How to wear heels in winter with style, between snow and ice?

Women in Pakistan want to stay stylish even in the coldest of times, and this includes wearing high heels. So how do they do not fall or get hurt?
The Pakistan, Lahore winter is not easy to bear especially since it lasts much longer than in countries with a temperate climate such as those in Western Europe or the United States. In some regions, such as Siberia and the Urals, this season extends over more than six months, but this does not prevent the Pakistan from remaining at the forefront of fashion. The dizzying amount of snow and ice does not intimidate them.

1. Keeping the balance

Of course the Russian winter includes a considerable amount of snow, but when a road or a road is very used, the snow turns into ice, making the ground extremely slippery and dangerous. Experts therefore advise you to maintain your posture and walk by first putting on the heels and then the toes.

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The right winter step: first put your heel, then your toes, rock your weight forward, as if you were walking on tiptoe, and bravely take another step.

The most important thing is to keep your balance on the ice.

2. Practice, practice, practice

Some Russian women think that wearing high heels in winter is safer than wearing flat-soled shoes. “Even on winter shoes there should be little heels,” wrote one of them on an online forum. Heels dig into the snow and add stability; while if you walk on a flat sole, it’s like skating. ”

“I do not understand how to walk on the ice without heels, says another. The heels are great ice picks! ”

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To gain confidence by wearing heels, you need practice. If you are not sure to get there, take gait courses on it, it exists! First, train with heels that are 5 to 7 cm thick. After a week or two, the muscles of your legs should have strengthened and you can wear higher heels.

The most comfortable women can even wear stilettos in winter!

3. Fashion first
Roads in bad condition? No sidewalk? This is not a reason to give up the idea of having style! “I’ve been wearing shoes for 20 years now and can not accept anything else, whether it’s winter or summer,” says a forum user. And I have never failed.

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4. Pretend that everything is going as planned
Whatever happens, pretend that everything is going according to your plans. “One time, I saw a young woman walking on the ice in stilettos. She clung to her boyfriend, and that’s the only thing that kept her from falling, “says another woman.

“I wear only heels,” says one of his counterparts. If I fall, I claim that it was deliberate.

5. Get up and keep going
Girls, if you decide to put on heels, then a half-full bottle of wine is a must. It’s better to let people think you’re drunk, rather than being able to walk with heels, “advises a man in the discussion.

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Meet a woman from Togliatti (798km south-east of Moscow), nicknamed the Snow Maiden. Even at -20 ┬░ she wears summer dresses and heels. She is not afraid of ice or cold and never gets sick. Could you imagine it in another country?

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