By the optional package to support luxury? Test drive the new Mercedes-Benz A200L to solve 7 major questions, Mercedes-Benz / BMW car

By the optional package to support luxury? Test drive the new Mercedes-Benz A200L to solve 7 major questions,  Mercedes-Benz / BMW car

[Sohu Auto TopTest] At the Beijing Auto Show’s Mercedes-Benz booth this year, a woman exclaimed “200,000 can buy Mercedes-Benz!”, this sentence made me suddenly realize that BBA has already competed in this level of market segment. form. Last month, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class was launched. It is the last product launched at this level. The opponent has been there for a long time, and the targeted transcendence is imperative.

The luxury car has reached a range of 200,000, and it is still possible to guarantee the topic of luxury in all aspects. In the BBA, Mercedes-Benz always attaches great importance to the luxury texture. Can the new A-class still remember the original heart? With doubts, we came to Sanya on the day of the double 12, and fully experienced the new Mercedes-Benz A-class. Weighed the Mercedes-Benz A-class by the comparison with the direct competitor BMW 1 series. (Because the Audi A3 was launched relatively early, it would be more intuitive to compare with the BMW 1 Series products listed last year Pkbazaar.Pk


1. Mercedes-Benz once again lowered the design elements of high-level models to low-level models. This operation method gave the new A-class CLS the same front face and sideways similar to CLA .

2, 10.25-inch dual-screen linkage is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the new A-class interior, the first time the MBUX system is equipped , whether it is sensitivity, resolution, or functionality, this intelligent interconnection system is the best in its class.


1. The extended wheelbase gives the car a more relaxed longitudinal space, but the shape of the head has no advantage, and even has some cramped feelings.

2, a large number of optional packages are the support of the new A-class luxury sense, multi-link independent suspension, 18-inch AMG wheel, Berlin sound, ACC adaptive cruise, active lane keeping, blind spot assist system, 64 colors Ambient lights, even front seat heating, keyless entry, etc. are optional packages. The new A-Class also highlights how much to remove it .

●The engine is jointly developed by Mercedes-Benz and Renault-Nissan. No matter the displacement, 4 cylinders can please the people.

The new Class A 1.3T engine is jointly developed by Mercedes-Benz and Renault-Nissan. It is said that Renault is responsible for the power output at low speed and Mercedes-Benz is responsible for the high-speed power reserve. Nissan is responsible for solving the thermal efficiency performance and perhaps playing a number of strengths. It is a good thing 

From the engine parameters, this 1.3T engine is available in both high and low power versions . The low power version is not as good as the BMW 1.5T (B38) engine. The high power version will surpass the parameters.

This power transmission partner is a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. It has no frustration in the low-speed frequent shifting. Its smoothness and high-efficiency transmission performance are excellent, considering the fuel consumption of the dual-clutch gearbox. A certain advantage can be said to be a competent partner. The design of the pocket is also a feature of Mercedes-Benz. It will not be used at first, but it will feel comfortable and convenient after a long time.

There are a large number of optional components in the test drive, and multi-link independent suspension is also one of them. If you don’t want to spend 8300 yuan to choose this 18-inch AMG wheel + multi-link suspension, then you are welcome to a 17-inch ordinary wheel + torsion beam non-independent suspension

Personally feel that this optional package is more cost-effective, but one of the optional packs will definitely increase the price of the car. (The new A-class of our test drive experience is multi-link independent suspension. The following description of the chassis is the adjustment style of multi-link independent suspension. As for the follow-up of the torque beam, it will be introduced in the test bulletin board. )

Power and transmission – Is the 1.3T engine a “small horse-drawn carriage”?

When we learned that the new Mercedes-Benz A-class engine was a 4-cylinder machine, I was relieved. Because regardless of the power performance, the current 3-cylinder machine is still not acceptable to all consumers. But knowing that the Class A engine is equipped with a 1.3T engine, the ability of this small displacement engine has become our new concern.

In the actual experience, the power performance of the 1.3T high-powered machine did not disappoint us, it took out the BBA’s achievements. Its torque output is easy to control this car , and the peak torque is broken at 1620 rpm. Compared with the BMW 1 Series 1.5T (B38) at 1250 rpm, the timing of the maximum torque will be slightly later. .

However, thanks to the high torque of 250N·m, the torque output is 30N·m higher than that of the BMW B38 engine. The A200L gives us an easy acceleration experience during the speed increase of 0-60km/h. Although the performance is not to be described as sporty and violent, but the smoothness of the power output makes the starting speed become calm and natural , even if you deliberately feel it is not easy to detect the intervention of the turbine.


The matching Getrag 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox not only efficiently completes the transmission work on the wheel, but also strives to avoid the setback in the power connection . It does not make you clear like the BMW 1 Series 6AT. Feel the rhythm of each upshift, elegance and movement may be the difference between their driving control concept.

The upshift of the Mercedes-Benz A200L is positive, and the downshift will not drag the water. The 80-120km/h mid-rear acceleration capability proves that a 1.3L displacement engine can also have a fuller power reserve . Although the small-displacement engine delivers a very unpleasant sound during the rapid acceleration process, the high-speed overtaking will still make the driver lose face.

Those familiar with the BMW 1 Series know that it has two motion control stages, S-stop and Sport mode. In addition to changing the shift logic, the steering throttle is also motion-adjusted. However, Mercedes-Benz A’s positioning will not pursue so much. The cut-in motion mode only resets the gearbox logic , the shifting clearance is shortened, and the throttle delay is reduced when the speed shifting timing is lowered.

● Steering and suspension – elegant and sporty control, how to choose the new Mercedes-Benz A-class?

Although the wheelbase of Class A is the longest in its class, it does not affect the accuracy and smoothness of its steering. The direction feedback is not as strong as the BMW 1 Series, and the more moderate adjustment can better meet the needs of female consumers . Its front overhang will be longer, which also determines that the front of the car is slightly inferior to the 1 series, but unless you particularly care about the delicate handling, the impact on driving will not be too obvious.

The same is true for its hanging character. The optional multi-link independent suspension is tough and tough , and the shorter suspension stroke gives a faster rebound ability. For the transmission of pavement information, Mercedes-Benz A does not have much retention. But it will not be as hard as the suspension of the BMW 1 Series.

It can be said that the new Mercedes-Benz A-class is more delicate for the suspension adjustment, and it will focus on some control between control and comfort, but it will not completely give up comfort, it is easier to meet the needs of most people. If the BMW 1 Series still wants to work hard to prove that it is a man-made car that loves driving, then the A-level will be more realistic, and it is more likely to be eaten by men and women Because after all, not everyone cares so much about the delicate difference between them.

Cockpit noise – For comfort, is the new Mercedes-Benz A-class NVH control stronger than the BMW 1 Series?

I have driven the BMW 1 Series many times, and it has left a deep impression on me. The Mercedes-Benz official explained that the new A-class has been thickened and noise-reduced on the chassis, and the Michelin Haoyue series silent tires are used, but it seems that the suppression effect on the tire noise is also not ideal . This level of BBA is not particularly concerned with the transmission of chassis noise.

However, their wind noise processing at high speeds is controlled within a reasonable range . When the Mercedes-Benz A-class cruises at 120km/h, it is difficult to feel the influence of wind noise in the cockpit. As for the noise control of the engine, they are not overly demanding. Although the sound of the three small displacement engines of the BBA is not so good, the NVH engineers still want to keep some stimulation to the driver.

● Designs – all complain about the dolls, so why don’t you mind Mercedes-Benz dolls?

In design, Mercedes-Benz has always been smart, and the excellent design elements of high-level models will be gradually downgraded. It always makes consumers who buy lower-level models have boasting costs in design. Therefore, the titles such as the small S-class and the small E-class are not lost, so what is the title of the new A-class

Perhaps a few months ago, the figure of Mercedes-Benz CLS has not stopped the stimulation of our adrenal glands, and the new Mercedes-Benz A-class has taken it unceremoniously. Although it is a small circle on the head, but the movement shape displayed has not changed much, unless you do not go around to see, or is the title of small CLS become a sales speech

Don’t expect the whole system to be a dot matrix network, only the sports version will be used. The triangular eye on the CLS has been criticized, and it seems natural to place it on the new A-class. In the use of light source, A180L is a halogen lamp, although the A200L far and near light is LED, but unfortunately, Mercedes only has a lens for the low beam, and the high beam is a large bowl . In the light, the A grade is not as good as the 1st.

In addition to the front face, which is highly similar to CLS, the new A-class sideways become an important selling point. The side-by-side design, which is highly similar to CLA, is not the point I want to express. Its 2789mm wheelbase has completely broken our previous definition of compact size, and also smashed the BMW 1 Series sedan and the Audi A3 sedan. Behind . I have to say that Mercedes-Benz’s exclusive Chinese model is too familiar with the needs of the Chinese people.

The 18-inch AMG wheel in the picture below is the optional package mentioned above. It will cost 8300 yuan to purchase with the multi-link rear suspension . There is also a special version with 19-inch AMG wheels. The flatness of the tires is smaller and equipped with the special edition, but it costs nearly 300,000. Of course, if you don’t choose it, then the luxury of the wheel will immediately drop. This aspect is not as good as the BMW 1 Series.

Interior craftsmanship – Mercedes-Benz will not lose the luxurious interior quality in any BBA model, but can the new A-class be luxurious?

Many details of the interior design have seen the elements of Mercedes-Benz, and the classic details appearing on the high-level models are amazing. Due to the final launch of the product in this market segment, it is definitely the most outstanding design in its class . However, we have recently seen great progress in interior design on BMW’s new X5 and the new 3 series. It is worth looking forward to the future 1 series.

The steering wheel is still the steering wheel that appears on the C-class, and the size of the strong grip is suitable for driving control. The steering wheel multi-function area also sees the Mercedes-Benz classic touchpad, and the steering wheel is divided into a flat bottom and a round bottom, respectively, on the A200L and A180L. Unfortunately, only three sports versions will provide a leather steering wheel, and the other two are plastic and faux leather. This Mercedes-Benz is not as generous as the BMW 1 Series leather steering wheel

MBUX system – Why does Mercedes call the MBUX system a “revolution”?

In fact, everyone knows that the most attractive point for Mercedes-Benz cars is the interior design. In addition to the Mercedes-Benz classic design elements mentioned above, the new Mercedes-Benz A-class biggest selling point comes from the 10.25-inch dual-screen linkage, and the Mercedes-Benz MBUX smart interconnection system loaded on the dual screen , which can be said for the same This is the crushing trend in terms of competing products.

However, before interpreting the MUBX system in detail, it is necessary to explain that this biggest selling point is only available on the A200L model. The A180L has no fate. At the same time, multiple highlights in this system are also optional .

The system’s smooth sensitivity, resolution, and functionality are all at the same level. The changes in various themes and the expansion of multi-page pages are dazzling. If you don’t take out an afternoon, you can’t even understand the set. system. Personally think that among many functions, its WeChat Internet, personal theme setting, ambient lighting changes, intelligent voice system is the most eye-catching function


Is the dashboard alone dazzled? Not only the theme display, but also a variety of information presentation methods, in addition to more driving information switching and dual-screen interaction, more detailed functions require consumers to experience and explore. Let’s take a look at how many features change on another screen.

The new Mercedes-Benz A-class language system has a high recognition rate and a slow response speed, and can more accurately support the promotion of both Cantonese and Sichuan dialect systems. The MUBX system has a lot of features, but it’s not too much to describe here.

Space seat – Mercedes-Benz A-class with longer wheelbase, gives us a more spacious experience in space?

As mentioned above, the Mercedes-Benz A-class has a large long leg of 2789mm, which will give the cockpit ample vertical space, but its head space is obviously cramped. The seat has good support and wrapping, and the adjustment of the bias is easier for most people to recognize.


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