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Choose your football boots: find crampons on your feet

This is a model that you have necessarily crossed on dry or very wet grounds, surfaces for which this type of crampon is particularly suitable. In general, the number of crampons varies between 10 and 16 for each foot, even if some brands go beyond. The molded cleats, which can be made of plastic or hard rubber, allow the player to enjoy an optimal grip. They facilitate dribbling and sudden movements without the risk of falling because a good ground The shape of the crampons is also a factor to take into account: the round crampons adapt to any type of surface whereas the crampons lamellae are rather intended for the natural grass. As a whole, the molded crampons are a model that will be perfect for beginners, as well as those who practice their sport on a hard surface such as clay or artificial turf.

In contrast to the molded studs which are an integral part of the sole, the screw-on crampons are fixed on top of them. They are replaceable via a system of screws or clips, to resist the test of time and wear. They are also less numerous: there are generally six in all (two large at the back and two more discreet at the front). These crampons are mostly made of aluminum or nylon. The idea is to be able to anchor its supports in the ground and thus use the pair on difficult surfaces (soft ground, grease, mud …). You then avoid the traditional slips that are often encountered on the oily ground or too watered. Note that screwed crampons are aimed first at experienced players and that it is advisable for the youngest to fall back on a pair of molded. Indeed, the screws require some preparation: make sure that the sole is thick enough to cushion the shock at your arch.

Beyond the aesthetic question, the material of your shoes will have to be chosen carefully according to your profile. É naturally using the shape of the feet, a pair of leather shoes provides flexibility and a touch of the precise ball. For their part, synthetic shoes offer a much better life and require less maintenance than leather models.
The emergence of futsal was accompanied by a new (almost flat) indoor sole designed with rubber for maximum grip on the dry ground. These comfortable models also meet frequently in the street. Everything depends on what motivates you to make your purchase, even if the ideal is still to alternate pairs according to situations!

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The athlete runs, sometimes very quickly, on terrain that can be irregular, slippery and muddy. It changes direction sharply. He pulls the ball with force, but also with precision, sometimes printing an effect. The football boot must lend itself to all these actions, but most importantly, it must protect feet that can be worth millions of euros.or several decades, a football boot was nothing more than a simple black leather boot with a sole that was fitted with nailed crampons to increase grip on the ground. Calfskin or kangaroo leather , which was more expensive but supple and durable, was used for the upper . The revolutionary screw-on crampons made their appearance in 1954, on the occasion of the final of the World Cup between Germany and Hungary. That same year marks the end of the high shoes in favor of a low shoe. Today’s shoes have almost nothing in common with their valiant predecessors, the leather booties. Technological evolution, but also marketing requirements, have made it a multicolored scientific application. Companies devote a large budget to the design of a new model, which can exceed one million euros.For starters, the materials used have changed dramatically. Even though calfskin or kangaroo leather is still used, most high-end models are made of microfiber. It is a composite material made of polyester filaments taken from a polyurethane matrix. Compared to leather, this solution has the advantage of lightness, a microfiber shoe can weigh less than 200 grams. Microfiber is also a hydrophobic substance , which avoids ending up with shoes full of water in bad weather, and is easier to color than leather.The sole is usually made of polyurethane and has inserts in carbon fiber for increased strength. The crampons are immersed in the sole at the time of molding. Their number and length vary depending on the type of game. In addition to the traditional crampons conic section, there are now crampons triangular, slats, comma or pivoting. This variety originates from the different natures of the playgrounds, which can be artificial or natural, dry, compact or fat. The crampons must guarantee a good grip on the ground without excessively blocking the foot, in order to avoid distortions and other injuries. They also have a damper function.
To study the behavior of the shoes , the engineers of the sport invented systems that seem to come straight out of the laboratories of Geo Trouvetou or Professor Tournesol : one goes up for example the shoe to be tested on an aluminum leg powered by an electric motor, which shoot thousands of times in a balloon at a speedcontrolled. The speed printed on the balloon can reach 150 km / h! This machine is also used to test the behavior of balloons. To observe the interaction of the shoe with the ground, we use a kind of small tractor. When the tractor is moving forward, two rollers put the soles and crampons in contact with the ground (here synthetic grass), in order to check the adhesion and the wear of the materials used.Finally, the “electronic” shoe was soon invented. The insole of the shoe is inserted into a chip equipped with an inertia platform and an on-board memoryThe chip acquires the data relating to the movement of the player, and calculates the speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the frequency of the accelerations, etc. It then transfers them through wireless technology to a computer or handheld terminal. The data thus collected can even be attributed to a virtual player in order to realize the dream of all the little footballers of the whole world: to go down on the field with their favorite players.Online Shopping In Lahore Online Shopping in Karachi Online Shopping In Islamabad
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