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Every year from July to August, the peak period of the class gatherings, whether on campus, in the square, or in the restaurant, KTV, can see a group of young or no longer young faces gathered together, In the laughter and laughter, I will relive the age of the lush. However, today’s class reunion is no longer just a matter of eating a meal. Many students are ingenious, setting up various activities and programs, and in order to make the party more atmosphere, many people will choose to customize a uniform T for class reunion. Shirt, put all your feelings on your body, and then take a variety of pictures.As a frontier of reform and opening up, Shenzhen is used as a starting point for many people to work hard. Every year, a large number of graduates leave the campus to enter the city. Therefore, Shenzhen is also a city with a strong gathering of classmates. So how much does it cost to customize a classmate’s T-shirt in Shenzhen?Before consulting the price of a custom T-shirt, you should first understand how the price of a custom T-shirt is calculated. The cost of normal custom-made clothing is composed of the price of the shirt and the cost of the pattern printing. According to the short-sleeved T-shirt of the Shenzhen class reunion, if the printing pattern is not too complicated, if the price is less than 30 yuan, it should be The quality of the bottom shirt is relatively poor. The quotation between 30-50 should be considered moderate quality, and between 50-60 is the most cost-effective. And above 70 is already exclusive to local tyrants.T’s classmates T-shirt custom bottom shirt fabrics are all derived from 100% organically grown cotton, OCIA international certification, pure ecological organic cultivation, completely hand-picked, no use of any fertilizers and pesticides during the three-year planting period, healthy and breathable, soft Skin-friendly. It can be said that quality is guaranteed, because we define a good T-shirt: good-looking, wearable, durable, healthy, and we promise that every piece is a good T-shirt.So if you want to customize a good quality classmate T-shirt, you can choose T. According to the needs of different users, T offers a selection of high-quality short-sleeved shirts at various price points. Here T is recommended not to buy the kind of 10 yuan or even a few dollars for the cheap, this low quality clothes may destroy the beautiful party atmosphere! So just buy the right ones, don’t buy expensive ones, don’t buy cheap ones.

How to choose the custom bottom shirt and printed pattern of Xiamen T-shirt

Xiamen, not to be called Ludao, is an important central city, port and scenic tourist city on the southeast coast, and is also known as the Xiaquan Spring and the South Golden Triangle Economic Zone. With the continuous development of the economy in recent years, Xiamen has begun to rely on high-tech enterprises as the main support for economic development. Business services has also been growing concern, many companies will pass Xiamen customized T-shirt to customize a number of clothing manufacturers, as employees work clothes, activities, gifts, corporate culture Shandeng.Xiamen T-shirt customization can make the company achieve the role of image unification. In addition to T-shirts, you can also choose sweaters, POLO shirts, etc. as the bottom shirt for custom clothing. What should you pay attention to when choosing the bottom shirt? Differences in materials, fine workmanship, etc. will become a problem that should be paid attention to when customizing corporate culture shirts. So how do you find a custom shirt for Xiamen T-shirts?The first is to understand the purpose and use of clothing customization. Generally, T-shirts can be selected as active advertising shirts, event gifts, etc. T-shirts are comfortable and very memorable. If you want to be a corporate employee’s overalls, you can choose Polo shirt customization, POLO shirt and T-shirt will be more formal.Followed by the choice of the color of the shirt, the average company is to choose the color that matches the color of their own business, or choose the color that fits and matches the logo. This will enhance the influence of clothing customization among customers.Finally, the choice of fabrics, Xiamen T-shirt custom fabrics generally choose pure cotton bottom shirt, you can choose Tianzhu cotton, ring spinning cotton, high cotton. Cotton fabrics are characterized by comfortable wearing, sweat absorption and breathability. Of course, if you have special needs, you can choose a quick-drying T-shirt, a stretch T-shirt, and so on.In addition to the choice of fabrics in Xiamen T-shirts, you also need to determine the type of pattern. Next, I will introduce you to the small series, how to choose the custom pattern of clothingFirst of all, the most common customer of Xiamen T-shirt customization is the enterprise. Generally, some representative patterns, such as trademarks, logos, slogans, etc., are printed on the clothes.Secondly, the company’s vision is expressed in words. It can be slogan or some funny sentences. The main purpose is to attract the attention of consumers in the first time.Finally, the pattern type, in general, the pattern can have text, patterns, etc., the main purpose is to attract attention. But be careful not to make the pattern look too complicated and not let the customer guess what you want to say.

University campus entrepreneurial team culture shirt custom case

This long-sleeved T-shirt is from the campus entrepreneurial team “Xiamen Shishi E-Commerce Co., Ltd.”. During the period when the university is coming to an end, some college students are very confused. Some college students have already started their own entrepreneurial career. This is the campus creativity. The campus entrepreneurship team is generally composed of young college students who are young, energetic, active and open.This is the characteristics of the young team, and this feature is also reflected in the custom of the cultural shirt, the front of this cultural shirt is “WHAT’S THE different”, and it can be seen that this team culture shirt is from the “logistics A class” students.The pattern on the back is also very design: “There is something different and WHAT’S THE different”Pkbazaar.Pk

Team culture shirt personality pattern

Xiamen custom T-shirt which company is better, many customers can use their personal experience to tell you, T , is definitely the best choice. T’s mainstream products – group customization , adhering to the “as you need, customized for you” philosophy, insist that the group’s customized T-shirt has the same quality as a single product. Therefore, many of Xiamen’s small partners chose T-community in the group custom T-shirts, and many loyal fans repeatedly bought back. After participating in several activities, there were several T-cultural shirts, and they tried their best to recommend them to their friends. T agency customization. In this regard, T is only rewarded with a higher quality custom T-shirt!

Printing and dyeing process

Members of the Harley Club of Xiamen Roaring Wing believe that only T-Print’s printing and dyeing technology can reproduce their complex and gorgeous logos in T-shirts, so that they can proudly show them behind the club activities.T’s glue printing technology, the color is bright and fresh, and the degree of reduction is high. Even the dark-colored design of the roaring wing is not afraid of inferior printing and dyeing into a piece, dull and dull. At the same time, T’s printing and dyeing has excellent coverage, even the black bottom shirt can produce beautiful and gorgeous printing effect. And T-printing and dyeing has a very good heat-resistance, wash-resistance and anti-aging properties. Even if it is worn for a long time, it will not change color and keep it fresh.In addition to the glue printing, T has other printing techniques, such as imitation hot stamping on the tall, imitation hot silver, good stability, high flash, is the most favorite printing choice for the current people; and cool Fluorescent, luminous printing, such printing is more used by joint activities, night activities, T company’s printing materials are environmentally safe, printed T-shirts comfortable to wear without hurting the body.Of course, there are more than one type of T-printing, and the quality of the bottom shirt is also the industry benchmark. The company team is customized , just look for Xiamen

What is the range of cheap and expensive custom-made t-shirts for summer workwear?

Summer work clothes t-shirt customization:Summer clothes T-shirt customized price partakers of cheap and expensive, so cheap price range? Your price range and how much? Company custom T-shirt uniforms is how much money a custom T-shirt relatively high cost? Here Let’s go and see the difference between them and T.There are a lot of cheap T-shirt custom manufacturers in the summer, and the price of custom-made T-shirts is very low. These manufacturers are attracting customizers at a bargain price. That is, the price war. In the early days, everyone’s living standards were not very high, and it was difficult for small enterprises to start a business. Therefore, these early manufacturers were very popular.


Cheap summer overalls T-shirt price range:In fact, there are still some on the market, and the price of a printed bottom shirt including printing may be only a dozen or twenty.ut now the main force of market consumption is young people after 80/90. These new generations of consumer groups are not so sensitive to price, they also pay more attention to quality. To put it simply, pay more attention to things on the facade. This is also a new idea that economic development brings to everyone. They hope that the quality of T-shirts can be better, and the price can be within their own acceptance.Custom-made T-shirts for summer uniforms may often see some of the better quality custom platforms, but aren’t sure what the price of these more expensive T-shirts is, and can’t be within their budget.In fact, T-shirt customization is very common nowadays, and there are more custom manufacturers. Therefore, the price difference between high-end customization and low-end price is not very big, and it is a difference of one or twenty yuan. The price of a custom T-shirt is not less than 30-50, but the quality is different. So for the company to order a T-shirt to spend more than a 20 yuan worth of value?

1502356617868b5b11cfeb0dd4606f0ddd5dfccf13c3d In fact, many customizers may think that the difference between customization is not big, but the number of group customizations is large, and the price is greatly different when the total is added. Indeed, this does cost more.However, the angle must be far-fetched, and every penny is worth the price. For such high prices, it may take more than ten yuan to order a meal. Imagine customizing a T-shirt only ten or twenty, the quality is certain. Your customized price is proportional. For a penny, the low price may bring you the problem that the staff will wash the T-shirt several times and it will be distorted and faded. Well, such a work clothes must not have any beautiful appearance on the body, and the overalls are employees who have to wear them for a long time at work, so comfort is also very important. As a result, the frequency that may need to be customized is even greater.If the company is a service industry and the consumer group is a relatively young customer, then you must not choose which low-end customization. What kind of brand will you attract to attract a customer group? And the image to choose a custom fabric style and price.Cost-effective summer overalls T-shirt price range :So how much the price is a price-performance price. In general, the price of a T-shirt bottom shirt is relatively cost-effective at a price of 25 yuan – 35 yuan. The T-shirt bottom shirt at this price is not only better in fabric but also more comfortable to wear, and it is not too hot to wear on the body. .If the price of the bottom shirt >40 yuan or more is a relatively high-end quality custom offers a variety of fabric styles and T-shirt bottom shirt prices, while multi-process choices to meet a variety of personalized customization needs, the company’s custom summer overalls as long as 10 pieces can enjoy the group order price, if it is a small business is not afraid There is one more thing that T can satisfy you, and you don’t have to worry about the number of pieces. With more corporate summer uniforms t-shirt prices and customized information can be found


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