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Samsung Screen Protector In Pakistan is the best option to protect our mobile or tablet from accidents and, why not, protect our pocket from having to pay for a new touch.

Unfortunately, not even the best Samsung screen protector in the world is totally resistant, so they can also break and you will need to get a new one.

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How to remove a tempered glass protector?

In this article, we are going to talk about the tempered glass of your smartphone. We will also explain how to remove the tempered glass from your phone if it is broken.

The tempered glass of the mobile phones are very important if we want to protect the screen of our phone against any accidental knock or fall.

Although the screens have a factory protection such as Gorilla Glass, it is not enough for a fall from a certain height or a fortuitous blow.

The screen of a smartphone is the most vulnerable and the most likely to break in the event of a fall. It is also usually the most expensive hardware repair. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent and put a good-tempered glass on our phone to last a reasonable time.

The current trend in mobile phones is the infinite Samsung Screen Protector in Lahore and the absence of borders, which makes it even more vulnerable.

You can buy the tempered glass in a specialized establishment and put it yourself if you dare to it. You can also ask for a professional to place it if you don’t want to complicate your life.

If the phone falls or is hit, the tempered glass suffers the first impact and saves the screen. It is normal to split, that is its function: stop the blow. But an item that costs 10 euros or less will be broken, not a screen that is worth much more.

Once the tempered glass is broken, we have to replace it yes or yes. He is no longer able to fulfill his mission and, in the next fall, he will not have the appropriate resistance properties to prevent the phone screen from splitting.

In Mundo del Móvil, as you know, we are specialists in replacing the broken screen of your smartphone in record time and at the lowest possible cost, so if your screen saver has not fulfilled its function correctly, and your screen is broken, no Do not hesitate to contact us. We have the best prices for the Samsung Screen Protector in Islamabad.

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Sometimes, the accumulation of bubbles or dirt under the protector makes it uncomfortable and we need to remove it to enjoy our screen again.

But, if you are going to change your Samsung screen protector it is important that you learn to remove it correctly to avoid damaging your device.

Therefore, in Tablet Parts we have prepared this guide with all the steps you need to remove the Samsung Screen Protector in Multan without damaging the phone. Let’s go there!

Instructions for removing tempered glass

Removing tempered glass is a simple task. You can do it yourself, but you need to do it with extreme care. If you force a lot or if you do it without following the procedure that we will explain here, you can scratch the mobile screen.

Take a hard plastic card. It is worth a credit card or ID.

Look for the tempered glass corner that has a better state. Insert the card between the glass and the screen, and try to lift the corner a little, but without forcing much, so as not to damage the screen.

When the card is inserted slightly between the glass and the screen, we will continue pushing the card under the glass towards the other end of the phone. This will gradually take off the screen. We continue until the screen has completely separated.

How to place the new tempered glass

We have already removed the broken tempered glass. Now it’s time to place the new tempered glass. The tempered glass comes in a blister pack containing the tempered glass and two numbered envelopes (1 and 2).

Envelope 1 contains a wet wipe that we will use to clean the phone screen. Envelope 2 brings a dry suede that we will use next to dry the screen.

The next step will be to take off the Samsung Screen protector that brings the tempered glass. Then, we place it on that side on the screen of the mobile phone, so that it fits perfectly and does not cover any gaps such as the camera or the speaker.

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Next, we press a little in the center so that it sticks well. And voila! we will have the mobile protected again for the intense daily use.

If after reading these instructions, you still don’t have it, of course, come see us or call us. And if you want the best-tempered glass, at the best price, be sure to visit our website.

Tricks to Take Out the Tempered Glass Screen Protector

As you will see below, you can use different methods to remove your old screen saver.

All are effective, as long as you do it carefully, so arm yourself with patience before putting it into practice.

With a plastic card

To remove the Samsung Screen Protector without damaging the phone, you will need a tool that allows you to remove any of the edges.

For this, it is best to use a card that you have in your wallet, it can be the credit card, a credential, your identity document or the supermarket.

  1. To start, choose one of the corners of the protector that you find most detached. If all are well attached, then choose any of them.
  2. Take your card and try to lift the corner of the protector you have selected, inserting the card at the edge. It is important that you do not exert too much pressure, or much force, as you could end up spoiling your mobile screen.
  3. Once you manage to lift the corner of the protector, start slowly inserting the card to separate the glass and reach the other corner.
  4. When you get two of the corners off, proceed to insert the card in the center of the mobile and slide it carefully until the screen protector is removed. Samsung Screen Protector Price in Pakistan.

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