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Are you looking for a doorbell with the integrated camera but you don’t know what you need? We are here to help you! The 50five package you’ve been waiting for so much, the obstinate door-to-door salesperson, your parents or friends who unexpectedly invite each other … They all announce themselves in the same way: with a bell! From the knocker to the masterpiece of technology, the doorbell with an integrated camera, the doorbell has evolved. You are notified by notification and video on your smartphone or tablet as soon as someone presses the button or simply moves outside your door. Even if you are not at home. You can also chat with your visitors, whether you open the door or not.

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Without a doorbell with an integrated camera, a home automation ecosystem is incomplete. A doorbell with the integrated camera lets you know who is at the door but also improves your security. You can, for example, see and hear unwanted visitors because they have triggered the integrated motion detector (depending on the functionality of the doorbell) and communicate with them. It is therefore not surprising that Doorbells with Integrated Cameras are so successful. But what should you look for when buying a connected doorbell? There are different brands on the market, each with its own models, affordable or high-end. Each of them has its own functionalities and, depending on your situation and your desires, you will choose a specific model of doorbell with an integrated camera. We explain below the different aspects to focus on in order to make the right choice. We will also tell you about some doorbells that have been thoroughly tested by our experts and which are available at 50five.


1. Power source

The first point to pay attention to is the power source of the device you would like to choose. The easiest way is to check the connection of your current doorbell. If it is connected to your electrical network, it will probably be more practical to choose a model that is also electrically powered. On the other hand, if there is no power supply at the place where you want to install the doorbell, you will have to create/have one created or opt for a wireless doorbell. Not very comfortable with electricity? Call in an expert to prevent improper installation and damage. Ask 50five for installation advice if necessary. Wireless doorbells work on batteries and you can install them wherever you want. But you still have to pay attention to the lifespan of your batteries. Usually, the battery of a doorbell lasts several months or even a year. Also pay attention to how to recharge the doorbell or change the batteries: some models are equipped with a quick discharge battery (one click is enough to release the battery and insert a new one) but sometimes it is necessary to completely disassemble the to be able to recharge it.

2. Camera features

One of the most important features of the integrated camera doorbell is the camera itself, of course. As with other types of cameras, the possibilities and functionality vary from one model/brand to another.

Viewing angle

The angle of view is a reflection of the camera’s field of view. The greater the number of degrees, the more things the camera sees. In the case of a doorbell with an integrated camera, we speak of a horizontal viewing angle: the width of the viewing angle. Whether the viewing angle is sufficient will depend on you, where you want to install the doorbell, and whether you want to use it as a security camera in combination with motion sensors or not. All the bells are suitable for standard use (see who is ringing at the door) if you install them in the usual place, near the door. The number of degrees of the viewing angle is the size of the angle within which the image appears. See below for an example of different viewing angles.

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Some doorbells are equipped with night vision to see who is ringing the doorbell in the dark, or if you or the camera is not equipped with exterior lighting. Thanks to night vision, you can also see who is passing by your door if you have a motion detector. In summary: a useful function to reinforce security near your door.

Video storage

In order for you to see your videos, they must, of course, be saved somewhere. There are two storage options: on an SD card / other device or in the cloud.

Pay attention to the Doorbell Price in Pakistan is stored, how much space is available, and also check if you need to pay a subscription to save your images to the cloud.

3. Communication options

A doorbell with an integrated camera gives you the opportunity to see who is on your doorstep. But the question is whether you want to hear your visitors or even speak to them (if you are absent for example). You can ask your delivery man to leave your package with a neighbor.

Not all camera doorbells are equipped with two-way communication, so be careful while searching for the ideal doorbell.

4. Motion detection

Another feature, helping to strengthen the security around your home but not offered by all doorbells, which deserves consideration.

If the camera is equipped with a motion detector, you will be notified by a notification on your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to find out who is near your door by opening the video.

You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the sensors and configure the areas that the camera will observe more carefully on certain models. In this way, you will only be notified if it is relevant. You will therefore not be disturbed each time the neighbor’s dog or cat enters your garden.

5. Wifi network

For your doorbell to work optimally, you need a solid and stable Internet connection. Generally, a 2.4 GHz WiFi network is sufficient. Some models are also compatible with 5 GHz networks. Check the signal strength where you want to install the camera. If your router is very far away, the signal may be weaker. This can have an impact on the video functions and the transmission of notifications. Test your network using your smartphone, laptop or tablet where you want to install the doorbell and perform a speed test. The loading speed must correspond to the prerequisites required by the doorbell.

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Is the WiFi signal weak? Then reinforce it with our powerful routers to use the full potential of your integrated camera doorbell.

6. Installation

The correct installation of your doorbell ensures its proper functioning and prevents possible damage or dangerous situations (in the case of a mains supply). Wireless doorbells are usually simple to install, but if you need to connect the doorbell to your electrical network, we recommend that you have it installed by a professional. Some doorbells cannot be connected to a standard electrical network.

50five offers expert installation advice when purchasing a doorbell camera to get it installed quickly and correctly. We also help you configure your device in the application to adapt it to your needs and desires.

The best models are at 50five.

At 50five, we only work with the best smart products, which our team of specialists thoroughly test. This is also valid for connected doorbells! We have listed below some models and we present them briefly to give you an idea of what they offer you.


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