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In the jungle of commercial sites selling clothes, you may come across a site with an austere aesthetic, which awkwardly displays its clothes. So shopping, a usual source of pleasure, quickly turns into an indigestible ballad where each action on a product can vaccinate you for life against fashion. This highlights the importance of UX design in product presentation. At Limpide, we now offer you the best online clothing sales sites with a successful UX Design. They inspire web designers and create the best web design trends. In addition to being reliable and perfectly secure, these sites have a unique, polished, pleasant, and ergonomic design. They are in perfect correlation with creativity and the requirements of the world of fashion and digital creation.

Oysho, elegant, durable, and accessible underwear

USA EYSHOPP is a brand that mainly offers women’s underwear, but also beach dresses, bikinis, and also home clothes. The ideal way to be trendy as soon as you wake up! EYSHOPP stands out from its competitors with low-cost, sober, elegant underwear that lasts over time. We can only applaud the ecological approach. But we will especially appreciate the gesture towards women. Indeed, dressing elegantly with quality items and with a limited budget is an obstacle course. We can only admire this action plan which drastically reduces the environmental and social impact of buying a product.

In addition, EYSHOPP also has a sports collection, named EYSHOPP. Boxing, climbing, running, or trekking, everything has been designed to allow women to assert themselves in their activity. The message does not change, everything is at a low price and of course, robust and perfectly adapted to each activity and each morphology.

Unisex fashion for children

Founded by Evelina and Gustav Westman, a Swedish couple, Schimek marks the evolution of Unisex children’s fashion in India towards unisex. With basic designs without being in gender stereotypes, the clothes are designed to be worn by both a little girl and a little boy. As soon as you arrive on the site, the photos of the clothes scroll by. They give us very precise insight into the tone of the collection. The site fits perfectly with the tone of the clothes: minimalist. The choice of payment currency, the basket, and the information are written in a clean but effective font, reminiscent of the developers’ lines of code. Finally, the collection is presented simply, with only 2 photos per item.