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PL-A1 smartphone lenses

The cameras that equip our smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated. So much so that many people currently do without cameras and take all their pictures with their smartphone. And it’s true that it’s tempting. So, no need to think about taking your camera, you always have it with you. But we still have to put things into perspective: even if the photosensors on our smartphones are improving, there are still cases where they are not really suitable. An example? A real photo in macro mode … Good luck. But that’s not to be lost, because there are lenses suitable for smartphones and that’s what I’m going to present to you here. Here is the Aukey smartphone lens test, the PL-A1.
Presentation of PL-A1 smartphone lenses
The PL-A1 kit consists of two lenses, offering different modes.

The lens box for smartphones
Inside the box, we, therefore, find the lenses with their protection.

PL-A1: 2 lenses, 3 effects

The lens kit offered by Aukey is a universal kit that adapts to all smartphones. Whether you have an Android, an iOS or a Windows Phone, you can use it without any problem. The two lenses provide 3 different effects: macro, wide-angle and fisheye.
Macro mode
To benefit from macro mode, you must take the smaller of the two lenses and unscrew the end. And the advantage is real because, with the macro lens, I manage to focus very close, where the smartphone alone cannot do it. You can also see it in the image below. The photo on the left is taken without the lens and no focusing is possible. On the right, we see the same photo (a plant) taken with the macro lens.

On the left, a photo without lens, on the right a photo with Aukey's macro lens

I grant you, the quality of the photo is not exceptional but I took it a little quickly in a poorly lit room.
As this photo is not really successful, I offer another example. You all know the famous dog that says “Yes” (found on many back beaches …). Here are photos of this dog’s eye: on the left, without the lens, the smartphone cannot focus. On the right, the same photo of the eye with the lens: the focusing is successful.
Wide-angle mode
To illustrate the wide-angle mode offered by Aukey’s PL-A1 lens, I took two photos, without moving, one with the lens and one without. You can see the result in the image below. This is interesting: we see that we gain well from the angle of view.

Difference between normal photo and photo with Aukey's wide angle lens Fisheye mode
The second lens provides a Fisheye effect. For those who do not know: this is a mode that allows you to have a very wide angle of field and which curves the image (distortion). In everyday language, we often hear about the lens effect. I will stop there in the explanations because I am not a pro and I would not want to upset the purists (isn’t it Julien !!!).
Here is a rendering of what this fisheye lens gives:

On the right a photo with Aukey's Fisheye lens
Reviews for Aukey smartphone lenses
It may sound a bit gimmicky, but it works well. I find it nice. The product looks good and can be of service if you have it on hand.

Lens price for smartphone PL-A1

Aukey’s PL-A1 Smartphone Lens Price in Pakistan. A very reasonable price for the product. If you are looking to increase the possibilities of the photosensor on your smartphone, this is what you need. And don’t forget, Christmas is fast approaching, so this can be an original gift at the foot of the tree for a geek around you!

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