. At this time, the energy of the crystal stone may become strong and abnormal, which leads to an overreaction of the nervous system, which is not good for the body.

7. Can crystals let others touch or try on them?

A: Under normal circumstances, it is best not to let others touch your crystal. Crystal is a kind of thing. If you want to pursue a career, the green ghost is moved by a successful businessman. Because the crystal has memory, it will record the other party’s energy. This will help the fortune. On the contrary, once the crystal is moved by some people who are stranded, it must be degaussed and purified immediately.

8. Under what circumstances can you not wear crystal?

A: Generally, it is like going to a hospital or a cemetery. It is best not to wear crystals in these places. You can remove them into your pockets.

Because the crystal will absorb the energy around, especially the white crystal is more susceptible to pollution, these places have more negative energy, even if there is a sinister effect obsidian, from those dirty places to degaussing purification, so in the hospital Or the person working in the cemetery wears crystal. After going home from work, you must remember to wear it after degaussing on the demagnetized crystal. Of course, there are people who ask if they can go to the toilet or be intimate with their loved ones? It doesn’t matter at all, even when it is warm with the lover, it also helps the excitement.

9, can crystal be used to purify the sun?

A: It is best not to take the sun to the sun, although the sun is also a purification method. why? Because some crystals will fade at the bottom of strong light (especially when UV is strong), it is said that this energy will be reduced. Of course, white crystal is not afraid of its discoloration, but the white crystal concentrating function is extremely strong, and if it is not careful, it is easy to induce fire risk. In short, there are so many ways to purify, and sun exposure is not the best way, so don’t try it.

10. Does crystal really work?

A: This is affirmative. It was recorded in the Han Dynasty of China. There are also cases in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”. Now there are special departments in many famous medical institutions abroad, and even there are professional crystal hospitals. The role of crystal on the human body is unquestionable. Just see how you can make it work for you. Besides, the effect is divided into physiological and psychological effects. Even if your body is not sensitive, you can’t really feel the change in its effect on your body. The psychological effect is always huge, such as Some people have irregular menstruation, and wearing garnet will soon get better, especially for people with dysmenorrhea. Some people always dream of scary things like sneaky at night, and they will obviously improve after wearing obsidian.

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