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I’m here to tell you about my favorite facial care products! They are really my favorite products, those that I will take without hesitation in my suitcase if I had to go into exile for 3 months or those that have saved me more than once!

Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s is really my discovery for almost 1 year, this brand I really recommend it! I’m a big, big fan! I have only tested 2 products (which are part of this article) and I am really won over like never before! The Midnight Recovery is a tiny bottle (a product that I find very expensive for its capacity of 30 ml but which is well worth its price by its effectiveness, and then it only takes 3 drops per night so the product keeps all the same for a long time), a small botanical elixir that regenerates, repairs and restores the skin barrier overnight. Just apply 3 drops to your Skin Cleansing Products in Pakistan before bed and gently massage your face with your fingertips with these 3 small 99% natural magic drops and leave to act overnight. For my part, I saw the difference the day after the first use, really blown away like never, a completely plumped and photoshopped skin!see the product.

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Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado by Kiehl’s

Always at Kiehl’s, the Eye Contour Moisturizing with Avocado Oil and once again a favorite! A very, very rich and creamy texture which provides perfect hydration for the eye area, I advise you to use it only as night care because the product is really very rich and oily, it makes the make-up of the complicated blow! I prefer to warn you its texture is really very particular but the use is very pleasant and the eye area is immediately hydrated!
Ultimune Energizing Activating Concentrate from Shiseido. This product is a product to add to the skincare routine, it is actually a pre-serum to be applied just before your usual serum or day cream. It boosts the care used upstream and prepares the skin for your daily ritual by cleaning all the impurities but above all by softening the stratum corneum to make it permeable. If you are not used to using a serum, you can use it alone! For my part, since I use it I find my skin smoother and it makes my complexion as velvety, it is a product that I absolutely do without!

Smoothing Moisturizing Emulsion – Ibuki by Shiseido

This is the treatment that I used throughout this summer (but that I just replaced it) because it has a texture that lends itself really well to heat, its texture is very fluid and light and penetrates very quickly. My skin tends to get dehydrated very quickly and this little product really helped me this summer!

Liérac Comfort Mask

I use it twice a week since the start of the school year, I apply it in a thick layer on my dried skin (on the other hand be careful not to put it too close to the eyes !!) and I leave it on for 10 good minutes and finally, I remove all the excess with a cotton ball. The comfort is instantaneous and the skin is really well-nourished, I love the smell of clay and rose extract, it is really a favorite product (I really like the care from Lierac and if you are looking for a very good skincare cream from the brand, I recommend the Magnificence melting day and night cream-gel).

Drink Up Intensive night mask by Origins

I present to you the product that saved my skin! The Origins night mask I discovered on the Lexieblush YouTube channel(I advise you to take a look at his videos which are great!). It is THE product if you have very dehydrated skin, during my trip to Pakistan it did not leave me and really this product is just magic! It nourishes, rehydrates intensely, with avocado oil and mango butter it is super pleasant and the results are crazy! The next day the skin revives! I only use it when my skin is really very dehydrated but I could not include this Skin Treatment in Lahore my favorite products. For the application, I put a good layer on my cleansed face and I leave to act overnight without touching anything. An excellent product that I recommend with your eyes closed.

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Bioderma micellar water

I do not like this product as a makeup remover at all, I find that it does not make up my eyes very well and moreover tends to sting my eyes on the days when I still try to remove my makeup with it! but on the other hand, I love it to cleanse my face just after removing my makeup or just after my shower to prevent hard water from tugging at me. This product is really very pleasant, the skin is cleaned to perfection and the price is frankly a big plus (the bottle costs not much in Lahore for 500 ml!). The smell is very fresh and pleasant, a product that I use 7/7 days!

Make-up removers and wipes – Demak’Up Cocoon by Demak’up

Two other essentials, I have always used Demak’Up in terms of cotton cleansers and I particularly like this new Demak’Up Cocoon range that I have just received from the brand (the wipes are impregnated with cleansing milk with extracts Cotton Almond the smell is really nice). For kinds of cotton, there is the first side in 3D fleece which removes very tough products like foundation and another smooth side to gently remove the rest.

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