Visit Dubai is very often summarized by a trip of 3, 5 days or a week. In the city of excess, there are so many things to see and do in Dubai that making choices becomes a priority! Especially that we will see here that when we look at what to do in Dubai, the list is long, very long … Visit Dubai in 5 days is not easy! You have to make choices and remember only a few things to do in Dubai.

In this comprehensive guide to prepare for your stay in Dubai, I will tell you what to do in Dubai but also what to visit in Dubai, where to sleep, how to get around! This guide on Dubai should answer all the questions that you can ask yourself before going to visit Dubai.

I will also mention the interest of reserving your activities in Dubai online, in particular to avoid the queues, to reserve the best niche for Burj Khalifa or to save on your activities in Dubai. Because yes, booking online can save you money. And considering the price of the excursions / visits in Dubai, it is always appreciable to reduce the budget of its visit of Dubai 😉


Things To Do In Dubai: Things To Do In Dubai …
Dubai does not have a rich past. There are certainly some places to see when you want to visit Dubai. But a stay in Dubai is above all to enjoy the many things to do in Dubai. If you are wondering what to do in Dubai, you will quickly understand that the real question is how to choose the activities to do in Dubai, as the possibilities are many … 😉

Here are the essentials in Dubai, the most popular and popular activities in the city. In this first part of the post, I present you the essentials to do in Dubai. Among these things to see or do in Dubai, there are activities not to be missed. So, first, what to do in Dubai:

visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world (ticket to book online)
an excursion in the desert of Dubai (I recommend this excursion)
walk the old Dubai in the neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai
spend a few cool hours in a water park in Dubai
enjoy the beaches, mall and restaurants of Dubai

To See In Dubai: Burj Khalifa, Of Course …
Burj Khalifa is the must visit of Dubai! Impossible to go on a city trip to Dubai without going to the top of the Burj Khalifa to admire the 360-degree panorama of Dubai! On a clear day, you can even see the desert at the exit of the city …

2 observation platforms are open to the public: More than elsewhere, it is essential to book tickets for Burj Khalifa. The best slots are leaving quickly. The best niche is just before sunset so you can see Dubai by day, by night and watch the sunset from Burj Khalifa. These slots are a bit more expensive but it’s really the best times to go to Burj Khalifa!

Finally, if your budget allows, opt for At the Top Sky, it is much more expensive but the experience is really different. There are a lot less people and you can admire the view by tasting tea, coffee and pastries or dates! If you hesitate between the 2 Burj Khalifa visit options, you can check my personal experience feedback in this My Favorite Activity In Dubai: Hot Air Balloon Desert Flight!
If I have to recommend a single activity in Dubai (with Burj Khalifa because it’s a must!), It would be flying over the desert balloon at sunrise. The memory of a flight in the early morning over the desert will remain engraved for life!

Certainly the balloon flight in Dubai is not given (as often in Dubai) because it takes about 290 euros (on the spot, you will pay 300 euros or more, so it is better to

Attention, flying over the desert hot air balloon is only from September to May. There is no flight in summer …

In summer, you can fall back on an overflight of Dubai by helicopter but between the 2, there is no hesitation, rather go on the hot air balloon flight!

Doing In Dubai: An Aquapark!
If you are visiting Dubai with your family, spending a half-day or a day in an aquapark can be a great idea, especially for children 😉 The aquarpark often comes back to the must-haves of Dubai or the answers to what to do in Dubai …

There are several aquaparks in Dubai but the 2 main ones are:
Aquaventure is the most impressive and it is also the largest of Dubai’s two main waterparks. I’m talking more about Dubai’s water parks here.

Note, Dubai also allows you to enjoy many theme parks like Legoland or IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Excursion In The Desert From Dubai
If your budget does not allow you to fly over the desert hot air balloon, you can go to a safari 4 × 4 in the desert of Dubai. Much more accessible fare side, it takes about 40/50 euros for a desert trip from Dubai.

This tour includes transfer to / from Dubai, a 4 × 4 safari, a short camel ride and a desert dinner. You can also

Be that as it may, it seems difficult to visit Dubai without making a detour through the desert. Hot air balloon if your budget allows or safari 4 × 4 as another option, but go ahead! If you ask someone what to do in Dubai, he will probably answer you first to see the desert … It would be a shame to miss this opportunity!

What To Do In Dubai: Relax At The Beach!
To alternate with sightseeing or excursions in Dubai, enjoying the beach can be a great idea and it also helps to keep your budget. There is plenty to do in Dubai but it often requires a good budget. Spending half a day at the beach can make great savings 😉

There are several public beaches in Dubai including the Dubai Marina or Jumeirah.

If you plan to enjoy the beach quite often, it may be interesting to sleep in a hotel that has a private beach. I recommend one higher in this guide.

Visit The Dubai Aquarium
The Dubai Aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall. This aquarium is impressive! He is best known for his tunnel which allows to see sharks and rays above his head …

But the Dubai Aquarium is not just that! More than 30,000 aquatic animals are in the aquarium and this represents about 150 different species.

To avoid the wait, it is better to book online also, as always in Dubai …

If you plan to visit the aquarium and Burj Khalifa, you can buy a matched ticket online only and save money. To book this ticket Burj Khalifa + Aquarium

What to do in Dubai: Skiing!
Even if you do not think about it when you plan to visit Dubai, it is possible to ski there …

An indoor ski resort is located in the Mall of the Emiratesregroupe several ski and snowboard slopes with different difficulties.

It is possible to book for a full day or for a 2-hour session. In my humble opinion, if you plan to ski in Dubai, 2 hours are enough …

Shopping Dubai: Dubai Mall & Co!
Last thing to do in Dubai that you can not avoid: shopping … With nearly 100 shopping centers spread across the city, this is one of the key attractions in Dubai … Very often, when you ask What to do in Dubai, many respond: shopping of course …

The main shopping centers are: at the foot of Burj Khalifa. It’s simply the largest shopping center in the world …
Mall of the Emirates which houses Ski Dubai and which is also an impressive size …
What to Visit In Dubai: Dubai Frame!
Dubai Frame is one of the latest news in Dubai. This huge photo frame building provides a great view of Dubai, halfway between Old Dubai and Downtown Dubai.

The visit is done in 2 stages with a part in the form of an exhibition which presents the past of Dubai and the future or possible projects for the city. The other part is Dubai today from the observation platform at the top of Dubai Frame.

Visit Dubai: My Practical Tips!
After discussing the things to do in Dubai and the main activities not to be missed, now place on the boards to visit Dubai. This practical information should help you better understand the city in order to make your stay and visit Dubai a success.

Dubai is a very large city, more than 30 kilometers separate the north from the south of the city. Issues like how to get around Dubai or where to stay in Dubai are so important. For a successful stay in Dubai, you need a minimum of preparation.

Find A Flight To Dubai
Many companies make it possible to reach Dubai from Europe. If you plan to visit Dubai, you will be spoiled for choice.

If you prefer the price of the airline ticket to Dubai, I recommend This comparator allows you to find the cheapest flight to Dubai but also and especially to book directly on the website BudgetAir, no charge and no hidden costs that appear in the last step 😉 Moreover, another advantage of BudgetAir, each reservation, you have the right to a voucher of 7.50 euros valid on your next reservation. Pretty cool no?

Side price, it takes 280 and 350 euros for a flight from Paris to Dubai. At this price, it will very often be a stopover flight.

If you prefer comfort and you do not want to stop to go on a trip to Dubai, I recommend you prefer labien better than Air France! Start your trip with a flight to Emirates, it’s really nice 😉

much better than Air France! Start your trip with a flight to Emirates, it’s really nice 😉

Visit Dubai: Where to sleep during your stay?

Dubai being quite extensive, it is important to choose a good location to sleep in Dubai. This will allow you to visit Dubai without spending too much time in transport.

My favorite places to stay in Dubai are: Deira, Downtown Dubai for a more visit oriented stay. For a more relaxing, more beach oriented and excursions or things to do in Dubai, I recommend Dubai Marina, Jumeirah or The Palm Jumeirah. These are the best areas to enjoy the beach! So you have to ask the question what to do in Dubai before choosing the best neighborhood for your city trip.

Here are some good addresses by budget for where to stay in Dubai:

Small budget

For a small budget to stay in Dubai, you have to understand about 50 euros per night in a double room. Depending on the season, the rates may be a little lower especially in June / September.

Here are the good places I recommend to sleep in Dubai without spending too much:

Here are the good places I recommend to sleep in Dubai without spending too much:

Rose Park Hotel in the district of Al Barsha. This neighborhood is home to several affordable apartment hotels and hotels. It is reasonably well located, accessible by subway and the Mall of the Emirates is nearby. Less than 50 euros per night in a double room
Radisson Blu Deira Dubai Creek is located in the Deira district, Old Dubai. It is close to the subway and there are dozens of cheap restaurants nearby. Count 60 euros per night in a double room. An excellent quality / price ratio!
Medium budget

For an average budget, between 70 and 100 euros per night, here are the addresses I recommend in Dubai:

Towers Rotana Dubai located on Sheikh Zayed Road and therefore ideally placed. A very nice hotel and located less than 150 meters from a metro station. Ideal for visiting Dubai because its location avoids unnecessary travel, it is more or less in the heart of Dubai
Park Regis Boutique Hotel is located in the Jumeirah district, just steps from the public beach. If you expect to alternate lazing on the beach and visiting Dubai or excursions / parks, this is a very good location …
To have fun …

If your travel budget is wider and you intend to please you during your stay in Dubai, here are the addresses I recommend:

The Shangri-La Dubai hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. Ideal location for visiting Dubai without spending too much time traveling, it’s a central neighborhood! This is the perfect hotel to enjoy Dubai things to do, visit the city and relax enjoying the hotel’s indoor and outdoor pools! Count between 150 and 200 euros per night
For a more relaxing stay, I recommend staying at The Palm Jumeirah, the perfect place to enjoy the beach. The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery is very affordable at less than 200 euros per night. Because at The Palm, prices rise very quickly to 300/400 euros per night in a double room … And from this hotel, the view of Downtown Dubai is magical 🙂

Moving to Dubai
Dubai stretches for more than 30 kilometers between the north and south of the city. If you plan to visit Dubai, you will have to handle a lot of trips. Several solutions are available to you.

The Dubai metro serves the northern part of the city very well, but for the south, the single metro line runs through this part of the city north / south and, as a result, several places are quite far from the subway.

Taxis / Uber are good alternatives to the subway if you travel to several or to go to places in Dubai not served by the subway.

My favorite option to move to Dubai is the car. Admittedly, there are a lot of traffic jams sometimes but it’s really the easiest way to get around Dubai. If you plan to visit Dubai by renting a car, you will easily find car parks for parking outside Old Dubai where parking is a bit more complicated. To rent a car at the best price in Dubai you can go through RentalCars which compares all the international renters and lets you get the best price! If you already know what to do in Dubai and you intend to moor in the city, having a car will be more comfortable and will certainly cost less in the end …

If you already know what to do in Dubai, you can easily check if these places are easily accessible by subway or not. In function, you can then opt to travel by subway during your visit to Dubai or rather to opt for a car rental.

When to go to Dubai
It is often considered that the best time to visit Dubai is from November to March. This is the coolest time in Dubai, the temperature in the afternoon often oscillates between a big 20 ° and 28/30 °.

However, if you plan to go to Dubai while enjoying the beach, it may be best to leave in November, March or April. The temperatures will be a little higher and it will be more pleasant at the beach. Because sometimes on the beach in January, it can be a little cool.

From May to October, the heat is overwhelming and the humidity is very heavy in Dubai. Visit Dubai during this period will not necessarily be pleasant … Even if the rates are softer for accommodation …

Budget To Visit Dubai
The budget for a trip to Dubai depends heavily on what you want to do in terms of tours / excursions in Dubai. Indeed, among the many things to do in Dubai, some are quite expensive … So it is better to know what to do in Dubai before calculating your budget …

I will not give you an overall budget for a stay in Dubai but rather give you some price ideas to give you the opportunity to calculate your budget to visit Dubai:

return flight Paris / Dubai: around 350 euros
a night in a basic hotel: about 50/60 euros per night in a double room
one night in a hotel type 4 *: about 120/150 euros per night in a double room
one night in a luxury hotel in Dubai: from 220 euros per night in a double room
a meal in a typical canteen restaurant: between 5 and 12 euros
a meal in a good restaurant in Dubai: from 30 euros
a trip by metro: between 4 and 8 AED according to the zones (1 to 2 euros)
Classic car rental (per day): about 35 euros
basic entrance for Burj Khalifa: around 34 euros
entry for an aquapark: about 65 euros
Ski Dubai: around 50 euros for 2 hours

Visiting Dubai, It’s Also Discovering Dubai’s Neighborhoods!
Discovering the city of excess is not all about living the activities offered by Dubai … It is also necessary to take the time to visit Dubai, its different neighborhoods and places to see in Dubai.

So here are some neighborhoods or places to see in Dubai properly and better understand the city.

Visit Old Dubai: Deira & Bur Dubai
Old Dubai is located in the north of the city. If you plan to visit Dubai, it’s a must! This is where you will see the souks of Dubai but also Dubai Creek, an arm of the sea that sinks into the city.

Old Dubai is made up of 2 separate neighborhoods by Dubai Creek:

Deira north of Dubai Creek
Bur Dubai to the south
To reach one of the neighborhoods from the other, just take an abra (traditional wooden boat) and the crossing takes only 2 or 3 minutes!


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