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If you follow diligently the advice provided on BonneGueule, you undoubtedly master the fundamental principles of the style. It will not have escaped your notice that accessories are the most effective tools to make an outfit more personal and authentic.

The watch is often the most expensive accessory for a man [after his car, note]. It should not be forgotten, however, that it is above all a tool whose function is, among other things, to tell the time, therefore at the service of its wearer and his lifestyle. It is easy to get lost among the plethora of styles of existing watches. The purpose of this guide is to help you match the Branded Watches in Pakistan to your clothing style and lifestyle. For each category, my selection of three models.

For the Urban Adventurer

If you do not dress smart every day, you are an active man and you want to convey the image of a backpacker, opt for a field watch. These military-inspired watches typically have a very readable and colorful dial (black, khaki, blue), discreet finishes (brushed or beaded, rather than polished) and rock-solid solidity. These watches evoke robustness and a relaxed stylistic approach. Some models will also have a military history which can be a great topic of conversation. Like all Branded watches in Pakistan the Seiko 5 range, this is one of the cheapest automatic parts on the market. The “automatic” make use of the movements of your body to harvest the energy necessary for their functioning. They, therefore, do not require a battery or manual winding.

With its two circles of concentric indices and its needles typical of the genre, this model respects all codes. It is available in several colors including blue, black and khaki green, with matching nylon bracelets. It can also be a good base to start a collection.

For the Sportsman

Whether you prefer Nike VaporMax or Adidas Ultraboost, if you wear jogging and you like to sweat, you are concerned by this category. It would be heresy to wear a precious metal watch and leather strap to go running. And you don’t have to have a very trained eye to spot that such a watch does not go well with a hoodie. Ideal branded watches in Pakistan for you should be light, sturdy and sweat resistant. Nothing better than plastic to meet these criteria. Traditionally, sports watches in Pakistan have had a steel strap, but these have evolved with the introduction of the rubber strap. Choose a watch in Pakistan that you feel comfortable with and that you are not afraid to use in extreme conditions.
Also, give preference to quartz models, mechanical movements (which do not use a battery to operate) can be fragile and heavy and above all more expensive.

Casio G-Shock

You will never take a faulty G-Shock. Since the lineup was born in 1983, Casio has made the G-Shock a popular icon and a tech freak. You will find something for everyone, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, digital or analog, without ever compromising on robustness and sportiness.

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For the Sailor in a Pea Coat

If you regularly wear heavy woolen coats, large mesh, and dark colors, you can enhance your outfits with a diving watch. The dive watches are a privileged family in the world of watchmaking. Many iconic models come from this group whose membership criteria are specified by the ISO 6425 standard:

  • Watertightness up to a minimum depth of 100m (10Atm).
  • Unidirectional counting bezel.
  • Readability of the dial at 25cm in total darkness.
  • Magnetic and impact resistance.

These Branded Watches in Lahore are often thick and their dials have strong contrasts. These characteristics mean that they do not disappear under a thick sleeve and can bring a touch of light in a navy blue outfit.


Seiko has produced many legends over the years, notably SKX reference models whose origin dates from 1965. Prospex is one of the most successful of the brand. With its 44mm diameter turtle shell case of branded watches in Pakistan, the Prospex will never go unnoticed. The golden indices and the crown at 4 o’clock give it a very different appeal from all the others. In short, the 41 hours of power reserve and the recognized reliability of Seiko’s movements make it a safe bet.


Rolex, of course, produces the legendary Submariner, but the real diver from the Geneva company is the Sea-Dweller. This watch has never been worn by James Bond, but its discretion in pop culture is compensated by its technological prowess. Designed to operate at depths that no amateur diver will explore, it is the archetype of branded watches in Pakistan.

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One of the characteristic elements of this model is the helium exhaust valve, which allows the gas to escape during a decompression phase. The current reference, 126600, reintroduces the red text (in homage to the first prototypes of fifty years ago) and is the first to display the Cyclops which highlights the date function.


For those of you who can settle for a blazer or a wool sweater at work, it is also unnecessary to opt for branded watches in Pakistan. Instead, choose steel watches that you will not be afraid to wear every day, but which show the attention you pay to your accessories. The chronograph is one of the most common additional functions (complications) but can display limitless refinement. Its ivory-colored dial is inspired by dashboards of sports cars from a bygone era. This character trait undeniably plays on the current vintage trend, but still gives it a timeless appeal. The green tachometer bezel brings a touch of panache and originality.


It is the Moonwatch, the only watch officially worn on the moon, still today the only one to be approved for all manned NASA flights. The elegance of its lyre horns ( twisted lugs in English) gives a degree of elegance to an otherwise sober design. The horns of branded watches in Pakistan are the elements at the ends of the case which make it possible to fix the bracelet. They play a decisive role in the homogeneity of the design: spacing of the horns in relation to the diameter, their length, and their shape. You can also wear this watch with all types of bracelets (metal, Nato leather), which gives it almost unrivaled versatility.

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