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Rado caused a sensation in 2016 by reviving its iconic Rado Ceramica collection. By partnering with renowned industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, the brand has updated its famous geometric model and given it a new contemporary style. In 2017, the brand goes even further by adding high-tech matte gray ceramic and an automatic movement to the Ceramica collection. A first


Rado introduces for the first time lightweight and scratch-resistant silicon nitride ceramics in 2011 with a True Thinline. The brand has been developing this remarkable material since then. In 2016, Rado launches HyperChrome Ultra Light, a model made from a trio of incredibly lightweight materials such as silicon nitride ceramic for the case, hardened titanium for inserts and anodized aluminum for movement. . At only 56 grams, the minimalist design and ultra-light components put the HyperChrome Ultra Light on the cutting edge of fashion and technology.
Chocolate brown ceramic is the latest innovation in Rado’s high-tech range of high-tech ceramics, launched three decades ago with black, followed by pristine white, elegant gray, and metallic plasma. The creation of homogeneous colors is particularly difficult with ceramic processes. Thanks to Rado’s mastery of materials and quality vision, these worries are a thing of the past. Rado chose the HyperChrome collection to reveal the exceptional properties of this new combination of materials and color.

The HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer embodies Rado’s passion for design and technological innovation. This award-winning watch features touch technology. Just slide your finger on the left side of the case to set the hours and on the right side to set the minutes. With its time zone change function, it is the ideal traveling companion. Simultaneously press the ceramic housing at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions to change the time zone in seconds as soon as you cross international borders.
The Esenza Ceramic Touch is the first Rado ceramic watch to feature touch technology. Its sleek, high-tech ceramic monobloc case with four built-in sensors allows the user to set the time with just one touch. This crownless wonder was specially designed by Rado’s design team, and draws on years of touch technology expertise within the Swatch Group as well as our own expertise in high-tech materials. The latest technology and the most sensitive sense of the man unite to create this unique and attractive product.

The distinctive injected ceramic monobloc housing of the HyperChrome is based on the technology developed for Thinline in 2011. Before these two revolutionary watches, all ceramic models were made from a stainless steel base. The one-piece construction eliminates this steel core and molds the case into a single piece of high-tech ceramics. On this case made from a single injected part are added elements such as side inserts, chronograph pushers, crown and integrated bracelet, for an even more irresistible design and construction.
True Thinline is a contemporary version of the classic watch dial. Minimalism in terms of volume and weight is the driving force behind the style of this watch. With a thickness of less than 5 mm, it is Rado’s finest ceramic watch and most likely the world’s finest high-tech ceramic watch. Its production requires a high level of expertise in manufacturing, production processes and assembly techniques.
2011: D-STAR
The D-Star is a revisited version of the legendary DiaStar 1. The design is true to the tradition without appearing outdated. The signature element of the DiaStar 1, the attractive oval bezel, is more sober than the original version. It surrounds the round dial in a fun way, a form that takes advantage of the latest innovations in the field of materials and injection techniques.

2009: R5.5
The impressive r5.5 collection was created by Jasper Morrison, a renowned British designer. Its name comes from the radius of the corner of the case which measures 5.5 mm. With its integrated ceramic case and integrated bracelet, the r5.5 is an easily identifiable evolution compared to previous Rado models. The minimalist and industrial style with its contrasting details is reminiscent of Rado’s previous monochrome models.
2002: V10K
The V10K is the result of Rado’s efforts to make the ideal watch in terms of scratch resistance. This unique scratch resistance comes from the high-tech diamond coating of the watch case, a synthetic layer of the nanocrystalline diamond. With its scratch-resistant high-tech diamond surface, the minimalist Rado V10K offers an incredible hardness of 10,000 Vickers.
2001: ESENZA
Esenza pushes even further the boundaries of minimalism in watchmaking design. It consists of two simple elements: an oval case and a straight bracelet. These two elements are not integrated, as on other Rado models, but form a harmonious and feminine whole.

1993: SINTRA
The Sintra is the first Rado watch to use a titanium carbide composite, an advanced form of much lighter hard metal. This innovation in the field of materials made it possible to widen the color palette of Rado watches without giving up its minimalist design. The dial, reduced to the basic functional elements, is clear, neat and precise. By a subtle contrast of colors, the square bezel, accompanied by a tapered bracelet, harmoniously frames the slightly elongated rectangular dial.

Ceramica is more coherent with the minimalist style that will become one of the main features of Rado’s design philosophy. The watch is characterized by a very high degree of reduction. The case and bracelet are the same width and blend perfectly to each other to form a continuous bracelet. In addition, they are made from the same material and have the same glossy black surface.

The Integral marks Rado’s first foray into the use of high-tech ceramics. The contrast between the black ceramic links and the gold outer links creates a flamboyant effect. The black dial associated with the golden hands, the inscriptions and the incrustation of diamonds add to the richness of the contrasts. What is particularly remarkable is the visual integration of the bracelet and the elongated case, both straight and of the same width, creating a bracelet illusion. The watch is no longer simply a practical tool but also a jewel for the wrist.
1981: ANATOM
The Anatom is the first Rado watch to have an ergonomic shape that is curved to fit the wrist perfectly anatomically. The dial design of the Anatom is minimized for the sake of minimalism. The twelve hour markers are replaced by four small diamonds and the minute graduations are gone. Although the gold
color creates a striking contrast with the black dial, the hands are discreet, because of their small size.
1976: DIA67 SLIDE
Launched in 1976, the Dia 67 Slide offers a sophisticated design while remaining minimalist. Thanks to a new technology, the metallic sapphire crystal covers the entire case, with edge-to-edge construction. The glass is directly attached to the exterior elements of the case, an innovative technique that is not used for its process but rather to reinforce the overall concept of minimalist design.

His name alone indicates that this piece is not only a watch but also a multipurpose instrument. Indeed, the watch includes a perpetual calendar on a separate dial located below the case. With the day and date display in addition to the standard watch functions, the dial contains a lot of information. This distinctive dial, which contains the rotating bezel of the perpetual calendar, gives this watch its futuristic look.

The Rado DiaStar 1 is the first scratch resistant watch. Even after years of use, the watch is as bright as the first day. To achieve this goal, it was made with two materials never used before in the history of watchmaking: hard metal and sapphire crystal. At the beginning of the 20th century, the hard metal was developed in order to meet the needs of tool manufacturers. Rado was the first to use it in the watch industry. The scratch-resistant glass has been replaced by sapphire glass, a material that combines extreme hardness and transparency. The extreme hardness of these two materials is combined with an innovative design.
The Golden Horse, one of the first models to appear under the brand Rado, is marketed by highlighting its tightness. If advanced movements are not a priority, the Golden Horse has a peculiarity that all the following Rado automatic models will share: the anchor symbol. On the Golden Horse, this silver symbol on a red background represents neither more nor less the heart of the watch.

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