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Jeans are more versatile in matching, casual matching can show your overall beauty, this beautiful woman wearing a military green T-shirt, tight-fitting jeans can play the role of slimming body, jeans can be said to be girls The favorite, regardless of the season wear, can wear a sense of beauty all year round. So, how many jeans in your closet? Tight-fitting sweatpants are also very suitable for sportswear. When you wear them as a casual wear, you can better show the girls’ attractive figure, so these two kinds of pants are more and more sought after. Beautiful girls love and love.

The bright eyes are like talking, the naughty expression is so innocent and cute, and the wavy hair is filled with the charm of youth. The girl is not only beautiful, but also fashionable. It is a show of youthful charm. The elegant and fashionable small shirt and jeans are perfectly combined. This proves that the versatility of jeans shows the practicality of jeans. The value of the dress, this jeans design is also extraordinary, the low waist design is the charm of the show, the short pants are more innovative design

The material of this leggings is very close to the body and has the elasticity. Even the movement can not see the folds, and the smooth appearance makes the beautiful sister look perfect. The tight-fitting base is also very versatile. It is also very harmonious with this small vest. It wears the best years of the beautiful girl’s sports field, full of strength and youthful vigor.

The tight jeans are tightly wrapped around the small long legs. They are extra slim and have a certain hip-lifting effect. The opening design at the knees is not so beautiful.

9 points of jeans with high heels wear a layered feel, so that the advantage of your leg length is more obvious. The beauty is wearing a simple white T-shirt with tight-fitting jeans. Although it is not fashionable fashion, the feminine charm of tight jeans is obvious. After wearing a pair of high heels, the leg length is more feminine.

Ultra-short high-waist denim pants, the way to show your legs is more direct. Beauty is very good to wear, tight-fitting sweatpants and skinny jeans, is the most fashionable dress on the street. This beautiful girl is taking part in outdoor sports, and a tight-fitting bottoming trousers wears a beautiful figure of a beautiful girl. This leggings material is very gorgeous and the appearance is also very beautiful. The black hat adds a lot of temperament to the beauty, the red one-shoulder, two rows of X laces, stylish personality, high waist The hot pants show a pair of slender legs, and the cyan buckle on the transparent shoes wears fashion and beauty.Pkbazaar.Pk

weeding! weeding! The money to buy jeans this year can be saved!

As you all know, one of my favorite basic items is jeans, which can be worn as a simple one and can be worn all year round. Of course, there are many people who love it in the fashion circle.

Although jeans are also a timeless item. But every year, there are always some new changes in jeans, from pencil pants in previous years to short ones in the past two years, wide-leg pants, color matching, and holes… every year there are some new tricks. Speaking of this, do you think that I have reached the grass-roots link that I am best at? No, no, I just planted the grass yesterday. Today I am going to weeding and help you save money!

Oh no, to be precise, it’s the designers who help us save money. Because of the new trend of jeans this year, it’s a bit hard to say. Anyway, after reading it, my wallet is kept, what about you? Tell me

I hope that my dear friends will not report me when I am excited. This is really not driving me. It is the first hand of Weite Meng!

This pair of jeans comes from Vetements, a small prince who is familiar with everyone. After successfully leading all kinds of “ugly and interesting” trends, the company continues to innovate and cooperate with Levi’s to launch this unique zipper jeans.

If you are walking on the road and seeing people wearing this pair of jeans, don’t be eager to remind people to wear their trousers.

More than just the front and rear, the zipper of this pair of jeans is everywhere. The point is: these zippers can all be pulled apart, including the crotch (smile).

In addition to the convenience of going to the toilet, you can also play a lot of pants. A pair of jeans can be worn in three ways: exposed hips, exposed calves, exposed thighs, where to see where to see

Hey, I am very convinced of this brave early adopter and chasing the fashionable spirit. But I think they, dressed too conservatively, “disappointed” the efforts of the zippers, did not wear the sexy flavor hidden in this pair of jeans.

Since this pair of jeans is so “practical”, why should I weed it? I don’t have a hip, and I can’t stand the risk of someone pulling a zipper on the road… So if you meet the following three elements, this 10,000 yuan may still be spent. That is: there is a peerless hip, and is keen to show, not afraid of others alarm.

Miss, please protect your hips.

In this strange jeans trend, it’s more than just a wave. There are so many brands that love to do things on jeans (hips).

Yubo Chiara had previously sent a photo of himself wearing a pair of jeans on Ins. Look at the hole in the buttocks, let the elders at home see that her jeans have been cut by the wolf

This year, many brands have launched hip-waist jeans.

For example, like Wei Te Meng, I am afraid that the Los Angeles brand Re/Done is not sexy enough. In the first two days of Ni Ni’s New York street shooting, she wore Re/Done jeans

Miss, your broken pants have been made up.

Speaking of ventilated pants, how to get classic holeless jeans.

But now the hole is getting bigger and bigger. The airport supermodel Yang Mi keeps up with the trend, and there are also jeans with big holes. However, the style she chose is quite special. It combines the zipper wind and the hole of Vitermo, which is really the person who walks in front of the trend

I remembered that every time I saw a hole in the jeans, my grandmother would say: Don’t save money, if the pants are broken, they will be replaced with new ones, or the grandmother will help you to make up…

Topshop knows the grandmother’s heart best, and has a layer of transparent plastic jeans at the knee hole. Oh, there is also a windproof function. Grandma no longer has to worry about breaking a big hole in my pants. This trousers sold more than 600 pieces, and the official website has been sold out.

There are also fishnet socks in the popular jeans of this year. There are also brands that are very intimate. They directly fill the holes in the fishing nets, saving you the trouble and wearing two layers. This is Khloe Kardashian of the Kardashian family, which is more than 1,000 yuan.

Oops, there are no plastics and fishing nets at home, so use denim to patch it! Like the love Moschino that the sweet candy wears, it makes up the rigor and makes the mother feel at ease.

Mom said, your shorts are too short, you have to go out, I will help you make up a little longer. So the mother who is not skilled can make up the following. This article from the aforementioned Ksenia Schnaider is used to stitch the front and back sides of the denim together

The words of Rebecca:

My cruise journey has come to an end, and the cold is much better. This time I mainly brought my mother out to play. She didn’t know how happy she was. Now I am writing on the boat. She went out to the team with the “teammates” and only heard the prompt message from the credit card in my mobile phone! Haha. Although I have a cold, because the network signal is not good on the ship, the time for using the mobile computer is reduced, and the reaction of the cold medicine is a lot of sleep time. This is a rare rest for me. It is an accident. Harvest it! So don’t worry about me, thank you again for your attention! Many people say that they want to see travel notes. I will also send some updates and pictures on Weibo (ID: Rebecca’s whimsical world). I will wait for me to come back and sort it

Last but not least, this is really weeding. Everyone can see clearly. If you have a kind of grass, then do you DIY yourself, promise me, please don’t hurt your wallet~ After all, we have another piece of film. The grassland is waiting to be harvested!


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