Tips, tricks and tips before buying on the Internet

The web is a gold mine where it is possible to find good deals often more interesting than in physical stores. It’s normal, the web has no borders and e-commerce is innumerable. It is, therefore, a quest to the one who will propose the best price. And our goal is to find the one that will offer us the best business opportunity. However, the internet is also a lot of scams and fake good deals. It can therefore be dangerous to find the deal of the century online in Pakistan. But that is far from impossible. Take some time to read the following tips so that your purchase does not turn into the biggest disappointment of the year.

 Tip # 1: Avoid precipitation and keep a cool head.

The enormous ease, in just a few clicks, of being able to buy online should not make you forget that the money you will spend by validating and adjusting your basket is not at all virtual.

It will be CFA francs (national purchase) or euros/dollars (international purchase) that will be deducted from your bank account; so it is advisable to be careful and not to be overflowed by buying fever, unless of course it is a multibillionaire. Especially with a weak CFA Franc, overseas purchases must be absolutely made knowingly.

Tip # 2 – Compare

The web has this great: for the same article, you can find it on multiple online stores, at different prices.

The price is certainly the main criterion, but also pay attention to the other parameters: possibility of multiple delivery options, amount of delivery costs and terms of guarantee are the small details that make the purchase price, even tempting in the face of competition is not everything.

For my part, I prefer to buy from major brands recognized because they are signs broke the sale and in case of problems, defective product or missed delivery for example, I am assured that my problem will be correctly and quickly resolved. Some have even made a slogan: “satisfied or reimbursed”.

Feel free to read user reviews and feedback from consumers on different brands.

 Tip # 3 – “Google”

The products will always be positively described on the online storefronts you will visit. It’s normal, nobody will buy something negative. The negative, you will have to find it even in the bowels of the Internet, forums and the opinions of those who bought the product before you.

Take the case of a mobile phone. Googling a bit about its brand, its model, its serial number, you will read that this phone is beautiful, but that the battery is a little feeble, or that it heats a lot, it takes fire even (the case of the ). Many users complain that the photosensor fails to focus, some have ended up with a screen that turns red, Wi-Fi does not want to connect after the last update, the headphone jack does not work after 1 week, etc …

Note that these tips are also valid even when you buy in a real shop.

Here you are warned: the haste is always prejudicial. First, take the time to find out what you are going to buy, especially if it’s expensive.

Tip 4 – Be circumspect

You can read anything and everything on the internet. Compared to the previous tip, beware of false reviews.

Some brands may pay for others to write positive reviews on them, but also to write negative reviews about the products of the competition. Selling is a bitter activity where all shots are allowed.

As a buyer, it is up to you to read all that is related to your future purchase, to possibly cross with other reactions and why not, to contact directly the customer services of the mark to be fixed before buying.

I insist on that, take your time. Do not confuse speed with haste and do not take for granted all that is written on the web.

Tip # 5 – Hunting for good deals

When you actually place an order, many sites offer discount codes, delivery fees offered from a certain amount.

A good tip is not to spend multiple small orders spread over time, but only one, to precisely benefit from these delivery costs offered.

So take a closer look at the items that interest you, write down their references and addresses, and when you’re ready, place a single order. The savings can be really substantial. Also, try to look for promotional codes corresponding to the shop where you will place your order. This can allow to scrape a few extra francs.

Tip # 6 – Delivery

In Côte d’Ivoire, if you live in Abidjan, you benefit from multiple delivery options: home delivery, post office, relay point, etc. At some stores, for example, you have the delivery in 24 hours or even the day where you placed your order.

In the developed countries where e-commerce is much more popular, the giant has revolutionized the way to buy on the internet and simply recover his order on the way back home, with its Amazon Locker self-service delivery lockers. It is even question seems to receive his order with delivery by drone. The future will tell, but technically, nothing opposes it. Tip # 7 – What type of website do I have to deal with?

First, understand the mode of operation of the site you want to buy.

Is it the brand or site that sells directly? Is it a reseller? Is it a group of resellers? Is this a site where individuals resell and the store presents them as sellers by displaying all offers for the same product?

As you can see, we have a multitude of forms of shops and before definitively validating his order, we must be sure to have understood how the site you are going to buy, under penalty of risking unpleasant surprises.

For example, some buyers who were attracted by an unbeatable price, did not realize at the time that even though the website is in Côte d’Ivoire, they were actually buying from a seller located in China!

So be careful, especially when the order is “multi-sellers”, in the same shop. Who do you really buy, what are the guarantees, how are you delivered, when, how much? So many good questions to ask.


Tip # 8 – For your safety

Do not give your bank details and credit cards to anyone!


Here you are now armed to become a formidable online shopper, good shopping to you.

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