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women bag
women bag

Time flies, the years go by, and then enters the hot July, most parts of China greet the hot weather, the north and the south, or sultry or exposure, go out is a sweat, clothes are more burdensome, this time if It is also necessary to carry a heavy bag, whether it is a one-shoulder diagonal shoulder handcuffs, whether it is beautiful or noble, it will only become a heavy and hot burden. At this time, the mini bag has become a cooling artifact to save thousands of girls, a small one, equipped with mobile phone keys and lipstick, lightly loaded, and went out for a second, not only the sultry and heavy weight brought by the large size bags, but also Can make the overall shape more chic and light. Below, we recommend several mini-size bags that are perfect for summer wear. From today, wear refreshing clothes, carry small bags, and make delicate pig girls.

women hand bad
women hand bad

To say that this year’s Ins hottest mini bag, absolutely can not avoid the Turkish brand Manu Atelier, simple style, multi-color matching and highly recognizable logo, let it quickly popularize all major social networking sites, niche brands successfully promoted to popular lovers From the stars to the fashion bloggers, they all love this Turkish brand.

The pristine series is a popular style. The square shape gives a neat feeling, and the design is the most simple but also the most versatile. Today we recommend this chain style, more diverse summer wear, metal chain gloss can be used as a highlight, adding a layered feel to the overall shape.

As one of the favorite brands of Yang Wang, the MG KORS has been very stable in the luxury and luxury world. Maybe you already have a Mercer series and a Mercer messenger bag that are sold out of stock, and the simple and practical Sloan Editor series is already in the bag.

However, on the way to buy a package, how can all the styles of all colors be called a fruit? The mini model recommended today can be your next target. Following the brand’s consistent minimalist design style, the color matching is done on both sides, the overall color is very refreshing, the handle and the long shoulder strap are both available, the handcuffs can be diagonally crossed, and the commute can be switched at will.

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made Ji Fanxi once again heatedly discussed by many people. As one of the representative brands of French luxury goods, the favor of the British Princess also once again proved the brand value and charm of Givenchy. Talking back to Givenchy’s bag, in recent years there may not have been a lot of so-called explosions.

But in fact, its luxurious and exquisite design has always been a commendable and irreplaceable style. Today we recommend the PANDORA series is one of its popular popular styles, highly recognizable bag type, chic and elegant yet personal, small but objective, very practical.


I have seen too many fresh and chic styles, maybe I feel that the style is too simple. The hot season like summer is the perfect time to change the style of wearing. How is a style enough? If you want to be a cool girl, this is definitely the first choice. As a rapidly becoming a designer brand, there must be a superb style of blessings. It is definitely a wise choice to treat such a brand and start its classic.

The following is the famous Pashli series of 3.1 Phillip Lim. Based on the classic bag type, it adds a unique print and gold panel decoration. It is handsome and stylish, although it is a mini size, but it is full of gas.

The design of the Chloé ring chain is very eye-catching. In fact, the shoulder bag is more comfortable and practical than the shoulder bag. However, the oversized size always makes us sleep in the summer, and it is like wearing a coat on the back. It’s hot and uncomfortable, but the mini backpack has opened the door to the new world for us. It’s not sultry, it’s practical, it’s perfect, it’s perfect.

We recommend the Chloé Faye series as the first choice for the summer mini shoulder bag. Under the small size, it has a rare style of exquisite atmosphere. The metal ring and the soft leather perfectly combine to make a different beauty. It is the fashion industry. I am passionate about one of the classic bags.


If the above recommendation still does not succeed in igniting your desire to buy, buy, and buy, then the classic style that has been deposited over the years is not only an enemy of ten in price, but also an absolute one in the temperament. Chanel’s is such a presence, like the fascinating beauty of youth, the Classic Flap series has never lost on the must-buy list, no matter how expensive it is, you always have enough reason to own it.

In addition to the classic black color, the two-color patent leather is very suitable for summer choices. The bright material with high color saturation can give the vintage style a different kind of vitality, like a summer.

Whether it is from qualification or popularity, the only one that can rival the CHANEL Classic Flap series is probably the LOUIS VUITTON NANO SPEEDY series. In contrast, LV’s practicality is more powerful, and there are more wearable scenes.

Don’t be scared by its unintentional small body, there is a blogger to measure, this mini bag can accommodate iphone Plus + lipstick + card package + key + paper towel travel essential combination, pillow type design is the key factor of perfect capacity, although It’s a mini model, so you don’t have to give up the necessary equipment for the concave shape.

How big is the bag, how many things to get, sometimes we carry a large bag, but we have a bunch of unnecessary things to go out, the mini bag gives us a reason to streamline the equipment, only bring the necessary items out Not only can we make it easier and cooler on a hot summer day, but it can also force us to organize our clothes, discard unnecessary burdens, become more organized and more purposeful. Be an exquisite person, start by buying a mini bag Pkmarts.Com


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