Online shopping: advantages and disadvantages

Buying books, clothes or computer equipment online is now something common. But is it more interesting, from an economic point of view, to go to a store? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying on the internet? Answers.
Why buy on the internet?
Buy online does not lack benefits:

according to the Competition Authority (a public body), “even taking delivery costs into account, buying on the internet is often still advantageous in terms of price” (2012 sectoral online trade survey),
I do not have to leave my home to do my shopping and the goods are delivered directly to my address,
I can do my shopping online any day, at any time,
there are countless product choices, and I can buy on the same trade site a wide variety of products,
comparing prices for the same product, between different sites, is easy. When I’m in a store, I can not find out about other retailers’ prices – unless I use a smartphone price comparison app,
access to use products, whose prices can go down extremely low, is very easy on the internet (I find on Pkmarts, PriceMinister, Cdiscount …),
I can buy on foreign sites products that are not for sale in France (for example, books in a foreign language),
by searching for products on the internet, I often have access to the comments of Internet users about them,
the law guarantees me a minimum period of 14 days to cancel my purchase remotely.

The disadvantages of online shopping


Buying online shopping Pakistan also has its flaws and limitations:

I can judge the products only through photographs: impossible to observe them from all angles, to touch them, to try them … which potentially exposes me to unpleasant surprises (especially when it comes to clothing),
I do not have the right immediately after his purchase,
for small purchases, the cost of delivery may be greater than the price of the product itself,
by having an account on a commercial site, I can make purchases with a simple click, without having to provide my contact information or my credit card number (provided you are logged into my account) … which can encourage me to make futile expenses,
I take risks by going to unsecured sites. To make sure that a website is secure, I check that a key or padlock is in the address bar of my internet browser, or that the URL of the site starts with

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