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First of all, you have to ask yourself the following question: “What will I do with my touch pad ? ┬╗ . The answer to this question will affect the size of the screen, the weight, the connections and the autonomy of the tablet. It’s all about common sense:

The weight – If you want to move regularly with your tablet, a rather small screen is recommended because the weight of the terminal will be less consequent. To give you an idea, currently 10-inch tablets have a weight of about 400/500 grams while tablets of 7 or 8 inches weigh around 300 grams. This seems minimal but it is not negligible in everyday life (for transport but also for use when you have the tablet in hand).

Autonomy -Always according to your mobility needs, autonomy is not a point to neglect. Indeed if you want to use it mainly on the move, you will need a proper autonomy (more than 6 hours), while for use mainly at home this criterion will be less important in your decision to purchase.

Rest assured, most tablets on the market exceed 6 hours of battery life in normal use (eg non-stop video playback or surfing the Internet) and easily reach an average of 7-8 hours of battery life .

Models that can connect to a keyboard dock can reach up to 12 hours of battery life or more because an extra battery is often installed in the accessory. That said, check this is not always the case.
The screen – If you mainly want to use your tablet to watch movies, a 16/10 format will be more comfortable than a 4/3 format (like the iPad ). To surf the net a 4/3 format can be more enjoyable. Of course, one does not prevent the other. Think first about the screen size that suits you best. Finally, pay attention to the definition of the slab (number of pixels on the screen).

Physical connectivity -If you want to easily connect your tablet to external devices, the connection of the tablet is important. If you want to increase its storage capacity, a memory card reader is valuable. An OTG compatible USB port is also a plus.Wireless Connectivity – Not all tablets offer the same wireless connectivitySome features are present on almost all current tablets, we findWifi that allows you to connect to the Internet without cable.GPS, rather practical when you search your way and want to use your tablet as a real GPS coupled to an electronic map.

– Bluetooth, wireless technology, it allows you to connect your tablet to accessories such as keyboards or mice, but especially wireless headsets or speakers. Bluetooth can also transfer small files between two devices with Bluetooth.

Other features, are not always present, for you to see if you need it:The 3G / 4G chip . Like a phone, if you have a 3G / 4G chip you can connect your tablet using telephone networks. So no need to connect to Wi-Fi, the Internet follows you everywhere. Only disadvantage, it will provide a specific package often with subscription.

– The NFC chip . It is a technology now perfectly developed that allows two devices to communicate by simple contact. In English NFC stands for “near field communication” ie “near field communication”. This allows you to exchange all kinds of information (photos, videos, contacts, etc …) but also to pay in stores that have compatible terminals.

Accessories – Being able to buy and plug in extra accessories for your tablet is a real plus if you want to upgrade or add new features that are not available at the bottom.

For the best-selling models (usually the major brands Apple, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Sony, etc.), you will find many accessories. Here is a non-exhaustive list of accessories that can be purchased:Protective cases and cases , ideal for protecting your tablet

– Keyboard docks for more comfortable use

– Stylus, ideal for taking notes or drawing on the screen of your tablet

– Adapters, they can transform ports. Thus a USB port can for example turn into HDMI port (useful port to connect the screen of your tablet to a TV). But you can also connect a car charger, for long trips.
Storage Capacity – Depending on your usage, you will need to choose more or less storage capacity. For basic use (internet, some videos and applications) 16 or 32 GB will suffice. If you want to store and watch a larger number of movies, install greedy games prefer a 64GB, 128GB or even 256GB storage. Attention it is often more interesting to add a memory card to increase the storage capacity than to buy a version with more storage, because it will cost you much more.
There are only 3 tablet operating systems left today. These are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows.

The choice of the OS is more a matter of taste. Know that if you have a lot of attraction for the iPad , then your choice will be iOS.

iOS by Apple – The first is available on iPads (iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, the New iPad or iPad Pro), it offers thousands of applications through the App Store in all areas.

Android by Google – If you choose Android, prefer the Oreo version which is the latest version. Android is available on the majority of tablets but is considered less secure although more open than iOS.

Windows by Microsoft – Finally it is possible to buy a tablet under Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. This operating system allows, and this is its strong point, to install all the classic Windows software, ie the famous .exe but also the Windows Store applications. Microsoft offers its own range of tablets under Windows under the name

It’s the engine of your tablet . The higher the computing power, the more comfortable the tablet will be for voracious resource applications like video games. With equivalent processor, prefer the higher frequency. Also favor a Quad Core (4 cores) or an Octo Core (8 cores) if you are a gamer. A dual core will be enough for surfing and watching videos. Caricaturing a bit, M├ędiatek processors offer good value for money while Snapdragon often aim for power. Special case, the Samsung Exynos, are particularly powerful home processors and found for the moment only on the high-end products of the brand. Finally, note that a 64-bit processor is now essential to exploit all the power of Android.

In addition to the traditional Micro-USB port that is standard even in the entry-level, your tablet can be equipped with practical connectors. A micro-HDMI output will facilitate the wireline transfer to a television set . To weight a little this accuracy, manufacturers are increasingly abandoning the hdmi socket for a micro-USB port compatible MHL that offers the same function via an adapter. 2-in-1 tablets often offer a “real” full-size USB port. This is particularly the case of the Surface range of Microsoft . The advantage is to be able to connect a USB key, a hard diskexternal or USB device. For example, a 3G / 4G key will be easily usable on Windows tablet while its installation on Android -which is possible- is often the obstacle course. Let’s not forget the headphone jack, standard too, but whose quality varies from one tablet to another. The iPads excel in this area. Finally, Apple remains the only manufacturer to ban any USB port . Only a port owner Lightning and of course the headphone jack are offered to the user.

This is an essential point on a tablet. Bluetooth allows you to share files but especially to send the sound wirelessly to a speaker, to a wireless headset or to a stereo. The wifi will allow you to connect to the network at home or even outside, on public wifi hotspots. Most tablets are compatible with Wifi a / b / g / n and the latest also offer wifi ac , faster and more economical. If you need to be able to connect anywhere, including on the go, a 3G or 4G tablet is needed. Be careful, this implies the subscription to a paid subscription with a telephony operator. In case of occasional need, we can however use his smartphone aswifi hotspot , as explained in a previous article . Compatibility with DLNA , Wifi Direct , Miracast or NFC is a plus that brings additional comfort to the user. The presence of a GPS chip, almost available on all tablets today, provides access to all services related to geolocation , and they are more numerous.
Less sensitive on a small tablet, it takes all its importance on a large format . The more important the definition, the more the visual comfort will be optimized in theory. In fact, a Full HD definition (1920 x 1080) is already excellent on a 10 “tablet and more.On a small tablet , a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels is sufficient.And let’s not forget that the very high definition tablet screen often pays less for autonomy.As for screen technology, they are now all capacitive, a technology that makes them more responsive to the touch than the resistive screens of the first generations. Retina displays at Apple and Samsung’s Super Amoled offer, for many, the best quality available. Online Shopping In Lahore Online Shopping in Karachi Online Shopping In Islamabad
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