How to start and sell your products online

You would like to have an online store and do not know how to start?
You know it … Having an online store is the opportunity to increase the number of its customers and to increase its turnover thanks to a unique point of sale, which is accessible 24/24 and 7 days / 7 and that from anywhere in the world.

Here are some simple steps for you to start and sell your products online.

The 3 ways to quickly launch your online sales activity. They are classified from the simplest to the most complete.
1- Business account on an established site online shopping in pakistan
You can start by simply opening a business or professional account on a well-established e-commerce site. If you master English I recommend you to put your products on English sites too, because in the case of Amazon and eBay is where there is the most volume. Of course, you have to remember that you have to be able to send the articles later and that it can be complex if you do not know the local customs rules. Inform yourself before!

On eBay, you generally use Paypal to sell (or buy) and there is a dispute resolution group between sellers and buyers. So as a buyer if you do not receive the purchased product in the required state or if you do not receive it, you open a conflict resolution request.

Note: I have personally used the conflict resolution service. I bought a second-hand iPhone and the seller did not send it to me. I had the right to a full refund and even an apology from the seller, thanks to’s dispute resolution group.
I recommend you in Canada to use and (US site in English)

For people in France:

On eBay, Amazon, PriceMinister or even Leboncoin, it is possible to open a professional account to manage your own online store.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a business or professional account on a well-established e-commerce site?

– Advantages: you benefit from the reputation and the trust granted to these sites by the Net surfers (evaluations of the sellers, management of the disputes …)

– Disadvantages: there is a commission on the transactions, limited possibilities of personalization of your shop, a frontal competition with the other sellers …

Here is the book on starting a business on the WEB

Book to start on the web
To learn how to get started and sell your products online, buy this handy book
For more information on the book click here

2- Your online store on established sites
With many e-commerce solutions “ready to go” without the required technical knowledge, it is also possible to create your own online store.




What are the pros and cons of the “ready to go” online store?
– Advantages: easy to implement solutions, site customization possibilities, multi-platform solutions (PC, smartphones …), flat rate subscription. You can start by trying for free in most cases.

– Disadvantages: Investment in time for creation and maintenance of the site, limited referencing.

3- Have your e-commerce site at you
In this case, it involves using an external company to create your merchant site.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your own website?
– Advantages: turnkey site delivered, unique and personalized design, offers functions to better target the needs of your customers (loyalty, payment method, promotions …). Greater freedom of action

– Disadvantages: higher costs for creation, but also and especially for maintenance and referencing.

When your business will be a bit more established, having a custom eCommerce site may then be worth considering. Start by exploring the domain with solution 2 for example.

When you are ready to go to the turnkey e-commerce site or if you need to consult specialists, you can, of course, call EDGN Consultants to get a quick estimate for your site or just to have pieces of advice. It would be our pleasure to help you! 🙂

Whatever e-commerce solution you choose, keep in mind the principals

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