Have you ever wondered what are the main obstacles to buying online?

Even though e-commerce is growing, many customers are still abandoning their purchases before or after adding them to the shopping cart. 

What are the reasons ? Why are consumers still reluctant to spend their money online? What factors affect their buying behavior?

So many questions that affect the psychology of the consumer. In a competitive market like e-commerce, a poor understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations can negatively impact your conversion rates.

The barriers to Buying online Shopping correspond to the factors that will influence the decision of the consumer and make him give up a purchase.

This problem is based on the fact that the majority of consumers do not buy on a whim.

Faced with a product, the first reaction of a consumer is to ask if he really needs it. He will even constantly tend to find reasons why he should not buy it. Often, it is after careful consideration and consideration that he will decide to make an online purchase.

In e-commerce, the work on the brakes to Buy Leather jacket online in Lahore is therefore to turn the objections of the consumer into certainty, to limit abandonment basket and get a maximum of conversions.

To help you, here is a list of the 10 main barriers to purchase and, for each of them, solutions to put in place to overcome them.

37% of consumers feel the need to see or touch the item before buying.

This barrier to buying online is based on the impossibility for a customer to feel, touch or use a product before buying it on an e-commerce.

How to cure it ?

You have to make the most of the two things that online shoppers in Karachi can do: see and read. For that :

Write detailed, clear and complete product sheets that include as much information as possible in addition to the color, style and composition of the article.
Include multiple high-quality, zoomable images that correctly evaluate the product.
Show how to use or wear your product using video demonstrations and “how does it work” pages?
Post customer reviews and post links to other popular and related products viewed by similar visitors to convince customers that their choice is the right one.
Use interactive features (3D modeling, augmented reality) to allow users to virtually test your product and observe it from every angle

43% of consumers will visit a competitor’s site if their online experience is negative.

This brake to online shopping In Pakistan is based on the quality of the customer experience offered by an e-commerce. A positive customer experience is one of the most important factors in convincing a buyer to move from awareness to conversion.

How to cure it ?

Whether a user is landing on your website via natural search results, clicking on a link in social networks or through one of your newsletters, make sure his shopping journey is always fluid and easy . For that :

Do not force your customers to create an account to buy on your site, allowing them to place an order as a guest. You can also give them the opportunity to create an account using their social credentials, which will make the process easier and allow you to collect the data from their profiles. Anyway, if you want people to create an account, it is best not to force them to do it in advance by giving them the opportunity to do so after making their purchase.
Brakes to purchase e-commerce online
On its website, Burberry allows you to place an order without creating a customer account

Submit a short and convenient order process that does not require spending too much time or effort.
Reduce the steps preceding the payment. The easier your payment process is, the better your conversions will be.
Make sure your site is displayed correctly on all devices. In 2018, more and more consumers are shopping online from their smartphone. If your e-commerce is not optimized for mobile devices, then your customers might end up leaving it and giving up their shopping cart.
54% of buyers say they would buy a product instead of giving it up if they had a discount.

This barrier to buying online is based on the fact that on an e-commerce, even more than in a physical store, customers are looking for a good deal. Consumers buy on the Internet not only for convenience but also because they expect items to be cheaper.

How to cure it ?

Many online shoppers are looking for the lowest price. If they do not find promotional codes or coupons, they will look for a better offer elsewhere. To avoid this :

Check the prices applied by your competitors and compare them to yours. If your products are more expensive than elsewhere, find a way to justify this cost by providing added value (delivery in 24 hours, free packaging or related product offered as a gift, for example).
Offer discount codes on your website instead of directly reducing the price of the item, so that the visitor is not tempted to look for promotional offers other than on your e-commerce

64% of buyers think delivery is important when buying online.

This on-line purchase brake is based on the consumer’s demands on the delivery process when ordering on an e-commerce.

How to cure it ?

The different delivery options offered on an e-commerce affect conversion rates. They also affect the number of items that customers add to their cart, and the average amount of it. Buyers expect not only to be able to easily retrieve ordered items, to be delivered quickly, but also not to pay excessively high shipping costs. To meet their expectations:

Make it possible to withdraw at the store, when you have physical sale point (s).
Be transparent by not hiding shipping costs. Show them upfront of the payment process, otherwise your customers might think that you are looking for your product to appear cheaper than it actually is. Give Internet users an estimated delivery cost next to each item. Of course, if you do not have a standard shipping fee, this price will not be 100% accurate depending on where the shopper lives and how many items he buys. In this case, you can instead display “delivery from” followed by the minimum shipping cost.
Offer free shipping, if you have the option. Free shipping charges help a consumer overcome shipping and transportation costs and may encourage them to purchase more products. Some websites choose to offer free shipping for purchases above a certain value. Others offer unconditional free shipping. If you can not afford it, the ideal is to offer free delivery to the majority of your customers. For example, if your main market is in France, you can offer French users free shipping, but have shipping costs for online shoppers in other countries.
Group the additional shipping charges into the cost of the product to offer a “free” shipping to the customer. It is better to have a less competitive price on the item you sell than to offer an extremely low price that swells considerably because of the added shipping charges.
Make available to customers information about the status of their order, through a tracking number.
11% of people give up baskets because they do not understand the details of the expedition.

This obstacle to buying online is based on the uncertainty and the fear of the consumer to order an article that ultimately does not suit him.

How to cure it :

Consumers are afraid to buy an item that does not fit what they expected, and then find themselves stuck with their purchase. To work around this problem:Clarify your return and refund policy by creating a dedicated page that answers all questions related to customer feedback.

Do not charge the return by taking care of shipping costs.
Offer a money back guarantee.
Be transparent about your return and refund process. When users know they can return the product, they will have no reason not to buy it.
Make the returns possible in store, if you have physical outlets.
Discover also the best practices regarding return and refund policies

More than 50% of consumers will cancel their purchase if their preferred payment options are not available.This barrier to online shopping is based on the preferences of customers for certain means of payment when they pay their purchases.

How to cure it ?It is not because you are familiar and trust a particular means of payment that it is also the case for your customers. Your e-commerce must accommodate their needs and preferences. For that :Offer as many payment options as possible. The more your customers have at their disposal, the more likely they are to complete their purchases.
Submit a combination of payment methods, with an international online payment solution like Paypal and a standard credit card payment process.
Do not forget about local payment methods, such as AliPay in China or Google Wallet in the United States, if you ship to these countries.
73% of consumers believe that online shopping is riskier than offline shopping.

This brake on online shopping is based on the

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