Recognizing a counterfeit bag is never very hard, it is obvious that the seller on the sly who sells Vuitton at 10 € does not sell originals. But the problem is sometimes more difficult, especially when shopping on the internet, used, etc.

Luxury counterfeiting is a real problem for brands. Not only because of lost sales, since the person who pays € 10 for a copy Vuitton would have never bought an original anyway, but mainly because of the damage done to the image. Indeed, the famous monogrammed Vuitton bag has been so copied, so that each person seeing a bag like this raises the question of the authenticity of the item.

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More than the product, it is generally the appearance of the person who will determine the judgment: the copied bag carried by an old frittered sombrero will appear original, although it is a copy; just as an original worn by a kitten in survival ‘will look fake, question of consistency. But let’s not kid ourselves, this powder in the eyes only works (very) far.

No need to dwell on Vuitton bags, if you want, go to an official store. The problem of jeans is a little more thorny, concerns us more, and it is also on this one that we will linger.

I have noticed in recent years a significant improvement in the presentation of counterfeit jeans: same plastic packaging, counterfeit labels well done – with a very good quality of print, models quite similar to the original, etc. In short, all the arsenal to be deceived in beauty (in this regard, and judging by E bay evaluations of some sellers which I know for sure they sell fakes, many people do not seem to report on the number of positive evaluations).

We will now study the case of the brand Diesel, which I think is interesting for several reasons: it is the most counterfeit, and obviously the most purchased on resale sites, for a price substantially identical to the models restocked. Faced with this phenomenon, Diesel has set up an effective system for recognizing counterfeiting on the label: micro stitching.

What is micro stitching? You must have noticed the presence, on all Diesel jeans, of a label including a silver band. Well this headband can determine for sure if the jeans are authentic or not.

Indeed, if your jeans is an original, fine letters will appear in boxes of the silver band, leaving guess the word “DIESEL”. While otherwise, it will be a simple silver wire. Simple and efficient. A good example better than a long speech, I was able to get two models Nathan, one authentic and one not, to compare them.

It is clear that the appearance of the label is different and that the impression is not the same, but we see especially that the silver wire does not have the same appearance. Zoom the image to check this impression.
It’s not very clear on the photo, but if you make a little effort, you’ll guess letters in the boxes that form the word DIESEL chain.

Diesel is not always “made in Italy”, and the fact that another country appears does not necessarily mean that it is a counterfeit, quite the opposite. Even if they are made in China, factories will have no qualms about putting “made in Italy” on counterfeit models.

At the packaging level, here are the labels:
But the problem is not just the label, you will see that the overall quality is not at all the same.

In this view from the inside, it’s hard to tell the difference between the original and the counterfeit, except at the color level. Let’s now look at the rivets which, for once, are also deceptive.
And yet, strange as it may seem, the original is the last picture! The first is the counterfeit model, although “Diesel” appears on the button. So beware of this kind of details. 🙂

The quality of the canvas and finishes will be your best ally to spot the true false. The standards of counterfeiters being far below those of real manufacturers, the difference will really allow you to realize the authenticity or not of a product.

Note that these tips apply in the choice of jeans in the shop: if you see originals in store, but with the characteristics of counterfeiting (poor quality fabrics, stitched no matter how etc …), shun them. On this occasion, I recommend reading the article how to choose your jeans.

When you order on the internet (especially on Bay), pay attention to all these details, it will avoid making you Sourceforge a counterfeit!

This is also the worst thing to wear, if you can not afford to pay you jeans brand, take a nice crude at Zara. For 40 €, it’s cheaper and better.

Do you recognize counterfeiting? Very well ! But what about choosing the right pieces for your morphology, good cuts, good colors, etc.? ? In short, everything your mother has never told you.

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