Woman’s shopping philosophy, “Double Eleven” has a philosophy class in her shopping cart.

Women are careful about shopping – not a waste of time

You are also a “smart shopper” who has long marked the anniversary of major department stores in the calendar, or a brand-name product that has just returned from the French discount season, or just bought it at Omotesando or Roppongi. Buy more seats in the box…

Women love shopping is a well-known thing. Even in the United Kingdom, survey numbers indicate that women spend at least three years shopping in their lives, averaging 399 hours and 46 minutes a year. It takes about a hundred hours to buy clothes, then buy family meals, spend about 94 hours, buy shoes for 40 hours and 30 minutes, even simple Window Shopping It also takes up nearly forty-nine hours of women a year.

These data may seem amazing, but they all cost a lot of time to shop around, so the men who go shopping with their wife or girlfriend can stop complaining about why women always can The shopping center is going all the time, this is all in order to achieve the purpose of “small money, receive the most fashionable benefits”, so hard to move around, and men only need a thoughtful move and response, no need to be gorgeous The store is quarreling with the ladies who are pulling with LV or CHANEL. If it is not good, it will become a good date for friendship!

Women love to buy shoes – is rational shopping or impulsive

Although women spend time shopping, it is to carefully select and buy good value for money, but to be honest women are also very easy to lose rationality in front of gorgeous clothing, shoes and bags, especially shoes It is difficult for women to restrain their desires.

According to a survey in the United Kingdom, each woman has to buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime. Each woman has an average of 19 pairs of shoes at the same time, and one out of every four women has at least one pair of designer shoes. Even 53% of women are eager to have a pair of shoes like Jimmy Choo, or Christian Louboutin, known for their red-soled shoes, and Kelly’s favorite Manolo Blahnik, the city of Sex and the City. Whether high-priced beauty shoes are a necessity or a luxury item, it is a matter of opinion! However, most male friends should be considered as a luxury item by “rational analysis”. In particular, it is known from the survey that most women admit that at least two pairs of shoes in the shoe cabinet were bought because of “immediate impulses”, but never had the opportunity to wear them out. The shoes of the field, the legitimacy of women buying shoes can be less reasonable.

Today is the “double eleven”, my shopping cart is empty. It is said that this year’s rules are complicated, and the “lazy cancer” episode does not want to follow suit. The elders euphemistically reminded that as a general manager of the family must have a sense of family, toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo can be properly hoarded, and instantly the “buy, buy and buy” girl’s heart is pulled back to the daily life of professional women.

Having said that, women really have the talent and continuous fighting power of shopping. When they are young, they can go shopping nine or six nights. Now their physical fitness has dropped, but the shopping conditions are good. The major e-commerce platforms provide enough If you don’t leave your home, you can buy and buy at any time. Why don’t you have passion? Obviously, if you see good-looking clothes, you will still have two eyes to shine. If you travel abroad, you will still hoard skin care products. The gym card is still spending impulsively. How can you reduce your interest in “Double Eleven”? The summary of smart girlfriends is quite in place, because the main contradictions in society have changed. At present, the main contradiction of “Double Eleven” is the contradiction between the increasing performance pressure of e-commerce and the decreasing shopping impulse of the broad masses of the people.

The “Double Eleven”, which began in 2009, was originally an online activity of Taobao, and it is now the ninth year. In the past 8 years, the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression has been victorious. What is the concept of the ever-changing Internet industry? In the past, there was only Taobao. Now there are Jingdong, Haitao, Yunji, NetEase, and Yonghui Supermarket ( 8.85 -2.75% , medical stock ), which are delivered to each door. Each type of platform is a different retail format. In the past, there was only “Double Eleven”, and now there are “6.18 celebrations” and “Double Twelve”. Consumers have long been stunned by the promotional activities that have been followed. In fact, online shopping has been around for a long time. Zhou Zhou has special offers, and every day is a holiday, more regular than aunt, so you don’t have to feel sorry for not shooting. You will find a truth: as long as you have money, every day is “double eleven.”

Is there anyone else who snapped up the “Double Eleven”? Of course, there are still many. First, compared with the usual, the “double eleven” offer is objective, regardless of the size of the force, the flies are also meat. Second, we are a 1.3 billion populous country. The so-called promotion is inseparable. The essence of “Double Eleven” is to use simple marketing methods to attract the public to carry out concentrated, large-value, one-time consumption promotion. The so-called carnival, the biggest beneficiary is the seller, but the buyer also bought the desired goods at the appropriate psychological price. If something is a necessity, then the money is worth it. Here, we are proud to introduce tens of thousands of colleagues who have purchased maternity products, baby strollers, cribs, bottles, sterilizers, diapers, wet wipes… while you are smashing your baby, you are a money-scraping scorpion. Talking to your baby, you are the cutest baby in the world. This type of person is the just-needed customer of “Double Eleven”! Pkmarts.com

At different stages, people have different material needs. As long as the discount strength exists, activities such as “Double Eleven” will always have vitality. Entity shopping malls will have several activities a year. I will never forget, 10 years ago on New Year’s Day, Xujiahui ( 8.83 -0.56% , diagnosis stocks ) shopping malls at 12 o’clock in the crowd, looking at the elevator, looking down, can only see the black pressure of a human head, now like this The situation can only be seen in the major tourist attractions of the National Day. However, as a hot spot, a vent, the “double eleven” aura is slowly faded.

Stripping the complicated rules of the “Double Eleven”, its essence is “cheaper” and “participation”, a campaign of mass revelry, how can you do less. But now there are a group of people, the growing consumer power after 90, 00, their sensitivity to price is actually falling. “It’s hard to buy me, I’m happy,” and it’s possible to push them for a certain scene, a certain moment, and buy it when you need it, instead of waiting for it to be cheaper. I just chatted with a post-95 returnee interns and asked her how many things she bought in the “Double Eleven” shopping cart. She said: “I bought the Fudan teacher’s lecture on philosophy in the Himalayas yesterday and spent 199 yuan. Not counting?” This surprised me. The philosophy class has never been a mass consumer product, and the star gossip is. Online star gossip is free to watch, but it is often mixed with soft texts. Just like newspapers and magazines have advertisements, can philosophy classes be used to make standardized products? I seem to see the spring of niche goods and see the spring of knowledge economy payment.

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