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In , child safety is a top priority for parents, and so many children are lost each year. Therefore, many parents now buy children’s watch for their children. On the one hand, it is for the safety of children, and on the other hand, it is very convenient to communicate with children. So there are so many children’s watches on the market that are cheap and expensive. Which one to buy? If you want to buy cheap and practical, this 360 children’s watch may be more suitable for you, it is very cost-effective in all aspects. Let’s take a look at this 360 SE5 plus children’s watch.
The 360’s children’s watch is packaged with an image of the watch on the front. The model of the watch is SE 5plus. This watch features a camera phone watch that is not afraid of water, but this feature is not very large and conspicuous, but the watch’s The model is even bigger.

On the side of the box, there are product features: camera, smart voice, IPX8 waterproof, two-color strap, 1.4-inch Corning Gorilla glass screen, AI positioning, ultra-thin body, long standby. Then I will come to you to verify and experience its various functions.

On the back of its packaging, the introduction of the product is relatively simple and monotonous. It simply shows that the app supports iOS9.0 and above, Android 4.1 and above, and there is nothing inside, and then there is no, white space. There is too much space. I don’t know if this is the reason for the beta version. I have not detailed the basic parameters and detailed description of the product.

Look at the SE 5plus packaging, its packaging is also very simple inside, lacking a high-end sense, giving people a sense of cheap. However, the feel and texture of the watch feels good.

This is the list of this 360SE 5plus children’s phone watch: watch × 1, charging line × 1, card reader × 1, there should be a manual, because I received a beta version, did not get.

The dial of the 360SE 5plus children’s watch is a round dial with a dark blue and sky blue color. Should the female model be dark blue plus pink? I have not seen it. The screen of the 360SE 5plus children’s watch is a 1.4-inch Corning gorilla screen. Before use, the screen of the watch will have a protective film on the screen. It is not the kind of protection screen. It is printed with the kind of phone card.

Before the 360SE 5plus children’s watch is turned on, the watch will prompt that it only supports 2G mobile, and some areas of China Unicom cannot be used. Its 1.4-inch screen looks fine, and the built-in dials are pretty good.

Let’s take a look at the exterior of the watch. On the left side of the watch is its SIM card slot and microphone. On the right is a function button and an external speaker. The card slot of the watch can’t be opened normally. You need to use a special card reader to open it. However, you can’t find the card reader. You can also use the card reader or toothpick to open it. There is only one button on the right side, which is the function button. Like many watches, long press on the watch will send SOS help information.

When you look at the strap, the 360SE 5plus strap is a stylish two-tone design with a subtle cross-texture on the outer surface that feels comfortable to the touch.

Its material is made of food grade silicone material, the texture is ultra-thin and super soft, dark blue and sky blue color matching color, very beautiful, that is, the color is darker and darker, the color is more vivid, just for the child. Well! It’s beautiful to be bright and colorful.

The 360SE 5plus children’s watch also features a magnetic charging solution with four metal contacts on the inside of the watch that are attached to the original charging tip for charging.

Although this charging method is convenient and simple, it can be sucked up, but personally think that the traditional USB charging is good, because the USB charging head is more popular, and it can be charged everywhere. Because your specific magnetic charging cable is lost, or traveling without a charger is also a very troublesome thing. Therefore, I suggest that the traditional USB charging is convenient, there is a line everywhere, and there is no need to bring this one.

Speaking of charging, let’s talk about its battery life. The test version did not receive the instructions, so I don’t know the exact capacity of its built-in battery. It is understood that SE5 is 800 mAh, then SE 5plus should be similar to it, or a little bigger? Because there are many things and functions that need to be tested and experienced during the test, so the power-saving mode has not been opened, it is normally used for children, about 3-4 days to charge.

First look at the UI of the watch’s operation interface. The UI design of the SE 5plus children’s watch is also a UI style with four functions as a master, but Xiaobian feels that the color is not very good, and there is a feeling of being too monotonous, and others. The UI difference of the model is a bit big.

In terms of mobile interaction, like other 360 children’s watch apps, the 360SE 5plus is also a 360 child guard. The app of this watch is also very simple, of course, there are ads at the beginning. In the middle of its home page there will be a list of prominent shortcuts, which are: phone, monitor, habit, and more.

1, in the phone’s notification bar can also see the child’s dynamics, the child’s steps, location, how many minutes before, the network or WiFi positioning, this feature I like very much, do not always enter the app to know the child’s latest developments . Enter the 360 Child Guard app, 2, this can see the state of the child’s watch. 3, this information notification will also prompt the watch’s power status, who has called, who has called the child, the phone card’s cost information and other information prompts, very user-friendly. 4, micro-chat and group chat function, my favorite is that it has a remote camera function, although its camera pixels are a bit low, but you can still see the basic picture and environment, the quality of the image is like you are Look at the standard degree movie.

However, I think the chat expression in the watch is too big, I hope to change it smaller, and the little red dot of the chat reminds that the design is too small. I hope that it can be changed a bit bigger, too small, not very obvious.

Intelligent voice function, this function I feel it is more general after use, the voice question and answer response is a bit slow, voice dialing is OK, very practical, convenient and time-saving.

Take a photo! It’s OK, because I don’t know how many pixels its camera is. The description of the image point is the feeling of watching the standard definition of the movie, but I think its price should not be very high, so I think it is OK, it has A nice feature is that when I position my child, using the remote camera feature allows me to know more exactly what the child is doing.

Positioning, the 360SE 5plus children’s watch is also very good and practical. It uses the high-tech map, navigation function, and can also know the child’s daily history.

First of all, let’s talk about its good place. The first is light. This watch is really light, unlike many children’s watches, which are heavier than adults. The second is to wear comfortable, the dial is relatively thin, there will be no cumbersome feeling. I charge the opinions of several family members. Grandpa and Grandma said that this product is quite good. The app interface is simple and clear, that is, the font is too small, and it is not clear without glasses. Mom also thinks that children’s watches, do not need too many functions, can call, accurate positioning is just fine, it is more difficult to use more children to play. I also think that you said that this children’s watch is designed to facilitate the remote communication and safety of children and parents.


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