Do you think that digital marketing will cause the disappearance of traditional marketing?

Many entrepreneurs are skeptical and ask themselves the following questions:

– What opportunities do online marketing or digital marketing offer?

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– What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional marketing?

– Is it worth investing in online marketing for his project?

Throughout this tutorial, we will try to answer these questions. Perhaps after reading this article you will certainly change your mind when to the preference of traditional or offline marketing at the expense of online marketing

1- The importance of a digital presence

A digital presence is essential for any business in this digital age.

Some entrepreneurs think that yellow pages or word of mouth are enough nowadays. Do not they see that the majority of buyers go through Google first before buying anything. That today’s consumers compare, evaluate, consult the forums and even ask for expert advice. Why take the risk of being invisible on the web?

The entrepreneur who today gives a brochure to his client without any mention of a website or a multimedia extension, deprives himself of considerable persuasiveness. For even the most physical companies have an interest in being visible on all channels. Not only to be known but also and especially to extend the customer experience.

Imagine a restaurant that advertises its menu of the week on its website or facebook page and publishes photos of its dishes and videos of tips for making a particular dish, certainly will attract more customers even if it’s simple curiosity than one who is not present on the net.

2- Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing has become the trend of any business. And all because there are several advantages of preferring offline marketing in this digital era.

In recent years, traditional marketing is less used due to its disadvantages such as costs considered excessive, geographical limitations or performance difficult to measure etc;

– Costs
Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is probably cheaper. Most of the online marketing tools are free, and even if you decide to go into premium mode the prices still remain low and affordable.

– Geographical limitation
With digital marketing you can easily reach people without worrying about where they are. You can reach more people than you can imagine.

While traditional marketing is focused on a specific region.

– Promotion and audience reach
Today the sites of social networks (Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, …) do wonders when it comes to promotion or marketing.

With the use of these sites, you can promote your products quickly and even reach audiences that are in different countries.

Do you think it’s possible to do the same with traditional marketing?

Advertisements and advertisements on television or radio are very expensive and sometimes even inaccessible for small businesses. However, with digital marketing methods now, every entrepreneur can hope to achieve his goal in terms of target or sales.

– Performance measurement
With traditional marketing, it was difficult to measure the performance of an ad campaign to calculate the ROI (return on investment). But with the advent of digital, today it is possible to measure this performance. Using tools available on the net (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, …) you can track all your campaigns using specific subdomains for each campaign, so you know when someone uses these links.

3- Will offline marketing disappear?

Traditional marketing is at the origin of many sub-specialties from the digital world: web marketing, mobile marketing, growth hacking, e-mailing, etc. And little by little, digital marketing has taken over. But will he manage to make it disappear?

Remember that we are always very interested in touching, seeing and even testing a product before buying. Traditional marketing will not disappear but rather to survive, it should also reinvent itself to adapt to the expectations of new consumers.

Whether you are a traditional company convinced that your customers are not on the net or you are a pure player of the web sure to touch all your customers via the net and social networks, in both cases, it is urgent to review your marketing approach and learn to build bridges from one world to another.

Your customers are everywhere and use all the channels at their disposal to inform, choose and act.

Therefore, to reach all generations and ensure the future of your business, you must multiply multichannel actions to reach previously untapped targets. The only risk of such an approach is to not have thought enough about a coherent and consistent strategy to meet the expectations of both worlds.

Know that as long as people go out at home, traditional marketing will always exist.

What do you think? Does the company in which you work or manage use digital or traditional marketing? Feel free to share your opinions and tips that can be very helpful to other professionals.


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