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If you’ve ever played Android or iOS mobile shooting games like Fortnite or PUBG, you’ve probably realized that you have to be smart with your fingers to shoot and aim at the same time. This trigger makes it easy!

Trigger what is it?

The trigger is the commonly used English name that can be translated into French by trigger or trigger. As its name suggests, it is a trigger-like mobile game controller that resembles console game controllers and sits at the edges of the mobile.
These triggers make it possible to shoot by pressing with the fingers, which is positioned behind the mobile while continuing to move and aim with the thumbs.
Playing with a trigger will allow you to be a king of the trigger on mobile and shoot faster than other players. It’s Grandpa who will surprise son by making the top 1 on Fortnite!
This is an inexpensive accessory more and more popular that is not very well known to us, unlike the Asian countries where mobile is number 1 video games.

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How does it work?

The use of a trigger is actually quite simple, just clip it on the edge of the screen to the desired position.
One of the branches is positioned on the screen and mimics the finger pressure when you press the button.
On the other hand, it is necessary to check if it is possible to position the button of the shooting where is the trigger. In most games, this is not a problem because most of the screen is used to shoot.
If there is a fire button, look in the game options if you can move it to the edges of the screen where the trigger is located.
The trigger function on Fortnite and PUBG because it is possible to move the firing button in the settings of the game.
Note: if the firing button is also used as a target, which is often the case for MOBA type games – that is to say, you have to press the button to aim and then release it to shoot, the trigger will be useless. This is the case, for example, for the Brawl Stars and Arena of Valor games.

Trigger or joystick?

Buying a mobile gamepad raises several questions:

  • Is the controller compatible with Android or iOS?
  • Is the controller compatible with smartphones and/or tablets? (size and weight can be a
  • problem especially if the controller has a base for attaching the device)
  • Does the game accept the joysticks? (Sometimes mobile games can not configure buttons)

DATA FROG For PUBG Controller Game For PUBG Mobile Trigger For Android iphone Gamepad Aim Button L1R1 Joystick Pakistan

Unlike most controllers, the trigger and other game controllers that come up on the screen have the advantage of not using a Bluetooth connection. You will not have to fear that they are not recognized by the mobile. The key action is mechanical (controller) and will be faster than a connected device (joystick). A joystick has the advantage of having a better grip with more buttons but it will however difficult to use the touch with a joystick in the hands. Note that some games do not tolerate controllers and consider their use as cheating. Avoid installing third-party software to play games with a controller that does not allow it to be banned by the game. In general, if the game accepts joysticks, it will offer options for customizing keys. Controllers, on the other hand, can not be detected because they mimic finger pressure on the screen.

In summary:

The choice of a controller will be rather reserved for targeted games that allow customization of the keys. Also, think that a controller will usually be more expensive.

What triggers to buy?

There is a multitude of triggers with different shapes and prices. We advise you to choose a trigger that is fixed on the screen to prevent it from getting stuck during your game session but without exerting too much pressure that could damage the screen.
This will not be a problem on most models but check if the trigger is compatible with your mobile especially if it is very thick or has an unusual shape.
We also advise you not to Buy PUBG Trigger at a price too low in Pakistan to avoid finding yourself with something of poor quality that could damage the screen. There are advanced triggers with two triggers or with a battery in Lahore. Your choice will depend on what you need in Karachi, Islamabad.

Other accessories:

A small joystick to less than 3000 handy which is clipped on the edge of the screen.
I recommend it for those who tend to rip the screen with their fingernail: it wears the screen and removes the oleophobic coating which makes the screen slips less well.


[Trigger 4 fingers] This game trigger is suitable for almost all mobile phones, whether Android or IOS. Play mobile games with 4 fingers, say goodbye to finger numbness, shoot while moving, improve skills quickly, improve operational responsiveness and reduce discomfort.
[Very sensitive] This trigger is an improved version and the buttons are more sensitive to shooting and targets. In the game you can quickly shoot down enemies, your phone’s screen will not be damaged and very sensitive operations can enhance your gaming experience.
[Small and light] Small and practical, take it with you. This trigger allows you to play games in offices, schools, travel, camping and more.
[Easy to install] This trigger is easy to install, stable and not easy to drop; You can move anywhere left and right. It does not take up too much space on your phone, making it the least impactful game on your site, so you can enjoy it.
[Compatible with multiple games] This game trigger is fully compatible with PUBG, survival rules, knives, survivor royalties, important moves, and other shooting games.

How to use:

1. Start the game and click Settings – Control – Customize.
2. Move the AIM in the upper left corner.
3. Move the Fire button to the upper right corner. [You can adjust them according to your own habits. ]
4. Adjust the shooting and target buttons located under the touchpad of the Mobile Game Controller.
. Save your settings.
6. Once the setting is complete, you must lock your screen and unlock it again. These buttons will then work normally.

Why it does not work?

A. After installing the controller, please turn off the display and turn it back on.
B. If your screen protector is too thick, it may affect the sensitivity.
C. Sensitivity may be affected if other icons are too close to the touchpad.
D. The multi-touch feature of some phones may not work in the corner of the screen. Therefore, move the touchpad to another location.

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