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When we start on the internet, we do not know all the tricks of the trade, and in front of the plethora of choices, methods, advice … we are often lost, and it is often the system of the tests / errors which predominates ..

But by doing that, you lose time and money.

That’s why I gathered the 103 essential tips that can be used both for beginners who want to embark on eMarketing Web Pros to remember the fundamentals …

The main topics are:
– How to earn (correctly) one’s life through the Internet?
– How to become an influential blogger … or at least succeed a niche blog?
– The mistakes of beginners in SEO.
– The classic errors on the generation of traffic.
– How to develop your business on the Internet?

Initially it is an adaptation of the article of Le Di Milo, but we have considerably improved by adding the 15 years of experience of on the Web (1999 …!) And by removing the advice unsuited to the French market or mentality.


Part 1: How to earn (correctly) one’s life through the Internet?

1 – Earn a little money thanks to the Internet is very easy … In living is something else!
It’s within the reach of everyone to make money on the Internet.

Just launch a blog, put some Adsense ads … publish a few articles (at first 1 a day then 1 a week) … and without too much trouble you will win 20 to 50 € / month.


On the other hand live through the Internet when you are not a service provider (developer, SEO, Web Designer …) and his site serves as a showcase for its services, it’s another pair of sleeves!

This is especially true in France where the advertising market is less important than in the US: sponsored articles, file rentals, advertising banners … are paid less in France (usually a sponsored article is paid between 45 to 100 € according to the blog, 350 to 1000 € or more for Web Stars.

For example, on a sponsored article costs 350 €, but this price is justified.

Because it includes:

Word writing (minimum 2h, often 3h) with the creation/search of illustrations
Validation and modifications by the advertiser (30 minutes to 1h)
Uploading (30 minutes)
The automatic relay on the Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin account …
A link on the site
There is, therefore, the time spent writing the article (in France it is necessary to charge a minimum of 450 € / day in view of the charges), so at the rate of 4 hours to write an article, the cost of your time is already 225 € HT .


There are certainly a few bloggers and Youtubers who live on their blogs and YouTube channels 100% without doing any benefits next, but this is the exception.


Indeed for a YouTube channel, it takes 1 € per 1000 views.

So if you make 10,000 views on your Youtube account every month, you will only earn $ 10 in advertising revenue …

On the Blogs, it’s about the same, it’s 1 € per 1000 impressions (loading pages of your website).

Here is for example the earnings of on 1 year, the revenues are of 1,05 for 1000 views:

This proves that you must have additional sources of income to live properly on your blog.


For example around 2008, Stagueve of NowhereElse claimed to earn almost the SMIC by devoting his days and nights …

So how to make money?

You have to sell products and services … it can be your own services, or your products (eg eBooks, video training …) or build a blog that will serve your business (eg an eCommerce site).

Can we also live only with a Facebook Page?

Yes, because it is a crossroads of audience with more than 26 million Internet users, and so we can offer products, affiliations, services … via its Fan page.

However do not forget that you do not own your Facebook Page, it can be closed overnight, but you also can not afford to contact users (except by paying!).

So even if you have a Facebook Fan page, you still need to get the coordinates (emails, SMS …) to be master of the communication.


And the Gurus who explain to you how to make money easily on the Internet, do you have to believe them?


Yes, their methods are good: it is by selling its products and services that a business is created.
But keep in mind the gold rush in the US: it is not the thousands of gold seekers who made their fortune, they were the ones who sold shovels and picks that became billionaires …

So beware of those who tell you how to make money on the Internet by selling only “how to make money on the internet” trainings.
So the first thing to remember from this article is that it is possible to live from the Internet in France, but that requires a business to start.

And it’s not easy, you have to start a real business … but it is not easy (it takes time and perseverance), there will be many called but very few elected.

2 – To start making money on the Internet, a single website is not enough.

Making money with the audience of a single site is almost impossible … except influential blogger, and still the blogger No. 1 in France, Eric Dupin of Presse Citron, owns several sites in addition to his flagship.
We should rather follow the example of Romain which has alone a galaxy of more than 500 sites & blogs (with many employees to generate the content!).

This is also very logical: it’s much easier to make 500 € on 5 blogs, than 2500 € on a single blog.
However do not let go of the prey on the shadow and dilute his efforts … It is necessary to set up a site to success, find the recipe and set up a process to simplify it.

It is therefore necessary to create a first site, make it profitable and set up procedures, and try to let it operate autonomously.

For example you create a blog site on Marketing, you must first find the recipe that will differentiate you from competitors, set up tools to make it profitable and set up a procedure / routines for creating content (create a great article per week, sub processing editorial …).

You can also build business: ie create micro site to meet 1 specific need, and make it go up.

For example you can create sites on micro-niches with sometimes only 2 pages, but targeting a hyper-targeted audience to sell 1 product.

In other cases its sites are several hundred pages with the aim of generating traffic and monetize via conventional advertising (Adsense …), via affiliate, via the sale of products.

But again you will have to create a list of prospects and set up an auto-responder system to set up an automatic communication.

3 – It is better to create different Pseudos and partition its activities.

Putting all of your sites in the same host and under the same domain name is a major strategic mistake.

On the one hand your host can block you overnight (ex: your credit card expires and you do not pay attention, server HS for unknown reasons …), or you can have a hacking of your server ( it’s very common in competitive niches or when you start having a lot of traffic).

If all your sites are on the same server, your business is at a standstill, and you lose tens of euros in sales …

And do not think it’s rare, it has already happened twice for in 1 year with as provider, but it has also happened once at Ovh!

So diversify your accommodation (even at the same host), because as much on a personal blog it is not important to have one or two days of cut, as much on professional sites it is not possible to see all its sites out of order !

Note: As an alternative to hosting 1and1, we recommend HostGator which is a low cost accommodation with a very good quality of service, but in English.

You also need to diversify your nickname because other eMarketers can analyze what you do, and reproduce all or part of your strategy by analyzing all the domain names or sites you manage.
If in the case of sites with a few hundred pages, it will be difficult to dislodge from Google, this is not the case for micro-sites or niches or social media groups (Viadeo, Facebook …) where your competitors can do you a lot of harm with very little effort!


4 – There is no magic way to succeed on the internet.
Dozens of websites tout “miracle” methods to succeed on the internet in 24 hours, doing nothing, investing 100 € or win 10,000 € with 30 visitors / day.

These are pure and simple scams … There is no miracle method, and it always takes a lot of work (or have a maximum of luck).

Then it is essential to know that each situation, each market is different.

What works in one area or for one person is often not suitable for other situations.

If you are a good copywriter you can succeed with a blog, but it will not be the case of a person who is null in spelling or who has no experience.

If you are a good developer you can optimize websites for SEO, while a novice can not do better than you …

You have to play on your strengths and exploit them to the maximum, and not try to fill your defects with forced march and for example become a programmer when you know nothing about it …

Similarly, there are always fashionable tools (Pinterest, Tubmlr, Snapchat …), but it is important to learn how to use them and exploit them to the full, but especially not to waste too much time for nothing.

One of the mistakes I see most is people who buy a training on a topic, who start to implement it, but who do not go to the end of the method and who embark on a new miracle recipe!

But to succeed on the Web requires perseverance and optimize its work.

Remember one essential thing: It is by always doing the same thing that one obtains the same results …

So if your system does not work, you have to optimize it or change it!

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