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If the term headphones today means headphones mounted on an arch, there are also simple headphones in the form of earpieces that the user places directly in the ears.
These Classic Earphones are currently the most popular because of their small footprint which offers easy storage and transport .

However, the brands were able to Evolve: they offer including wired Earphones with or without handsfree or wireless thanks to the Bluetooth system, not to mention those equipped with the system of noise reduction.

The -Ear Headphones go further by introducing directly into your ear canal . This system allows you to isolate almost entirely external sounds, what is called passive isolation .

Enjoy all the frequencies emitted by the earphones without being disturbed by the surrounding noise. Their low frequency response will give you a balanced sound , much more realistic and clear than conventional headphones.
Silicone tips of different sizes (S, M and L) are supplied with these earphones. They allow you to benefit from a unique and personalized comfort to measure, for an optimal stability .

This type of headphone is therefore intended for listeners wishing to have a quality of sound superior to that offered by conventional headphones.
They can also be endowed with an original design, wired or wireless . For even more freedom of movement, count on Headphones? true wireless? where the ? True Wireless Headphones? Here, no more cord connecting the 2 Earphones to each other.

Note, however, that sound isolation, caused by the wearing of earphones, can be constraining in a city setting. For example, a pedestrian may not hear the sound of an approaching vehicle.

In an era where jack jacks are gradually disappearing from our smartphones, we can only advise you to take a closer look at wireless technology.

Marketed since 2019, the true wireless phones are a revolution in terms of ergonomics because wireless, freedom of movement is total!

From a technical point of view, wireless headphones perform just as well as wired headphones. A pair is made of two independent earphones, each equipped with its own battery and an amp. They use the bluetooth connection to broadcast stereo sound and to connect their mobile functions (bass and treble settings, activation of noise reduction mode …)

The autonomy of wireless headphones can be up to 8 hours. Depending on the model they can be recharged thanks to their storage box which integrates a nomadic battery.

There are true wireless headphones for sport. These include water-resistant models that are designed to fit your needs during intense activity. Some are excellent sports coaches thanks to the GPS and the frequency sensors that they integrate!

They combine discretion, comfort and audio performance. A few pairs of wireless headphones have built-in memory to your music or podcasts, allowing you to go back to your smartphone.

Very popular, the headphones over-ear rest on the ears. Whether in appearance or performance, mid-range and high-end models are away from conventional or in-ear headphones for more powerful sound . They are enjoying growing success, some artists do not hesitate to release their own limited series of helmets.
They have the advantage of being ergonomic and offering you a pleasant comfort for long listening, while attenuating the surrounding noise.

Versatile, they generally fit all situations and all kinds of devices, such as the iPod, smartphone or tablet . As for the material, they are generally made of leather, synthetics, metal and leather, or leather and wood … all according to your preferences.

Even more comfortable and powerful, there are circum-aural or circum-auricular helmets. The latter, instead of resting on the ear, offering a totally immersive sound and comfort of listening of exception.
It is more insulating, so you can listen to your music in your own home.
These are usually over-the-head helmets or circumaural helmets, combined with a microphone directly integrated into the helmet. It can then be presented in the form of a retractable boom or not, or on some models, removable.
Headsets are generally connected to a computer or console either through the headphone and microphone jacks integrated into your devices or via a USB port. You can also on some consoles connect your headphones directly to your controller.
IDEAL for network video gaming enthusiasts , it allows you to communicate with your team mates in all kinds of multiplayer games, to establish your strategy or even taunt your opponent. The presence of a microphone is essential to make the most of your video games!
However, there are also Earphones with built-in microphone as on hands-free kits offered in telephone.
As for Listening, they have features similar to any other type of helmet. The hoop connecting the two Earphones can surround the head or neck depending on the model.
On some models, there is only one Earphone , which can reduce the cost of the headset by providing adequate performance.

What’s more, because of the need for accurate noises heard during videogames, gaming headsets are particularly neat. Thus their microphone will be mostly a microphone filtering the outside noise , to be as clear as possible in your conversations during your games games. The headset will sometimes be equipped with a 5.1 or even 7.1 sound in some cases to benefit from a very good spatialization of sound and a strong emphasis on all the sounds present in the game, so you do not miss any details .
The wired remote control also allows you to control the sound, in particular to differentiate the importance of the “cat” from that of the game. and some options allow you to increase backgrounds such as rustling or breathing, ideal for FPS (1st person shooter).

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