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tect bad breath linked to tobacco
Some realize it themselves; for others, it is more difficult to detect that one is suffering from halitosis, that is to say bad breath. Indeed, a smoker is impregnated with the smell of cold tobacco. In addition, smoking significantly decreases the smoker’s olfactory abilities. Relatives or a doctor are therefore the most likely to make the finding. But the smoker can also try to anticipate this problem that will arise sooner or later if he does not stop smoking. Bad breath can be embarrassing, especially for people who have contact with many people in the course of their work.
Why does tobacco give bad breath?
Bad breath is caused by nicotine. It contains tar that settles on the lips, tongue, teeth and gums with each puff. In addition, tobacco has a drying effect for the mouth that promotes the development of bacteria. Tobacco finally has consequences for oral health which can therefore degrade the breath, with for example the formation of caries, dental plaque and tartar Online shopping in Pakistan. The latter then spoils the gums that can go as far as getting infected, or even cause a loosening of the teeth.
Bad breath and tobacco: how to solve the problem?
After smoking, food is the second cause of bad breath. Smokers should pay attention to what they eat to avoid halitosis. Alcohol and coffee (which dry out the mouth), dairy products where there are many bacteria and strong foods (garlic, onion or spices) are to be avoided. Conversely, candy or mint chewing gum can mask bad breath. Brushing your teeth after each meal and good hydration can also limit the problem. Finally, smoking outdoors – and not in a confined space – helps dispel the smell of smoke.

Bad breath and tobacco, the best solution: quit smoking
Stopping smoking is by far the most effective solution in the long term, with tobacco being the leading cause of bad breath. This can be a source of motivation. However, quitting smoking will not solve the problem at first. It may even seem stronger to the person who has just stopped smoking, because halitosis will no longer be masked by the smell of cold tobacco. But the effect will be felt as soon as the level of acidity of the mouth will have decreased. Scaling can speed up the process. A visit to the dentist to take stock of possible gingivitis or caries related to tobacco can anyway be useful. And while waiting for the return of a normal breath, the mints will always be effective.

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