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The biggest brands of GPS watch
As for the smartphone, the GPS watch is starting to be popular with people who regularly play sports. Currently, there are different brands on the market and different uses of the watch . In addition, prices are becoming more affordable, at least for some models. However, higher ranges are manufactured to meet more specific needs.Any sportsman is spoiled for choice when choosing a GPS watch For sale in Pakistan . the biggest manufacturers of GPS watch are Garmin, Polar, Suunto and TomTom. Some brands specializing in GPS equipment like TwoNav are designing models for another category of demand. Others like Timex offer affordable products.

You should know that Garmin is the leader in the field of GPS watches in Lahore. Indeed, this brand launched the first GPS watch in 2003. The Garmin Forerunner 101 is the first of its kind to ship all the basic features known on current GPS watches. For example, the Forerunner 101 was equipped with a pulse sensor. However, it was not yet possible to program his trip by connecting the device to his computer. Performance analysis was not available.

As progress continues, Garmin GPS watches have become more efficient. They are equipped with several very useful features, especially for athletes. You can find a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, a thermometer and a barometric altimeter.

The most popular of the Garmin models is the Forerunner 920XT . The components mentioned above offer possibilities in this product:

– The Virtual Pacer indicates the current speed against the goal of the training;

– The VO2max estimator examines the flow of oxygen;

– The heart rate monitor through which the device can calculate calories burned.

Other than that, applications like the Virtual Partner or the Virtual Racer help to motivate you further in the following exercises. Among other things, we are encouraged to excel each training.

Based in Kempele (Finland), Polar is a GPS watch brand founded since 1977. His experiences are based on the design of sports training equipment and cardiac monitors. From there, the brand is dedicated to the manufacture of multi-sport GPS watch. Indeed, it offers a range of packaged products for all types of sports and all levels of fitness. Among other things, its GPS watches are made to assist and advise, whether for a confirmed athlete or athletes wishing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For those who do fitness, Polar offers the A300b (entry level) that is able to calculate calories burned. A vibrator activates in case of physical inactivity. For seasoned athletes, the A800 (upscale) is more complete in terms of functionality. Indeed, this model measures the heart rate, even in water. It can also detect the speed and the pace of the race. Built-in GPS tracks the length of the course to assess its capabilities.

Of course, Polar manufactures mid-range models like the RC3 GPS with the same basic options. There is also the RS400. However, this model does not have full functions such as speed tracking.

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