This is probably the most comprehensive eBay operating guide in history.

1. Establish an account with a reputation and rating.

If you want to start selling on eBay and you want to earn the first pot of gold, then Stephen reminds you.

Even if you sell the exact same item, the other items are the same, and the new seller’s income is always lower than the experienced seller. Buyers on eBay have a high degree of trust in ratings and feedback

How does the customer determine if the merchant is trustworthy? eBay’s “trust” metric is the feedback rating system.

As a seller, we can receive feedback ratings from our customers. There are three positive, negative or neutral scores. Later, eBay added a “detailed seller rating.” Buyers can now rank specific areas of the seller’s (or not) good work. The buyer’s ranking is also determined by the seller.

Here are some tips to improve your eBay feedback rating as soon as you start selling on eBay:

1. Start by selling a lot of small and cheap things. This allows you to get a lot of positive feedback in a short amount of time. For example, many foreigners often start selling old toys, second-hand goods, and so on.

2. Do not wait more than 24 to 48 hours to ship the items you have sold. Shipped at lightning speed.

3. Before the goods are delivered, carefully check that the products are intact and that the packaging is damaged so that they arrive at the seller’s location in good condition.

4. If the buyer sends you a message on eBay, please respond promptly and politely.

5. If the buyer is not satisfied with a certain item (if they claim it has an odor or is in poor condition), please do not argue. Just provide a refund. If the value is very high, the buyer is required to return the item to you first. This filters out the scammer sellers.

One thing to remember is:

Recently eBay has changed the feedback process, so negative ratings are no longer an option. Buyers can only provide positive feedback or submit a report to eBay.

This is a good change for the seller, but the buyer does not need to leave positive feedback – so if you want to get a high rating, you still have to find a way to let customers pay good reviews –

Negotiation is an art.

2. Learn how to take a picture with a soul:

The picture is the soul. When taking pictures, don’t be willing to act rashly. The junk pictures will only make the customers think that they are junk goods. They can’t sell them. Try to improve the picture level and make the customers feel value for money, at least not Low.

Regarding the pictures, we have to pay attention to the fact that it is not a long-term solution to take pictures of others and to steal others’ pictures. I hope everyone can understand that the product homogeneity is serious now, the pictures are the same, how should the customers choose? So, the pictures themselves Shoot, please, the next one, I will introduce a few very good websites for everyone. Please keep an eye on the public number.

3. Carefully study the items that have already been sold

Another possibility to increase the sale of items at discounted prices is to conduct an in-depth study of the sales of other similar items on eBay.

Just search for the item you want to sell, then click the “Sold Items” checkbox in the left menu. Filter all search results for all the same items already sold on eBay

Once you have the results, look for the same items as possible for the items you sell.

Here are some of the items recorded from these highest price sales to help you better price your auction:

1. Try to list the items using a starting price similar to the one with the highest final bid.

2. Take a similar photo from the same angle.

3. Write down the product description and try to describe your project in a similar way.

4. Check which dates of the week the highest sales items have been auctioned and reschedule your items accordingly.

Keep in mind that past sales on eBay are a good reflection of the sales price of future products. This may be higher or lower than the price of your own merchandise, depending on your seller’s feedback rating.

It’s also important to remember that if people don’t bid on similar items on eBay as they used to, they won’t be interested in the products you auction. Don’t waste time listing items that are not possible to sell.

4. Accurate shipping settings:

Most merchants offer a set of products in the world of free shipping service. Many people think that there is freight, and customers will not pay for it. However, as long as you are smart and set shipping costs, this is not impossible.

Take advantage of the shipping calculator provided by Ebay on your list. This calculator allows buyers to see the exact shipping cost based on the weight and size of the package and the location of the buyer. As part of your list.

In this way, you and your buyers know that their shipping costs are not too high. You can also choose to include a small package fee, but use it with caution. Buyers used to abuse this feature in the past, and overcharged for transportation to increase profits. This is rarely useful and will only reduce the likelihood of your item being sold.

If you feel that you are courageous, consider shipping to your country for free. In most cases, this will increase the number of auctions for the auctioneer and will usually increase the final auction price.

5. Avoid transaction costs to increase profits

Over the years, eBay has been changing its fee structure. Before you must pay any fee of 25 cents and pay the “insert fee”. This is the base price for posting items on eBay.

eBay became smarter and eventually realized that if the cost of the shelf was lower, it would attract more sellers, so they started offering a certain number of “free insertion fees” lists each month.

Standard users get 50 free fixed price or auction listings

Basic store users get 250 fixed prices and 250 auction listings

Premium store users get 1,000 fixed prices and 500 auction listings

Anchor Store users get 10,000 fixed prices and 1,000 auction listings

When your item is finally sold, you have to pay for it. If the item is priced between  eBay will charge 8% of the final sale price.

These fees are set for each listing, so how do you reduce the overall eBay cost? You can do this by avoiding the options under “More options” in the list.

When you change anything from the default settings, you may incur additional costs beyond the normal final value.

Here are some additional services you may choose that may increase your eBay fees.

1. Use a special period of 1 or 3 days for the auction list

2. Listing in multiple categories will double your insertion costs

3. The referral list is a way to promote your list on eBay, but you will need to pay extra for it.

4. Global Shipping Plan

5. Setting a specific custom return option may incur additional charges

Make sure you understand all the fees you choose in order to minimize the cost of uploading eBay products and maximize your final profit.

6. Arrange the auction according to the product type

Another item that may affect the final sale price is the day of the week at which your auction ends. You will find many people searching online for the best days to end an eBay auction. They are actually asking the wrong question.

The question you should ask is which day of the week is best to end the auction of the type of item you are selling.

In fact, office workers who buy office equipment will shop on different days of the week, not people who may become antique collectors. These different shoppers have different lifestyles and different online shopping habits.

When you want to list items, first search for the type of items you plan to sell. Be sure to filter only the “sold” items as described above. Then choose to sort the results by the highest price.

In most cases, you will actually find a common pattern based on the category of products you sell. This is the week (or days) that you should focus on when listing your items for sale.

7. Save time by re-description

As part of a study of similar items sold on eBay, please note the sales at the highest price and carefully review how the seller describes its items. There is no problem copying the description to your description field and using it as a template for your own product description.

Just make sure to completely rewrite the description in order to accurately describe your own items, including all imperfections and defects. You shouldn’t plagiarize others, but using a successful seller formatting template will give you a good start and it will save you a lot of time.

8. Use template disclaimer

A few mistakes made by new sellers at the beginning may eventually result in a lot of money.

1. Check your items for any minor defects, including signs of wear, broken fabrics, imperfect stitching, or other items that the buyer noticed when opening the shipping container.

2. Includes disclaimers regarding wear and tear. It should be noted that the “used” item will appear to be used. Unfortunately, the expectations of some buyers are unrealistic.

If you don’t mention a defect or fail to mention that the item you used has normal wear and tear, you can complain to the buyer and ask for a refund. One security defense against this is that at the time of writing, as part of the sales template, all used items will have expected defects with age.

These statements in your list will be away from most buyers who just want to get the items for free. In addition, a good, fair return policy that requires buyers to pay a return shipping fee for a full refund is often a great deterrent to the scammer. Pkbazaar.Pk

9. Become a PowerSeller

Being a “PowerSeller” for eBay is a fast-track for improving eBay’s profits, but it’s not easy. PowerSeller’s status is hard to come by. This means you have to be very serious and provide buyers with a first-class quality experience.

PowerSeller does not require you to apply, Ebay just identifies you as a powerseller because of your statistics. The following three factors of PowerSeller on eBay.

1. Always maintain a positive rating of over 98%

2. In the past 12 months, you have sold more than 100 items with sales exceeding $3,000.

3. You have been on eBay for at least 90 days.

You can find all the information about implementing PowerSeller status on PowerSellers’ eBay support page. (Source: Stephen talks across borders)



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