Fashion pieces are smaller and therefore less expensive. And then, clearly, we prefer to buy summer dresses than winter coats. Yes, even in the sale.

We note the dates of the summer sales in our calendar:  Wednesday, June 25, 2020, and will end on  July 22, 2020.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

What do we shop for during the 2020 summer sales?

All. The summer sales are the essential fashion pieces of summer. We take advantage of promotions to stock up on little summer dresses, buy flat sandals, find summer jewelry that transforms our summer outfits. We buy all our fashion favorites at low prices. And in the spring-summer fashion collections, we always find our happiness. Maybe even more than with the winter collections which offer coats and sweaters. The summer sales in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and other major cities of Pakistan, so it’s, first of all, an opportunity to redo your wardrobe.

It is also an opportunity to fall for cutting-edge fashion trends that you would not have believed. Tap dancing, for example. Pay full, you dare not go. At half price, you don’t say no. The cropped top, all the same. The bra, almost. We dare the slightly crazy fashion piece. The one that may not look like us but that we try, like that, just to see.

And then, with the summer sales, we can bet on timeless pieces that will make our comeback. A pretty pair of shoes with heels or a mid-season jacket can be worn all year round or almost. We combine business with pleasure. We love it, yes but effective. A trench coat and a pair of Trendy Sneakers in Pakistan, a good choice that you will not regret.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

Where to do the summer 2020 sales?

For the summer sales as for the winter sales, there are two schools: those who take advantage of the sales to afford the fashion piece they have long dreamed of and those who prefer the quantity to review the entire wardrobe.

If you are part of the first group, you can take advantage of the sales to take a look at ready-to-wear brands of Lahore, Pakistan. For trendy shoes and seasonal handbags, you try brands like Mellow Yellow, Petite Mendigote or Lancel.

For others, you are betting on mass shopping. Result? We find you at Zara, H&M, Mango, Monoprix. There, you will be able to crack without breaking the wallet. You go there without any specific idea in mind, just attracted by the desire to enlarge your summer wardrobe.

Boutique or online shopping? There too, it is you who decide. The most practical? Shop online. There are many fashion e-shops that you will have to consult during the summer sales and on which you can make purchases at low prices while avoiding the rush in the stores. All good!

For online shopping in Pakistan, we advise you to prepare the list of your desires beforehand. When the top sale in Lahore is launched, you just have to refresh your basket. Simple and efficient.

And if you have the courage, you organize a little shopping day to take advantage of the sales. We strongly advise against the first weekend of sales in Karachi if you are claustrophobic (crowd bathing guaranteed) …