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Branded Wrist Watches Online Shopping In Pakistan

Nowadays, many wealthy people have the habit of collecting watches. The value of some watches is even more expensive than that of a suite, so many ordinary people can’t understand it. In fact, not all watches have collection value, or they have to look at different situations. To treat.

Is the watch worth collecting?

Some luxury watches are collectible.The collection of watches began in the mid-1980s. In 1985, some nobles in the upper class of the United States suddenly wore old-fashioned watches before World War II, and this trend quickly swept the world. Some discerning collectors and investors began to pay attention and quickly joined the ranks of collecting watches. The watch quickly became the new favorite of the collection. In the past 20 years, the collection of hot watches has surpassed the wave. It is not difficult to see from the frequent high-priced transactions of major auction houses. More and more people are increasingly enthusiastic about watch collections.

smart watch
smart watch

How to choose a watch with collectible value

1. Take a small fight; if it’s not a special watch, use a good discount to buy it, so that you don’t let yourself be passive when you change hands. Even if it is a super-complex technology of one or two million top watches, you want to sell it again after buying the original price. It is very difficult to get to this price.

2. Picking a brand; it is very important to choose a brand. Which brands have a high circulation rate, which brand to buy, Rolex, Patek Philippe is now a sure hard currency, high success rate, is also the darling of the major auction houses, you look at Hong Kong, The brand that is most placed in the window outside the second-hand watch shop in Macau is that. At the prompt, the high rate of shots is not equal to the value added, but it is better than other brands. However, in terms of hedging ability, Rolex must be a separate file in the table.

3. Pick the movement; please refer to the first one. The higher the starting price, the smaller your value-added space. The price of the super messy movement watch is generally very good, so I don’t recommend that you spend millions to buy a tourbillon or a three-question watch at home; the antique watch is a good collection, and there are not many deposits. Pre-history value, but planning is definitely too angry, what should I do? Do not buy antique watches, but can buy modern models of antique movements. The batch of movements that were dumped in the 1980s were not screened for their poor quality. The impact of quartz innovations made some very good brands of that era lose confidence, but the quality is definitely good.

4. Select the models with small deposits; the rare and expensive is the most basic preservation principle. If there is a cost-effective quantitative method, it should be as quantitative as possible; if it can have other meanings on the basis of quantitative, it is even better. There is also a theme table, which is often highly preserved because of its special set. Of course, non-quantitative models are not all useless. Rolex has a production of at least 100,000 a year. It is also the least popular brand. Its classic models are still popular with shopping malls.

What kind of watch has a collection value

Choosing a brand watch with the potential to preserve and appreciate the value of this watch determines 90% of the value of the watch, but the brand appeal is not high, the focus is professional. For good watches, rare materials and craftsmanship can also increase the value of the watch, but in addition to the quality of the gem itself, the craft is more important, such as the Art of cloisonneenameling art that PatekPhilippe excels, exquisite and rare Let the watch be like a work of art, worth collecting.

The watchmaking process and technology, the focus is on the movement. The simplest choice of the movement is that the mechanical watch is better than the quartz watch. The quartz watch movement comes from the IC circuit and is eliminated over time. The mechanical watch is not a problem if it is properly maintained. The most valuable part of the mechanical watch is that it can display various complicated functions such as calendar, week, month, and timekeeping through a small movement, and also shows the unique and exquisite technology of each watch factory and watchmaker.

Because of its unique and rare characteristics, the limited edition watch has improved collection value and unique number, which greatly increases the chance of appreciation. From the beginning of the brand, to the function, material, limit or not, these determine the value of a watch, from careful selection of the brand to understanding the material and details, not afraid of the high price of the watch, if you can pick a long-lasting value The watch allows you to make a profit outside of the watch.


How to maintain the watch

The watches are generally mechanical watches. The mechanical watches are all operated by gears. We see how many diamond watches are marked on the watch. This number of drills does not mean how many diamonds the watch has, but how many gear shafts the watch uses. Bored eyes are generally replaced with synthetic diamonds. Because synthetic diamonds are resistant to wear, the more drilled the watch, the longer the life of the watch. However, the gear of the watch cannot be processed with hard materials such as diamonds. It can only use steel as the axle. The smaller the watch is, the thinner the axle is. The number of revolutions of tens of thousands of revolutions per day is completely dependent on the drill. Oil to reduce wear, once the oil is dry, the axle is dry and worn, and the life of this watch will be reached in a few years.

After all, watches are absolute luxury accessories. If damage is caused by poor maintenance, it is not worth the loss, so in daily use, you should not ignore the regular oil maintenance of the watch. In this way, your love watch will always be in the best condition!

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Another example of Apple Watch rescue has emerged. Why can smart watches become medical pioneers?

Usually, technology companies basically do not associate their hardware devices with “saving lives.” Like Nokia mobile phones, they block a deadly bullet. This is not so much the quality of the mobile phone, but rather the lucky index. Five stars.

When it comes to Apple, it is hard to see the news about the hardness of the iPhone and the bullets. On the contrary, the news about the rescue of Apple Watch can always appear on our timeline. No, there has been another case recently.
This is the case. On December 8th, a foreign Apple Watch user with ID edentel posted a message on the Reddit forum saying that when he tried the ECG ECG detection function of Apple Watch Series 4, the watch prompted him to have “atrial fibrillation” (also referred to as tremor or Warnings of atrial fibrillation, which can lead to thrombosis or heart failure in severe cases, followed by multiple tests and the results remained unchanged.

In the long-standing perception of most people, this kind of prompt is definitely a question first, and edentel does not feel any abnormality in his body. Then he put his wife on the watch to test, but there was no warning message. But as soon as you change to his wrist, the warning message of “Atrial Fibrillation” will appear again.
In desperation, edentel can only go to the local community hospital for confirmation. He told the doctor: “Well, in short, this watch tells me that there is a problem with the body. I know that this description may be a bit stupid, but can you help me? ?”

Unexpectedly, the doctor was not surprised after reading the results of the Apple Watch. The hospital’s professional ECG report also showed that edentel did have a “fist” situation. He said to edentel: “I saw news about ECG last night, thinking that there may be a lot of people coming to diagnose next week (ECG function was updated with updates on December 6th), I didn’t expect to meet you today when I opened the door. .”

He even joked with edentel: “Maybe you should buy some Apple stocks later? Isn’t it? After all, it saved your life.”
This is not the first time Apple Watch has saved lives by heart rate monitoring. In October 2017, podcast host James Greene, who lives in New York, posted a post saying that the Apple Watch he wore had a reminder of abnormal heart rate and suggested that he go to the hospital for examination.

At first he also did not want to believe, but after many reminders he went to the hospital to confirm, the doctor confirmed that he had a pulmonary embolism. This is a disease caused by obstruction of the pulmonary blood vessels. In severe cases, the patient may have chest tightness or even hypoxia.
Also this year, a girl named Deanna Recktenwald was also reminded of an abnormal heartbeat by Apple Watch. At first she and her mother were not taking care of it, but after a few days, the girl had a headache and shortness of breath when she was out. In the case, rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and the results of the heart rate report were very close to those prompted by Apple Watch.Pkbazaar.Pk

Obviously, with the increase in the Apple Watch rescue incident, Apple apparently noticed the help that this feature has brought to its users.

In the near future, the official also launched two promotional videos called “Real Stories”, and the film also shared several “Apple Watch savers” real people. In addition to the heart rate monitoring function just mentioned, there are people who use the SOS alarm function of the watch in a car accident to let the ambulance find the accident location in time.

But more importantly, with the Apple Watch-centric wearables, data monitoring services such as ECG, and the health data platform built on the Health Kit, Apple is gradually demonstrating its value in traditional healthcare and health.

We have specifically discussed before that wearable devices need to find some differentiated features to emphasize their product positioning, not just to change the previous long and short dials from physical to virtual, and then add a mobile phone. The notice shows that this is still difficult to be a reason for people to start.

This clear selling point has been found, that is, exercise and health, it is due to the instinct of human beings for their own health.

On the one hand, the hardware form that keeps the watch in direct contact with the human skin makes most smart watches know your body data more clearly than the mobile phone, such as the number of steps, such as sleep time, such as exercise status, which are the basis for personal health. information.

On the other hand, the decline in sensor costs and advances in technology have also allowed heart rate, blood pressure and other detection functions that would only appear in the medical field to move from the professional market to the consumer market, and smart watches are the best carrier of the moment.
With the help of smart watches, we began to turn the original scheduled data detection into a real-time service of nearly 7×24 hours. Perhaps many people will not encounter a warning message for a lifetime, but real-time monitoring has indeed improved our ability to learn about underlying diseases.

Just like the “atrial fibrillation” phenomenon mentioned above, it is often difficult to check the symptoms at an early stage without the aid of professional instruments. Although there are already some devices on the market that can track heart rate in real time, due to the singularity of functions, mass users do not need to wear them all the time, let alone potential patients who are not aware of them.

Smart watches are not the same. In a strict sense, these products are positioned as mobile phone accessories, which gives them the opportunity to appear on more people’s wrists. Long-term wear also facilitates data monitoring.

That’s why Apple Watch can do the disease investigations that would otherwise have to be done with professional medical equipment. When the results are valuable for medical decisions, we have to re-examine the value of this category for the traditional medical industry.

In time, maybe wearables can really combine the advantages of consumer products with professional medical devices.

In fact, smartphones have shown us the possibility of this convergence, portrait photography, map navigation, online shopping, high-fidelity 3D games, and now we all seem to be a common feature in 10-20 years. It’s impossible to do it with just a single device, but the smartphone has already integrated them.

Perhaps smart watches will usher in such a day, as long as you are willing to wear them on your wrists, technology companies will always find ways to make it more reliable.Source of the map: Apple Watch

Can pregnant women bring a watch? Is the watch radiant? What watch is suitable for pregnant women

Can pregnant women bring a watch? Does the watch have radiation? This question is believed to be a veteran fan who consulted me. I expressed my opinion on this issue and the opinions of netizens on the Internet.

Pregnant women can wear watches, but because watches are divided into mechanical watches and electronic watches, electronic watches are more serious than mechanical watches, so it is not recommended to wear electronic watches.

Mechanical watches can be worn, but it is not suitable to wear the luminous function, because the luminous meters have radium radiation, although the amount is very small, long-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences. And you can’t wear your watch for a long time. In particular, it is forbidden to sleep with a watch. Sleeping with a watch will not only shorten the service life of the watch, but also be detrimental to health.

Summary: pregnant women can use the mechanical watch, because the mechanical watch, the hand movement, by rotating the head of the watch, the main spring in the watch movement is full of strings, after the spring is completely exhausted to push the gear to run, push the pointer to walk . The automatic mechanical watch , the power of the self-winding movement is generated by the weight of the oscillating weight in the movement. When the arm of the watch is swayed, the oscillating weight will be driven to rotate, and at the same time, the main spring in the watch will be driven to the watch to drive the time. . The amount of radiation for pregnant women is relatively small. However, the number of uses will be adjusted. Don’t wear it all the time, so it won’t affect your baby in your belly.

Tips: It is good to wear it occasionally. Watches with luminous functions are still somewhat radiated, but the impact is not too big. If you have concerns, don’t wear them often, or don’t wear them when you sleep.

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Sorry, but you are not good enough – four smart watches use experience

I used to be not a person who likes to wear a watch.

I used it for a while, but since the phone was popular, I used the phone to see the time. The only time you wear a watch is the exam. Just use the time to finish writing the question.

The first time I wore a watch for a long time, when I was a soldier, I checked a lot of information before I went in. I found that everyone recommended to bring a watch. After all, I paid attention to time management. Also because of the habit of wearing a watch since then, it is not very accustomed to not wear a watch after retiring.

At that time, in March 2015, even the Apple Watch had not come out (it was about to be released). I originally thought that the smart watch was very expensive (more than 10,000), so I couldn’t start it until I saw that PChome was selling ASUS’s ZenWatch and found only 6000 pieces. I wanted to say: My Zenfone Plus On ZenWatch, it’s only in the early tens, it’s much cheaper than buying an iPhone!


This watch is also my favorite one.

At that time, many friends saw me wearing this watch and would ask me, “What can this watch do?”

Some people think that smart watches are not used at all, because they must be connected to the mobile phone. Since the mobile phone is a must, why do you want to watch? The watch can’t replace the phone.

For me, the watch is “impossible” to replace the phone, and there is no need to replace the phone. In my opinion, you can simply divide smart watches into two categories: functional and sports health.

Functional class
The features that this type of watch should offer are as follows:

View calendar
View notifications on your phone
View messages, emails, and even quick responses
Check the weather
For me, as long as I can achieve the above points, it can be regarded as a good smart watch. But if you want to be better, you should have:

Speech recognition to text input
ZenWatch is a hundred percent in this regard.

I will give two scenes to everyone as an example. The first scene is that you are taking the bus one day. The phone slides and slips and finds that nothing can be seen. Just put it back in your pocket and decide not to take it out before you go home. Has always been a low-headed family.

Just then, your phone vibrated a bit. If you have a message, you have a new email. What should you do?

If you don’t have a smart watch, you have to take out your phone just to see the notification that may not matter at all. But if you have a smart watch, you can simply look at your watch and you will see what this notification is.

This is a very useful feature for me.

If it is an important letter, I can look at it on the watch first. You may ask how the screen is so small, but I must say that the screen is not as small as it is supposed to be, and your letter is unlikely to be so long. It usually takes three or four times to read the entire email.

If it is a spam letter, I can delete the letter directly on the watch, which is very convenient.

This is the biggest meaning of smart watches for me: managing notifications without taking out the phone.

The second scene is that you have a ten-point brunch with your friends. At 9:55, you just got off the bus and are ready to walk. At this time, your mobile phone vibrates. It is your friend’s message. Come over and ask where you are.

If you have a watch, you can press the reply directly on the watch without taking out the phone, and use the voice-to-text function to reply directly with the voice, saying, “I am coming soon”, it is as simple as that.

In addition, there is a feature that is super practical for me.

I am a person who hates to hear ringtones, so my phone will always vibrate. So as long as the pocket is loose or walking, there is an 87% chance that I don’t notice the phone vibrating, so I will miss the call.

But with a smart watch, you must be aware of the vibration of the watch, so you can decide whether you want to answer the phone directly on the watch. If you don’t want to pick it up, you can hang it directly.

For me, the smart watch can save the action of “take out the phone”. And I am still full of what I like, I think this is valuable to me.

I also like leather straps, but the downside is that when I am afraid of sweating in summer, I must always take off my watch.

I am very satisfied with the functional aspects. The usage scenarios I have just mentioned are all happening in my daily life. And then there is the ability to draw emoji on the watch, which is super fun. After you finish drawing, it will identify which emoji you are drawing, and you can use it to play a drawing game with your friends.

After finishing the advantages, it is a disadvantage.

The first drawback is the endurance. This watch is used in the back and must be charged once a day. Although I am used to it, I still feel a little troublesome.

The second drawback is that the charger has a long failure rate. The charging of this watch is to provide a back cover. After you attach the back cover, the charging area behind the watch will be attached to the top of the back cover, and it can be charged smoothly.

But the problem is that sometimes you close it up, but you don’t start charging. After I saw the discussion area, I found that many people also have this situation. It takes a long time, so it is not good enough. It takes a few more attempts.

The third disadvantage is that it is easy to break the line, because this watch will prompt when the line is broken, the watch will vibrate, sometimes it will be used well, but it will break the line inexplicably, the watch will vibrate from time to time, make me I don’t know if it is really shaking or I have a magic shock.

I must especially emphasize the third shortcoming, because I found that all wearable devices have this problem. I don’t know if it is a problem with my mobile phone, or is it really so easy for Bluetooth to break

Makeover: Pebble Time
Because of all these problems, I started looking for a new smart watch. Later, I just saw Pebble Time (Pebble’s second-generation watch) raised funds on the kickstarter. I decided to buy it. The price is 200 mg, equivalent to about 6500 Taiwan dollars. about.

At that time, there were three points that attracted me: e-paper material, super endurance and the ability to write apps on JavaScript.

Pebble Time’s electronic paper material appeals to me because ZenWatch’s screen drawbacks are obvious, that is, nothing can be seen under strong light. The electronic paper is very special, the brighter the light source, the brighter it is, and it is really super bright in the summer morning.

And because of this material, the watch has become very power-saving. I remember that the official statement is probably for a week, and the results of my own test found that it took 4, 5 days to be completely okay.

But this only Pebble Time, after two or three weeks of use, I will return it to the United States before the end of the trial period.

why? Because I used it very uncomfortable, I think ZenWatch completely crushed this watch.

I still remember what I said most about my smart watch? It is a functional surface. Pebble Time, because it doesn’t support the relationship of Android Wear, is so bad in terms of features. For example, if I have a blacklisted app on my mobile phone to block some SMS messages, then my ZenWatch will not receive notifications, but Pebble Time will, this is still annoying.

And the notification display above, I also prefer ZenWatch, ZenWatch’s notification is that each is a card, you can slide to the right to swipe, or slide to the left to see more information, and the same type of notification will be gathered in together.

For example, if I have 2 emails, then the first title and some text will be displayed. After pressing the + sign, I will see a few more, so it is very convenient when the notification is more, you will always slide and slide, just like the mobile phone. almost.

Pebble Time’s words are controlled by buttons, and there is a big difference between ZenWatch and ZenWatch. The first difference is that the notification of Facebook messages ZenWatch will be concentrated in a Card, you can click on the previous message.

And Pebble Time is a notification for each, and if you want to see one of the notifications, you have to go to the “Notification Page”, but ZenWatch puts the surface in the same place as the notification page (in fact, There is no so-called notification page), you just slide directly, I think ZenWatch wins in convenience.

And with the touch screen, it’s really hard to go back and use the buttons. For longer letters, I used to be slippery and slippery. It is very inconvenient to use Pebble Time to press the button all the

As for writing the app myself, I tried it casually at first, and I felt that it was full of fun, but I didn’t know what to write. I just thought it was cool, so I added it to the extra points, but I only used it as a bonus. Make an additional feature.

In short, because my focus is on notifications, and Pebble Time did not perform well on the management and display of the notifications, so I was eliminated.


Goodbye Dawn: TicWatch2
Since the return of Pebble Time, I lost confidence in the smart watch. I feel that the smart watch seems to be less mature and I can’t find a really good watch.

After that, Asus got out of ZenWatch3. After watching it for a while, I decided to see if there were any other choices. At this time, I saw the news that TicWatch2 Taiwan version was being raised on Facebook. I immediately pre-ordered a watch and the price was also It is about 6,000 Taiwan dollars.

If the performance of the original ZenWatch on the functional and sports surface is 80:20, TicWatch is 50:50, and the weight is half and half. It can be seen that it wants to be a comprehensive watch, and both sides want to please.

However, such a proportion, but the performance of the functional surface is flat, the performance of the sports surface is also flat, for me who are biased on one side, there is no way to gain an advantage.

The first thing to praise is the charging of TicWatch. It has a circular charging base. You can charge it as long as you put it on, and it will charge quickly. This is definitely a big plus, and the convenience is second only to wireless charging.

The function is also very diverse, but I feel that the integration with Android is not so good. The official voice-assist voice assistant like Siri was not so useful. For example, the restaurant is a material that receives public comments, and it has almost no effect outside of China.

There is also some strangeness in the management of notifications. It is very common to receive notifications because of a disconnection, or the watch is actually connected, but it still does not receive notification. But overall it is still ok.

And this part of the sports health class I usually have nothing to use, there is nothing to talk about.

Oh, yes, there is a small drawback that the touch seems to be very sensitive. Once I watched the movie, I put the watch in my pocket. After watching the movie, I found that the watch automatically helped me to reply a lot of messages. My colleagues were still wondering how to send a message on my holiday. Is it overtime?

And sometimes the touch screen will be weird, and there is no response to how to press it. At this time, it will be normal to reboot or put it on the charging stand.

Just when I found that TicWatch was not good enough in the management of the notification, I missed my first watch, ZenWatch…

At this time, I saw the news of the smart watch Ionic launched by Fitbit after the acquisition of Pebble, and decided to ask my friend to help me bring it back from the United States.

Impathy: Fitbit Ionic
This watch is very new. It was only officially released in early October 2017. The price is also relatively expensive, 300 US dollars, equivalent to about 10,000 yuan.

Although Fitbit’s specialty is sports health, when I bought this watch, I still held the expectation that it would do a good job of notification management.

But I am disappointed.

Because Ionic’s notification management is quite bad, it is the worst of the four smart watches I have used. But if you buy it, what should you do? Therefore, I decided to start to shift my needs, from the previous focus on functional aspects to the focus on health management.

Since the turn, Ionic’s satisfaction has increased dramatically, and Fitbit is an expert in this area.

Fitbit always uses a beam of light behind the watch to detect your heartbeat. It’s a very sounding technique, so I’m sure that the data detected by Fitbit is accurate. With this detection, you can do a lot of things, such as sleep detection.

Fitbit can detect how much time you have been asleep during your entire sleep, and how much is during the rapid eye movement sleep, which produces a beautiful chart that tells you whether you sleep more or sleep less than others.


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