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First, the watercolor pen FAQ

1. What are the common pens for drawing watercolors?

There are actually many pens that can draw watercolors. Chinese painting brushes and watercolor brushes can be used to paint watercolors. Common brush brands such as Qiuhongzhai’s pen, as well as the big white clouds we were familiar with when we were young, are all Chinese painting brushes. Watercolor brushes are more common with classical watercolor brushes such as the red fat “Alvaro” mop head.

Whether it is a traditional brush or a watercolor brush, the most important thing is the material of the pen, which is the pen’s brush.

  • In terms of materials, it can be divided into animal hair and man-made fiber hair. Common animal hairs are horsehair, wool, squirrel hair, mane and so on. Man-made fiber hair is also nylon hair, toothbrush, fish line is the same material, there are some pens with mixed fiber hair, more brands are also better to buy, not one by one.
  • From the pen, it can be divided into a flat pen, an elliptical pen, a knife pen, a fan pen and a hook pen. The elliptical head pen is suitable for most screens. For beginners, you don’t need to buy a pen that is only suitable for some special techniques. For example, like a fan-shaped pen, you may not accidentally buy it for half a year. Can’t use it.

2. Are animal hairs and artificial hairs so good?

  • Animal hair is soft, absorbent, and easy to color. For example, the squirrel’s pen has a short stroke and a surprisingly high water content. It is suitable for large-scale smudge painting landscape backgrounds, but also suitable for detailed characterization, but the price is relatively high. Even better, there are bristles, like the pens of the Windsor Newton 7 series. The pens are mane and the pens are slender, which is more suitable for detailed description than the former.
  • Man-made fiber hair is hard, poor water absorption, suitable for portraying, pen-fixed, and relatively cheap. Many people don’t like nylon pens very much. Although they have poor water absorption, it is easier to use nylon pens when drawing some special texture pictures. Water absorption is not strong, indicating that if you accidentally draw a mistake when painting, it is better to modify it. When you need to meticulously draw the cable, the pen is flexible and well controlled. For beginners, it is a weapon.

There must be friends here, which one is better? Which one is easy to use, I dare not say that everyone’s feelings and habits are different, because they have very little understanding of the pen, and they have done a lot of homework before writing. I found some words about the origin of nylon wool: the traditional brush writing process is made of horse hair, wool and other natural animal hair, but these materials are difficult to achieve strong hardness, elasticity and peak demand. At the same time, the appearance of nylon wool was originally designed to meet the situation that Japanese pen materials were imported, and artificial hair was developed. At that time, supply was in short supply, which greatly reduced the cost of pen production. Later, the process was transmitted to South Korea, and the nylon wool produced in Korea was compared with Japan. It is a lot worse. It is difficult to enter the Japanese market. It is promoted in China at a low price. Many brush manufacturers have started to add a lot of nylon hair when making pens, which has greatly reduced the quality of pens. This is also a lot of calligraphy and painting enthusiasts. The reason for the deep hatred is that it is difficult for a nylon pen to write the essence of calligraphy that is mellow and natural. However, with the advancement of technology in the past two years, nylon wool has become an indispensable material in the generation of writing brush.

Each pen has its own advantages. Do not drop too much into the pit of the drawing material. The manufacturer will always push new products. Buying, buying and buying will never be able to buy. The skill will not be entangled with the improvement. According to your own preferences. It’s good to use pen habits to choose. “The good book readers don’t choose a pen” is probably the meaning.

3. How to open a pen?

  • Each pen has a long life, and the pen is a consumable item, so it is also important to open the pen in the correct way. Newly bought pens will have a layer of glue. You can soak the entire pen in the water and let the pens slowly spread out. You can also directly squeeze the hand under the faucet and slowly squeeze it out. After the glue is completely removed, you can use it slowly.

There are also pens that feel gelatinous after opening the pen. It feels like a fake, but it may be just the opposite. A good wolf is generally dry, the oil is not clean, pure wolf wool has natural protective oil, the hair and hair do not reach a good fit, and some still have a small amount of oil. If you find that there are small forks in the new nib, you can quickly enter the writing state after washing the pen once or twice. The more good the wolf is, the more comfortable it is, the more resilience and patience will be, and this is why some people say that painting and calligraphy can get a good wolf is enough. Friends who are interested in pens can go to search for ancient pens, and every step is very particular.

  • How to protect the pen? First, the pens in the process of drawing are basically drawn along the hair, unless some special techniques need to take the pen to achieve the effect. After the pen is finished, put it on the pen holder or put it in the pen holder to prevent the fork. Differences between the North and the South, it is also necessary to prevent moisture and insects. It is best not to keep it in a dry place for a long time. You can also put some leaves or cigarettes to prevent insects.

4. How to clean the pen?

A treasure can buy a special washable soap, the price is a little expensive, but in order to protect the pen, the pen can be used for a longer time is acceptable.

5. How many pens does a beginner buy?

When I first started painting, I just bought two wolves and a brush, two nylon pens, and a small pen to hook the line. Because it is usually a small painting, these are enough. (See the evaluation below for details)

If the picture you are painting is not too big, personal suggestion, buy a slightly larger flat-tip pen for coloring, a pen with better water-absorbing animal hair is easy to smudge, two or three medium-sized writing brushes are suitable for painting most The picture, a nylon pen, and a hook-and-line pen are enough for portraying.

10 common pen summary

These are almost a summary of all my pens, and each type has one or two. Below is a detailed evaluation of these self-use pens.

Second, self-use pen evaluation

1. Basic watercolor pen primary version series

10 used basic pen series

These are the first ones I bought at the beginning of the painting. They are very cheap. They are the longest pens I used before. They are more convenient to use. Secondly, they are not particularly suitable for most pictures. It is used habitually. At that time, I bought two sets of pens. One set was Boglino mixed hair, and the other set was a horsepower nylon pen. In the picture, I used a few commonly used pen numbers. At that time, I bought them to save trouble and chose models. If you see my sharing now, it is better not to buy a set of pens in the future. It is not affordable and the pen is too big. There is no need to buy a pen with a single or double number. In particular, the horsepower nylon pen is actually very easy to use. I have used paint off or have been using it. The last little pen is a gift, and occasionally a hook will be used, only used a few times. Or you can buy this kind of pen by painting a small painting of MINI.

2. Western classical mop head pen series

10 used mop head watercolor pen

These four pens should have been painted for a while, and I bought them after I had some understanding of watercolor. I personally liked the feeling of this classic watercolor pen metal tube pen set, which I loved at the time. Using a pen with a custom nylon pen and a mixed hair, it is particularly good to use this pen with a very good squirrel hair. The design of the pen holder pen is in line with the product design man-machine principle. The appearance of the metal wire is very good, and it also prevents excessive corrosion of the wet water of the pen. The pen fonts are all hot stamped text, and the texture is great. The water storage capacity of the mop head is relatively strong. Generally, the larger the pen is, the stronger the water storage capacity is. It is more suitable for painting large-scale picture processing, and the pen with better pen tip can also be used to describe details. These pens, personally feel the best peak of Alvaro, Martini’s water storage capacity is the best, the difference is not particularly large, you can simultaneously control the blooming and portraying. It is necessary to say the difference, it may be that Martini’s price is more affordable. The fourth pen is a small pen used to hook the line, mixed with a small amount of nylon, and the pull wire is easier to control, which is quite easy for me.

Use a mop head pen to draw from the beginning to the end of the exercise (by 10)

3. Flat pen series

10 used flat pen series

The flat-head pen is more suitable for brushing water, laying the bottom color, or the block surface is more overall. Hua Hong’s wool brush is more absorbent and is generally used for simple watering. The two pens of the blue pen are Hua Hong’s flat-head pens, which are used to draw the background color, so that the picture is more overall. The trumpet of the two nylon pens behind is suitable for drawing some expressions of landscape light and so on. These flat-headed series should be able to meet the needs of most water-laying foundations, and the prices are very cheap and easy to use.

4. Brush series

10 used brush series

These brushes are also very popular for me. The first two are very easy to use and very cheap, and they are easy to find. Xiuyi should be very familiar with it. I only bought this pen for Qiuhongzhai’s pen. His pens are pretty good, and I want to put it all in. Individuals are more entangled, choose to choose not to know which one to buy, and a lot of Baoshanzhai, a search show has a lot of are selling, really do not know which one to choose. I have recently seen that water has been self-defeating and has been stolen for a long time. Only then did I find that several of my collections to be bought were knock-off items. At the time of this writing, I saw a lot of craftsman’s pen making process. It is really not as simple as I imagined. Every step is very rigorous. It is not easy to study a good brush. Everyone still supports genuine and is for himself.

5. Fountain pen

fountain pen

Very small and easy to carry. If you need to go out to play, when you are sketching, you can quickly record your daily routine. It is very convenient to have a fountain pen. However, if you usually do not use it, the color is not very convenient, the color is easy to adjust, it is not recommended for beginners.


6. Rhyme lead

Deyun color lead

For a while, I liked the style of inserting. When I was in the picture, many details were very convenient to use colored lead. Color lead is generally divided into a water-soluble color lead and oil-based color lead. If you want the color lead to draw a moist feeling, buy water-soluble color lead, and the cable will not be abrupt. The color of this color lead is very beautiful, and you can buy it if you like color lead.

These are almost all types of pens I have used. There are basically no pens that are expensive in the sky. They are also better to buy for a long time. I hope everyone has to help.


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