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The Wireless Charger in Pakistan is simple and easy to use. It only needs to put the smart device on the charger and it can be charged without being bound by the charging cable. However, the Consumer Council test found that the wireless chargers on the market have very different charging speeds and charging efficiency. With Qi certification, the performance may not be high.

Qi is a wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The Consumer Council tests 15 wireless chargers for charging speed, ease of use, and power-saving performance. The price ranges from 90 yuan to 548 yuan, of which 9 samples are Qi-certified, and the remaining 6 samples are Qi-compatible (not in an independent laboratory). Conducted Qi certification tests but claimed to charge Qi-powered smart devices.

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Smartphones have become one of the indispensable tools for modern people. Whether it is to send and receive e-mail, read news, play games, etc., they can be taken out of the pocket at any time, which is very convenient. However, at present, mobile phones are becoming thinner and lighter. For heavy users, the battery capacity will be exhausted in less than a day, and there will be concerns about damage to the port or transmission line if the charging cable is frequently inserted and removed. If the phone itself supports Qi Wireless Charger in Lahore, the wireless charging stand that is ready to charge is an ideal charging device.

The market includes Anker, IS, Xiaomi and other wireless chargers with different characteristics. The charging speed, contact range, and other specifications are not the same. Unfamiliar consumers will really not know when facing a wide range of products. How to choose. This time, I will introduce some tips for choosing a wireless charging stand, and select 10 unique products to recommend to everyone, of course, including models that support iPhone and other special specifications of mobile phones.

As long as the smartphone is placed on the wireless charging stand, it can be charged directly without any action. This sounds incredible, but in fact, it just applies the “electromagnetic induction” principle. For the energized coil, it will communicate with other unenergized coils A magnetic field is generated between them to allow electricity to flow. The specially designed chip achieves the effect of charging the mobile phone battery. Even though the current wireless charging cradles are already very stable, there is still a gap between the charging speed and energy conversion efficiency compared to wired charging, and there are still many areas for improvement.

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The current international certification specifications for wireless charging technology are formulated by the Wireless Charging Alliance, and they are collectively referred to as “Qi”. The products to be introduced next, of course, conform to Qi’s standards, but before you choose, you must remind that not all mobile phones support Qi wireless charging. Take Apple as an example. Only the recently launched iPhone8 and iPhone X can use the wireless charger in Karachi. Unsupported phones can only pass through another wireless charging patch or receiver, which will be a bit more troublesome.
So please check if your phone can support Qi wireless charging before buying, and then consider which wireless charging stand to buy is better.

Proper Use of a Wireless Charger to Extend Battery Life

Before purchasing a wireless charger in Islamabad, in addition to checking whether the smart device used supports wireless charging, you should also pay attention to the output power of the wireless charging. The higher the output power, the faster the charging speed, but it will also accelerate the battery aging rate.

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In addition, the Consumer Council cited a study by the University of Warwick that the temperature of the mobile phone during the wireless charger is higher than that of using the original power supply. If the center of the transmitting coil of the wireless charging and the center of the receiving coil of the mobile phone are not aligned, the output power will increase. As the temperature of the mobile phone rises, there is also the opportunity to accelerate the aging of the mobile phone battery. Therefore, if you want a longer battery life, you should pay attention to the output power and charging position of the wireless charger in Karachi.

Key Points for Purchasing a Wireless Charging Stand

After explaining the principle and matters needing attention to the wireless charging base, next we will introduce some items that need attention when selecting the wireless charging base. Just follow these points and review your needs, I believe that everyone can find the product that suits them best and can make digital life more convenient.

The most important operating part in the wireless charging dock is the coil that generates electricity to help charge the mobile phone. At present, the mainstream wireless charging docks on the market have one to three built-in coils. The advantage of a single coil is that the volume of the charging dock can be minimized. It does not take up space whether it is placed on a table or carried outside. The price is relatively cheap and very attractive to users with lower budgets. However, if the range of the mobile phone’s wireless charging signal is small, it is easy to appear that the coil cannot be successfully charged because the coil cannot be matched.

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The advantage of multiple coils is that it can expand the range of wireless charging, not only limited to the center of the charging base or other locations. Even if the mobile phone is slightly tilted, it can sense and transmit power, but because it contains multiple coils, the volume will be relatively large. Large, the price will be a little more expensive. Of course, when using it, you should also pay attention to where the Qi wireless charger in the Multan chip of the mobile phone is placed, so that it will not be able to charge after adjusting the position for a long time.

Controlling Heat is One of the Issues of Wireless Charger Dock

Although Qi Wireless charger is an internationally certified standard, and there are also many mass-produced products sold on the market, there are still many problems that need to be overcome one by one. For example, electricity is easily converted into thermal energy during the transmission of magnetic fields. Because the energy conversion rate is not enough to make the charging speed slower, it may also cause the contact surface of the charging base or mobile phone to become hot, which may cause the battery or device surface to shorten its life due to high-temperature degradation, and may even cause burns to users.
In order to make Wireless Charger Price in Pakistan safer, most wireless charger cradles have a built-in safety mechanism. When the temperature reaches a certain level, power will be cut off directly to ensure that the device and the human body will not be harmed. Because the products sold in China must be certified by the Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it is determined to have basic safety before being allowed to be listed. As long as you don’t buy a wireless charging stand from unknown sources, you can definitely use it with peace of mind.

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