That’s it, you’re ready to start your business. Perhaps you are passionate about a particular sector and have found that the existing offer was incomplete. Perhaps you would like to bring a cost to an industry that has not renewed enough in recent years. Or maybe you just noticed that some products were selling like hotcakes recently and would like to take advantage of this craze.

Whatever your motivations, the weeks preceding the creation of a new company are often intense and jubilant. To you the sleepless nights spent building new projects, to develop your sales strategy. You do not sleep anymore, but it does not matter because you feel that your life is taking on a new meaning and you are already thinking of leaving a salaried job that you have been touring for a long time.
You dream of financial independence, meaningful work, media coverage that would make your business explode and make your dreams come true.

All this excitement gives you a crazy energy and you’re ready to fight it. And you know, it’s not the work that will be missing to carry out your project.
If you start alone in the adventure at the beginning (which is the case of most entrepreneurs), you will have to assume the role of man-orchestra. In addition to the business strategy of the company, you will manage the online store, suppliers, inventory, shipping, customer relations, set up a marketing plan, a communication strategy on social networks, and ‘on the way.

The excitement of the beginnings often leaves room for indecision. Where to start ? There is so much to do! I confirm, we have written nearly 250 articles of advice to entrepreneurs of e-commerce.

Many are tempted to read all the resources they have access to reassure themselves, to make sure they have the right tools at their disposal. But the risk is to become a great theorist of e-commerce, without ever selling a single product.

Others go into action more quickly but get lost in details that ultimately do not matter.
They spend days selecting a designer for the creation of their logo, they think about the title that will appear on their business card (“Should I write” Creator Super Boutique “,” President Super Boutique “, or” CEO Super Boutique ” ?) and take pleasure in spending days on details that will not bring back 1 euro to their company … in any case, not in the immediate future.

All that I have just written, I know for having lived it, so do not see any condescension. These small defects are very widely shared by novice entrepreneurs and even more experienced, often paralyzed by the amount of work to be cut down.

Also, let me give you this advice: if you start your business on the internet, there is only one thing to do: Make your first sale.

Because the entrepreneur is primarily a seller. And anyone who thinks that the Internet is a great tool because technology will sell in their place and they can hide behind their screen is wrong.

More than ever, entrepreneurs on the internet have to become super commercial. You do not have a physical shop in front of which passers-by can stop and most of the time the visitors of your site do not know you personally so you must redouble their efforts to inspire them confidence.

Therefore, all your energy should be concentrated on selling and establishing good business relationships. The rest can wait.

Rather than give you a list of articles to read to build your business on the internet, I will stick to some simple advice that I ask you to implement without further delay.

1. Are you setting up your business? Scream loud and loud.
It does not matter whether you are still employed, whether you spend 2 hours or 80 hours per week on your new project: now, every time you introduce yourself, you will be “Arnaud Dupont, creator of the PKBAZAAR.PK store that sells such type of products / provides such type of solutions “. And this speech, keep it as close to your relatives, as your baker and all the people we present to you.

The most beautiful commercial opportunities often arise from the most innocuous meetings in appearance, so do not neglect any.

Moreover, from the moment you made the decision to launch your new business, post a message on Facebook about this and ask your friends to share it with their circle of friends. Update your LinkedIn profile if you have one.
Your circle of acquaintances and friends sincerely wish you well and they will be the first fans and ambassadors of your brand. Also, make sure they are all well aware of your new projects.

And for those who are not on social networks or to give more information about your new business, do not hesitate to send a detailed email to all your address book. You will see, you may realize your first sale thanks to your grandmother.

2. Open your shop today, you’ll fine-tune the details later
To sell your products on the internet, you will need an online store and at Clicboutic, we give you the opportunity to create it very quickly, even if you have no computer skills.
Our platform is very intuitive, so do not waste time, open an account, you get a free trial period of 15 days. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool, to test our different themes and options.
For all that, do not put pressure on yourself. It does not matter if you do not have a logo yet, if your product photos are not properly cut yet. You will be able to do all this later.
For the moment, test the platform, play with it and feel free to contact our team of e-commerce experts if you have any questions.
So when you’re really ready to launch your site, you’ll be able to focus on customer relationship without having to worry about technical considerations.

3. Send free products to bloggers
I could talk for hours about all means of acquiring customers (free or paid) on the internet. But the one I have tested several times and with the most success has been to make my products known to highly followed bloggers.

If you are passionate about the products you sell, chances are you have already identified some of them. Maybe you even read their blog well before having the idea of starting your business.

You can send them an email such as:

“Hello {PkMarts},

I’m your blog for over a year now and I enjoy reading your new articles every week.
I’m writing to you because I’m launching my {product type} marketing business online and I thought they might please your readers. So I can send you some of them to test them.
Which do you want me to send you from {product selection}?

Thanks a lot and see you soon “

No need to do too much or pass them ointment on 3 paragraphs, it would sound wrong. You can of course complete this basic frame by quoting a particular article which you liked very much (if you address a culinary blogger, you can quote a recipe of his blog which made a misfortune near your guests, if you contact a sewing blogger, you can talk about a dress that you made for your daughter by following her directions). The idea is to remain sincere and show that you are not expecting anything in exchange.

You can not in any way require that person to talk about your products and even less so that they do it in laudatory terms.

A safer way to make sure that the blogger will mention your products in an article is to offer him a quiz.
You can contact him by telling him that you want to organize a contest with his readers. You can offer 1 to 3 lots that you will ship directly to the winners. For this, it is necessary that the readers answer a question of which they will find the answer on your site. Or the question may simply be, “Which product do you prefer in {your shop name +? “. Readers reply in the comments and then you draw a lot among the answers.

This kind of operation will give you immediate visibility with a target of very qualified prospects even if your site is still unknown.

I will not go further today. I sincerely think that with these tips, you can make your first sale on the internet very quickly, so now stop thinking and take action!


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