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Give a directory first:

First, the cosmetic effect is not good? Then use the medicine!

Skin problems that can’t be solved with cosmetics for a long time, which cheap drugs can be easily used?

Second, how to use the national website to illuminate cosmetics?

1. The website function helps us identify which enchanting in the cosmetics industry?

What are special and non-special cosmetics?

What is the State Food and Drug Administration?

2. The specific operation method of the query.

Easy to understand, minutes to let you find the greasy stuff from the cosmetic packaging!

Third, which deceptive skin care steps can be saved?

1. How do cosmetics be graded according to their importance?

Need to be coated before bb cream?

Is makeup removal necessary?

Should the essence be used?

Sort all the cosmetics, mark the importance of using it, you will not be confused!

2. What is the most suitable skin care step for different skin types?

Fourth, how to choose a bottle of facial cleanser suitable for you?

1. How to distinguish the faction of facial cleanser on the market?

How do soap bases, amino acids, and mixed facial cleansers find one or two from the ingredient list?

2, how to distinguish a facial cleanser in the end is not suitable for yourself?

5. How to choose a good sunscreen?

1. What are uva, vub, and uvc?

2. How to choose the pa value according to your own needs?

3. Should we choose physical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen?

Sixth, how to look at the ingredient list?

1. How to distinguish whether the ingredient list meets the national regulations?

2. How to estimate the amount of a component added in cosmetics?

Vipshop, Tmall, Netease Koala, more and more platforms flooded into the cosmetics market. Even the first stop of the small circle of friends in the circle of friends is starting from the beauty sellers.

The beauty industry has high profits and a large market. Many unprepared practitioners are pouring into the industry, causing false information to be seen everywhere and over-marketing.

In addition, because of the expertise involved in the chemical branch – fine chemicals . There are many cosmetic messages received by consumers and actual insider asymmetry.

This has caused consumers to be stupid in the professional field and spend more money on beauty.

Then the merchant earned a lot of money.

Today, anymood will make a post. Collect this post, study it slowly when you have time, and don’t be afraid of being cheated in the future.

1. Is the cosmetic effect bad? Then use the medicine!

Many times, we rely too much on and trust cosmetics. However, there are still many problems, and the cosmetic effect is not good . We have to solve it in a more scientific way. (Note: The following drugs are OTC, please consult a doctor before use; the following methods are medical and aesthetic, please consult a dermatologist)

Scalp long scalp, head seborrheic dermatitis: dry hair sleeping + pillow towel often changed + selenium disulfide lotion (twice a week, twice effective)

Skin oil control : drink soy milk (reduce male hormone content, male should not exceed 350ml per day), zinc supplementation, topical adapalene,

The diet is light and sleep is guaranteed.

Shrinking pores : The truth is that skin care products are basically ineffective . Under current science and technology, cosmetics can only prevent further deterioration! You can use the medical beauty: the lighter skin rejuvenation, the deeper dot laser. Need multiple treatments.

1 Massage the blackhead with jojoba oil and dissolve the blackheads by the principle of oil-soluble oil. Choose a reliable product, use it every other day, gently massage to local heat, and then wash thoroughly.

2 topical adapalene , reduce oil secretion. The blackhead is actually a dirty thing encountered in the process of pores and oils oxidizing and hardening. So oil control is the source.

fruit acid, salicylic acid facial cleanser, do daily cleaning, reduce the oxidation of oil in the pores.

Whitehead : Topical adapalene oil control anti-inflammatory, the principle is the same as blackhead. There is also a moisturizing mask

Papular / pustule: topical adapalene + clindamycin oil control anti-inflammatory. In addition, I personally prefer to use metronidazole gel , which is relatively refreshing and is more like aloe vera gel.

Second, the use of the national website to illuminate cosmetics

Is there any false publicity about the cosmetics you bought? Is the microbiological and heavy metal test qualified? Is the text message on the package true


The key points are that all commodities registered with the Food and Drug Administration must be tested by the designated laboratory of the Food and Drug Administration, and after obtaining a qualified test report, relevant information can be submitted to pass the record.

Therefore, everyone can make up for it, what products are not found in the Food and Drug Administration.

So the little friend who buys cosmetics must learn to use this website. Let me talk about it first:

Directory 1, website features help us identify which enchanting in the cosmetics industry? 2. The specific operation method of the query.

Listen carefully to the small bench, this part of the full text is most useful!

1. Common enchanting in the cosmetics industry

1 non-special cosmetics as a false publicity for special cosmetics

This type of problem is simply that you can’t label a whitening product and say that you are white, you can’t label your own hair products and say that you are born. The details are as follows.

Such a horrible and exaggerated cosmetic copy

Cosmetics are classified by the relevant national administrative agencies around the world.

In China, we divide cosmetics into non-special cosmetics and special cosmetics according to the functional, safety and risk aspects of skin care products. (In Japan, it is divided into cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, and is divided into cosmetics and OTC drugs in the United States, and cosmetics in Europe. In addition to different names, the classification standards vary from country to country.)

In China, 9 types of hair care, hair dyeing, perming, hair removal, beauty, bodybuilding, deodorization, freckle and sunscreen are special cosmetics, whichrequire special management and special cosmetics.

Excerpt from “Evaluation of Safety and Effectiveness of Cosmetics”

All cosmetics outside the 9 categories should be filed for non-special cosmetics.

The ingredients used in special cosmetics for the purpose of achieving efficacy are often components that need to be monitored. Therefore, the registration of special cosmetics needs to be tested and evaluated through the actual effects, safety and risks of the products.

The detection level is higher than that of non-special cosmetics, and the detection period is longer. Even after passing, it will receive more attention from the Food and Drug Administration.

In a word: as long as it is a cosmetic, it must be filed, and the special 9 categories are used for special cosmetics filing, and all other cosmetics must be registered for non-special cosmetics.

After the filing, the cosmetics will get a record number. The format of the record number is divided into:\

Record the information, check with the outer packaging to see if there is a difference.

The products that have been filed can be displayed on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration and the corresponding record number is generated. Enter the product name to find two pieces of information:

Whether the product A has passed the record (the product that has not been filed is already in violation of the regulations, the use risk is too high, it also shows that the business is not legally aware, or maliciously not filed, regardless of customer health) Do not purchase the product that has not been filed!

Whether the B product is falsely publicized (if the product not registered for special cosmetics promotes the efficacy of special cosmetics, the first act is already illegal. Secondly, if he) falsely promoted the product, please report it to 12315 and claim 3 times compensation.

2 package information is different from actual information

Due to the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, some of the necessary information for cosmetics outsourcing must be printed.

Therefore, at the time of filing with the Food and Drug Administration, the entire composition of the product must be filed, the manufacturer must file the case, and the brand information must be filed. Even the product packaging must be photographed and filed. Figure:

Excerpt from “Evaluation of Safety and Effectiveness of Cosmetics”

Therefore, when you buy cosmetics, you must first look at the information shown in the above picture, whether the product has printing, if the printing is missing, then the product must have problems.

Because the above information is incomplete, the product cannot be filed through the Food and Drug Administration. If this is not the case, this product can be pulled directly.

When we initially found out that the information on the outer packaging is complete, what we need to do is to confirm the true letter of the information in the next step. It is to go to the website of the State Food and Drug Administration for inquiries and comparisons. Mainly compare several places.

A component information (super-multi-businesses play tricky on this, hide some of the components that may be more sensitive to everyone, the rest of this article will have a section on the composition table ). This part of the main nuclear external packaging components are still there, the order does not matter.

B filing time (the filing period is 4 years, so this information should be well viewed, and products that have not been filed again after the deadline are also risky)

2. The specific operation method of the query.

Because the infrastructure of the State Food and Drug Administration website is not very good, I will not give you a link to the homepage, directly to the link of the inquiry part


We can see the detailed filing information of the product. How to look at this information, and then give you a detailed explanation.

1 Compare the form information to see if it is flawed with the product packaging information.

Click to preview the package plan, and package the perspective to see if there is a difference from the actual package. Whether the business actually produces and does not match the filing and other issues.

2 Look at the filing date, the cosmetics filing period is valid for four years.

3 Look at the notes, if there are some unqualified spot checks and some other information will be updated here.

Note: The composition list of the record may not be the same as the order of the package ingredients table. We need to click on the preview package plan and the package perspective view . The order of the ingredients on the actual package should be the same as that on the record package.

Through this method, many common problems when purchasing cosmetics will be nowhere.

Third, which deceptive skin care steps can be saved?

The counter lady will usually tell you: don’t fall down in the skin care step, and then recommend you to push the product. The insider will know that this is just a simple principle of “you pay for her commission.” But the vast majority of consumers still believe it.

In fact, these steps, the counter lady also believed that it was true.

The reason is only from the brand to the channel, the entire cosmetics industry reached a consensus on the more wool from the same sheep .

So what are the whole steps of their skin care? Speaking scared you!

General care (in order of use):

Makeup Remover, Cleansing, Toner, Muscle, Essence, Eye Cream, Lotion (avoiding the eyes), face cream (avoiding the eyes), isolation, sun protection

I feel that half of my energy is spent on my face.

However, as a professional A, you must tell you from the perspective of the formulator,which steps are really necessary, which steps are used to circle money, and which steps will be extremely counterproductive.

To draw a key point, for the sake of simplicity, we simply divide the cosmetics into two systems:

1. Water system

2. Oil system

Water system: It mainly carries water-soluble nutrients dissolved in other liquids, and is responsible for moisturizing, hydrating and softening. It does not have film-forming properties (film formation refers to the formation of a protective film of grease film on the surface of the skin).

The cosmetics of the water system are: toner, muscle base, some essence, cleansing mask.

Oil system: It is a creamy substance that carries water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients. In addition to its functions of moisturizing, hydrating and softening, it also has a film-forming property and can lock water to prevent evaporation of water.

The cosmetics of the oil system are: lotion, eye cream, face cream, sunscreen, cream, and some essence.

Of course, the system does not mean that there is no water or oil at all, but the ratio of the content of fats and oils. At the same time, products such as face film and sleep mask can be used as both oil and water systems.

Well, let’s get down to business, we started to remove the complicated steps.

First we carry out a rating:

Class A: extremely important, can not be omitted;

Grade B: important;

Grade C: It is more important, it can be replaced with other steps, or omitted according to its own situation;


Makeup remover

Level B: Important ★★★★

For some oil-soluble makeup (only dissolved in oil and fat ingredients), you need to remove makeup, such as: eyeliner, mascara, oil-soluble makeup.

However, some water-soluble base makeup and powder trays can be cleaned with warm water and facial cleanser. So if you just remove the sunscreen (except for waterproof), isolation and those water-soluble liquid foundations, this step can completely omit this step.


Class A: Extremely important, can’t be omitted ★★★★★

Nowadays, air pollution is serious, and the step of cleansing must be done carefully. Choose a facial cleanser based on your skin, or use a warm water + towel cleaning method.

Level B: Important ★★★★

It can replenish skin with plenty of water, as well as some water-soluble nutrients. It can also be used to clean the skin with a cotton pad to make the skin soft and moist.

Particularly hydrated places, such as Ya’an, Chengdu, Suzhou, especially the rainy season. In fact, this step becomes less important . Nutrients can also rely on the cream products of the latter step.

At the same time, the toner can be replaced with the muscle base and essence.

Muscle floor fluid

Level C: Not important, can be replaced with other steps ★★★

More and more counter ladies tell you about the importance of muscle base. In fact, there is no essential difference between the muscle base and the toner.

In principle, the muscle bottom fluid is a “ water with a relatively high concentration of nutrient actives ”, but some brands have not increased the content of active substances, but have done marketing concepts.Therefore, the muscle base fluid can be replaced with toner. Repeated stacking will increase the burden on the skin


Importance: Importance varies from person to person, and most people may not use it.

The essence is introduced in a simple way: in order to achieve specific functions such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, freckle, anti-aging, add the nutrient active content to a very high toner or lotion.

The effective active substance in the essence must reach a certain amount to be effective.

For example, nicotinamide needs to be added to 4-5%, and hydrolyzed soy protein requires 1-2% to have a good effect.

But there are some cheaper essences, and there are very few active substances added, but in order to make you feel very nutritious, it will add some thickeners like xanthan gum to make the texture thick and even make the drawing effect.

Do you think that drawing is high purity?

Therefore, the essence that is too cheap, in fact, you can understand, “tick” toner or lotion.

When purchasing the elite products, it is recommended that you buy more regular big-name products, and choose a comparative insurance with a market price of 300 or more. ( The premium rate of cosmetics is very high. Although there is not much money in the essence of 300 yuan, it is enough. Make a good essence

Eye cream

Class A: Extremely important, can’t be omitted ★★★★★

We recommend that people after the age of 22 should use eye products properly to reduce eye damage and aging. At the same time, the thickness of the eye skin is thin. To avoid fat particles and other problems, we recommend using a professional eye cream.

Eye cream is applied before lotion and cream. After that, the lotion cream needs to avoid the eye skin.

Lotion and cream

Level B: Important ★★★★

Emulsions and creams I need to put together, because in essence, there is no substantial difference between lotions and creams. Most people will have a feeling that the lotion is lighter than the cream. Yes, this is a question of water content and grease ratio during formulation and emulsification.

The emulsion is generally light and thin , the oil content is relatively small, the water content will be relatively high, and the water content is generally 70%-80%;

The cream is generally thicker , the oil content is relatively more, the water content is less than the emulsion, and the water content is generally between 65% and 75%;

Therefore, it is not necessary to rub the cream after the lotion. According to your skin condition, you can choose to use lotion or cream alone . Especially for people who are not well absorbed by the skin and have a strong secretion of oil.

For the particularly dry crowd, in fact, choose a mild amino acid cleansing + moisturizing better moisturizing lotion + nourishing moisturizing lock better water cream can be. Repeated overlays do not absorb more of the skin because the skin only absorbs the parts that it needs.

However, some boys are lazy and not used to using creams or lotions, which is not acceptable.

In the step of skincare, lotion and cream mainly bear the function of nutrition and water retention, because the oil can form a grease film on the surface of the skin, reducing the evaporation of moisture of the skin, thereby achieving the function of locking water and moisturizing.

In the same way, the toner does not have too good water retention due to the lack of oil, so the moisturizing effect of the toner should not listen to the counter lady.


Class D: No need to use ☆

Isolation is a big lie! ! ! !

1. It does not isolate makeup.

2. Its ability to isolate UV rays remains to be verified.

This part of the truth is what I want to focus on today. This lie is the most unbearable industry deception since I started the cosmetics industry. The key is that many consumers are particularly poisoned! ! !

I must reveal it!

When we buy the isolation, we are mainly tempted by two points, that is, the cream promotion can isolate the pollution of the subsequent makeup, and then have a certain UV protection.

But when these two points are actually not met, do you feel the collapse of the world view?

First, let me talk about why the cream can’t isolate makeup.

Really this lie makes me speechless.

First of all, remember the above, isolation is an oil system, easy to dissolve in oil.

When we apply the isolation, it will form a new oil film on the surface of the skin. If the subsequent application is not continued, the oil film will protect the skin. (In fact, the film formed by the emulsion cream also has this effect. ). But if you need to continue to enter the makeup step, it will be different.

First of all, there are quite a few makeup components in the ingredients that are isolated , such as mineral powders such as titanium dioxide, and some toner toners. Therefore , it is impossible to say that the cream can separate makeup, because it is makeup. Formula .

Think about the colorful isolation of those materials

Secondly, after isolation, we generally choose to use BB cream and foundation products such as liquid foundation. These are also cosmetics for oil system. Because of the principle of “oil-soluble oil”, the grease in these makeup products will be A grease film with protective properties formed by dissolving the barrier cream.

Therefore, instead of applying a barrier cream to increase the skin care steps and increase the burden on the skin, it is better to choose a good makeup product.

Second, let’s say why the isolated sunscreen function is yet to be verified.

When it comes to the sunscreen function of the barrier cream, you have to mention the origin of the barrier cream.

The prototype of the cream is a low-fold sunscreen for Pond’s. As the sun is too low multiples, market and sales have been open, he had an idea to marketers, plastic made the concept of UV rays and external contamination. This concept has been a great success.

Understand, the cream is actually sunscreen at the very beginning.



Root of all evil”

So why do I say that the isolated sun protection index is yet to be verified?

Because the country has requirements and control over the index and toxicology of sunscreen, sunscreens need special cosmetic licenses (the difference between special cosmetics and non-special cosmetics in the previous section), this certificate needs to pass the inspection and inspection. research.

So what is the reason for the isolation cream to say that it is isolated from ultraviolet light but does not clearly indicate the multiple? The reason is very simple, they did not get the national sunscreen certificate. Then such products claim to be able to isolate ultraviolet rays. Do you believe it?

This is just that they are playing the ball


Class A: Extremely important, can’t be omitted ★★★★ 

I personally think that sun protection is the most important part of all skin care . Because ultraviolet light not only makes the skin tan, but even more terrifying is that it will dehydrate the skin and then age.

Three points that the skin is most afraid of: black, dry, old. Don’t do a good job of sunscreen . I will not go into details about this point.

In summary, let me help you sort out the most suitable skin care steps.

Normal skin : Gentle cleansing + toner + lotion or cream + sunscreen

Oily skin : Gentle deep cleansing + skin + refreshing lotion + sunscreen

Dry skin : amino acid cleansing + toner + moisturizing cream + sunscreen

Special dry skin : amino acid cleansing + toner + moisturizing lotion + moisturizing cream + sunscreen

Skin with special needs : suitable for your own cleansing + toner + special needs functional essence (such as freckle, wrinkle, etc.) + lotion or cream + sunscreen

Fourth, how to choose a bottle of facial cleanser suitable for you?

Cleansing is an important step in the entire skin care step. But in fact, in all skin care products, there are two steps to hurt the skin. 1, cleansing. 2, remove makeup.

A common feature of the two steps is that during the operation, the skin oil is removed and the original sebum film is destroyed.

The sebum membrane is the most natural barrier to prevent skin moisture evaporation. Therefore, no matter what facial cleanser you use, you should protect your lotion or cream (using a sebum film) after use.

More importantly, we have to choose a facial cleanser that is more suitable for you.

There are three types of facial cleanser on the market: 1, soap-based facial cleanser 2, amino acid facial cleanser 3, amino acid soap-based mixed facial cleanser.

Let me talk about the difference between several facial cleansers:

Pure soap-based facial cleanser has the strongest cleaning power and strong degreasing ability. It is not suitable for mixed, neutral and dry skin. It is only suitable for pure oily skin (in fact, this kind of skin is rare, mostly mixed);

Pure amino acid facial cleanser, relatively cleansing power compared to soap-based facial cleanser, but will make the sebum film properly retained, more suitable for neutral dry and dry skin;

Amino acid soap-based mixed facial cleanser, which is based on the skin characteristics of the specific use population to make a certain proportion of amino acid and soap base.

This facial cleanser has good cleaning power, but it is not as irritating as pure soap-based facial cleanser . More suitable for neutral, neutral oily, mixed skin, and even some acne muscles are also very good.

What facial cleanser should I use for my sensitive muscles? The most sensitive thing about sensitive muscles is that you don’t need facial cleanser. It is best to wash your face with warm water and a softer towel (the towel is often cooked or replaced

To test if you are sensitive muscle~

Many people on sensitive muscles actually have misunderstandings. It is not correct to think that it is easy to grow acne.

Sensitive muscles are caused by excessive sebum secretion and thin stratum corneum, which is vulnerable to external damage such as ultraviolet rays, wind blows, dust and the like. Common problems that are sensitive to sensitive muscles are: red blood cells, thin skin cells, water loss, and epidermis splitting (invisible minimally invasive).

However, the acne muscle is usually caused by excessive keratin and sebum secretion. In particular, the excessive secretion of oil from the keratin is weak , clogging pores, and the oil forms blackheads and oil particles during the continuous oxidation process.

If you encounter bacteria such as acne bacteria and a suitable environment (such as diet, oil secretion, endocrine, incomplete cleaning) will cause inflammation in the hair follicles. Therefore, it should be used with a combination of amino acid and soap base, which is mild and clean.

So how do we identify soap-based facial cleanser, amino acid facial cleanser, amino acid soap-based mixed western milk? In fact, it can be seen from the ingredient list.

Soap type:

First, the composition of the soap-based facial cleanser will have a “saponification reaction”, and the saponification reaction will occur between the fatty acid and the alkaline agent, so when you have “fatty acid and alkali agent” in the ingredient list, Then this facial cleanser is a saponification formula

The SPF value corresponds to the protection UVB. The UVB belongs to the middle band and can reach the epidermis layer and is responsible for sunburning the skin;

The PA value corresponds to the protection UVA. The UVA belongs to the long-wavelength band and can directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, and is responsible for sunburning the skin.

Therefore, the SPF value is not responsible for preventing tanning.

The SPF value is not responsible for preventing sunburn! !

The SPF value is not responsible for preventing sunburn! ! !

The important thing is to say three times. The misunderstanding that everyone often goes into is to pay too much attention to the SPF value.

The SPF value and the PA value are discussed next.

The SPF value refers to the sunscreen’s ability to protect against UVB and prevent sunburn and sunburn. Because the intermediate calculation formula is very complicated, we simply and violently put 1SPF for 10 minutes of UVB protection.

In general, SPF30’s sunscreen can give the skin 5 hours of UVB protection. When choosing the SPF value, we should consider the objective situation such as sweating and water contact. Because of the sweating and swimming in the water, the protection time will be shortened accordingly. Need to pay attention to make up.

Be sure to pay attention to make up outside

Ok, then talk about the PA value.

The PA value measures the ability of sunscreen to protect against UVA and prevent sunburn and sunburn.

The PA+ word indicates the ability of the product to protect against UVA, which is the ability to prevent sunburn and sunburn.

The defense effect of PA is divided into three levels, namely PA+, PA++, PA+++, PA+ means valid, PA++ means quite effective, PA+++ means very effective, and PA++++ is allowed in the industry after 2013.

Ok, let’s finish the basic information and tell everyone how to choose the sunscreen that suits you.

1 choose the sunscreen value that suits you.

Use environment

SPF value

PA value

Recoat frequency

Cloudy or indoor



4 hours make up once

Outdoor lighting



3 hours make up once

Outdoor long time, high altitude, seaside beach


PA+++, PA++++

2-3 hours make up once

Men’s skin (greasy, pores are afraid of blockage)

Should not exceed 35

Within PA+++

3 hours make up once

Many of the small partners are eager to kill 3000 and refuse to let go of one idea. No matter what the scene, they especially like to buy high multiples.

However, the higher the multiple, the more sunscreens there will be, and the heavier the burden on the skin. Over time, there will be varying degrees of blockage, irritation, and even skin sensitivity.

Therefore, when SPF20 is enough for you to use, don’t give the skin a SPF50 burden.

2. The sun protection value is subject to the filing of the Food and Drug Administration.

In order to avoid malicious deception of bad merchants, please do not mark the sunscreen value of the outside packaging, which should be based on the filing information of the State Food and Drug Administration. The way of querying is taught in the second part of this article.

3, about physical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen

Many small partners will rudely believe that physical sunscreen must be milder than chemical sunscreen, which is a big mistake. Because both physical and chemical sunscreens are effective by adding chemical sunscreens.

To put it simply, physical sunscreens use the added ingredients to refract ultraviolet rays to achieve sunscreen purposes. Therefore, physical sunscreens are generally white, because of the addition of related ingredients;

Chemical sunscreens absorb ultraviolet light by adding ingredients. This formula is generally transparent but has a certain greasy feel, and the higher the multiple, the more greasy the sunscreen.

Infants and young children are generally more suitable for physical sunscreens (so infants and children are particularly white); but men are more suitable for chemical sunscreens, but the multiples should not be too high to avoid greasy; women generally use mixed sunscreens.

The reason is very simple, men’s horny thicker, they are more afraid of the pores blocked by physical sunscreen than the stimulation of chemical sunscreens;

Children’s skin is delicate, but physical sunscreen attachment is more suitable for them.

Ms. skin is stronger than baby’s skin, and it is not as greasy as men’s skin. Therefore, the mixed type not only brightens the skin, but is also too greasy.

Sixth, how to look at the ingredient list

Formal ingredients for formal cosmetics have a very strict set of rules, and the state has also developed specific regulations for this purpose. Therefore, when buying cosmetics, you must look at the ingredient list. There are a lot of tricks in the ingredient list.

First, let’s take a look at the Chinese standard for two different products.

See the problem?

The left side must be irregular, the ingredients are not fully labeled, and only the components are selectively labeled.

This is a malicious and unrealistic marketing that hides malignant ingredients or makes you more natural! This product is best not to buy, and the picture on the right is the way to write a compliant ingredient list.

Below I will give you a detailed disassembly of how I saw the tricky. According to the requirements of the country for the ingredient list, I briefly summarized it:

1, according to the actual addition to write truthfully

As the name implies, it is the ingredients you use that you need to fill in the ingredients . So we can use a few simple steps to see if this ingredient list is trustworthy.

First of all, our ingredient list can not only write the main component, the core component, or write an “equal” word at the end of the component, and must be written in full composition.

This problem occurs with the ingredient list on the right. Wrote the words “main ingredient”, this is the first non-compliance.

Secondly, the cosmetics on the left can hardly read any chemical vocabulary except for some so-called natural ingredients.

These nicknames, everyone should pay attention. The first one can identify whether the cosmetics are OK. On the other hand, I also tell you that some of the ingredients sound very chemistry. In fact, it is commonplace. If you change your name, you will not be so scared.

Similarly, whether the printing and filing of the entire component of the product is consistent ( all legally compliant cosmetics must be filed with the SFDA before sale, otherwise it is illegal ), we can also go to the State Food and Drug Administration to check.

3. Correctly typeset according to the content.

This point is actually very important, because cosmetics over-marketing today, many times the composition of cosmetics is more than the essence , said to add a certain ingredient, but may be added in a particularly small amount.

If we can crack the approximate composition of the ingredients, we can actually see the quality of a cosmetic formula.

First of all, we express the state’s rules on content typesetting in plain language. In fact, there are two points: Pkmarts.com

1. Components greater than or equal to 1% must be in the front of the ingredient list, sorted by more or less. 2. Components less than or equal to 1% must be placed after 1% or more of the component , but the order of this part can be disturbed.

Most merchants will be arranged from the beginning according to the rules of more or less.

However, some merchants have low actual product costs, and good ingredients have no cost to add too much. They intentionally disrupt the list of ingredients and deliberately put high-priced components in front.

So how do we estimate the amount of cosmetics added to a product? Let’s briefly tell you how to use it (this method is more suitable for creams, creams, eye creams, etc.).

For this type of product we look for two ingredients:

1, emulsifier

2. Preservative phenoxyethanol.

Emulsifiers are generally added in cosmetics between 0.5% and 1.2%, and most cosmetics are added to about 1%. According to China’s regulations, phenoxyethanol should not exceed 0.3%. Therefore, the two components are used as two benchmarks to push down the content of the components.

This gives you:

1. The ingredients before the emulsifier are generally more than 1%. (The emulsifier must be in the top 10 of this kind of cosmetics. You can go to Baidu to search for this ingredient to find the emulsifier. Of course, when the emulsifier content is more than 1%, the emulsifier The composition afterwards may also be greater than 1%. So what is said to everyone is only a rough estimation method.)

2, a phenoxy acetate component in the vicinity alcohol containing an amount of about 0.3% (of course there are other skincare ingredients used preservative such as sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate)

The figure below shows the composition of an emulsion. The emulsifier used in this product is polyglyceryl-3methylglucose distearate, which ranks 11th in the product ingredient list.


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