Online shop (e-commerce) SEO and hosting

Do you want to sell online? What a good idea!
No matter the size of your business or the number of products or services you want to offer, a virtual store is the perfect solution to grow your shopping in pakistan

You can sell your own products, but also its services or downloadable products. Several solutions are possible and almost all scenarios are possible. From the creation of your virtual storefront to the management of your customers, not to mention the delivery and automated management of your products, our virtual shops are complete, very functional, powerful and easy to manage.

You do not need to have programming knowledge or graphic design. We are web design specialists in Quebec and our stores are “mouse in hand”. You just have to develop your market and your products.

Surprise your current customers and convince your future customers of your intention to offer them a modern, pleasant and safe online shopping experience.

Sell physical products, for example
Works of art
Or sell digital products (downloadable or viewable online only)
User licenses
ECommerce Management

Our goal: the development of your shopping in Lahore
The management of our virtual shops (e-commerce) is very intuitive. Training is provided and our technical support is always there to help our customers solve any problems they may encounter in managing their e-commerce store.

Several options are available to you and it is also possible to start with a more modest shop and to add features as your offer expands. Our online stores are scalable and totally independent.

Most processes can be automated, which will allow you to focus on:

growing your business
the development of new products – services
consolidating your customer relations
obtaining new clients or collaborator

It is important to be able to present your articles or products on different devices.
Like our website designs, all of our online stores are responsive design – that is, they fit all screen sizes of all existing and future mobile devices.

Security of transactions
A 256-bit SSL certificate is installed on your online store to encrypt all transactions.

Product and inventory shopping in Karachi
Manage your products easily. Create product variations (size, color, etc.) to give your customers more diversity. Be notified automatically that a product will be out of order soon. Cross or batch sales. Offer the evaluation of your products by certified buyers (who bought the item on your website). And more!

Tax management
Sell everywhere in Canada and around the world. Depending on the destination of the delivery, taxes will automatically be calculated.

Payment Management
Accept with confidence the credit cards of your customers or the payment by PayPal. It is also possible that your e-commerce store has multiple currencies to accommodate customers from different countries. You can also accept cash, checks and payments directly on delivery!

Managing your customers
Manage and track your customers’ transactions to offer personalized offers. Send streamed emails and create exclusive promotions.

International Expedition
The management of orders and shipping is done quickly. Several shipping methods are available and you can even offer free shipping from a pre-set amount.

Loyalty program
Build loyal customers and attract others with a loyalty program. Offer a discount applicable to the purchase of one of your products on your e-commerce web shop for any customer who refers another! Several programs can be applied.

Reseller Program
Offer the possibility to your employees to become resellers of your products on your e-commerce. Discounts can be granted on the purchase in batches, quantity ordered or percentage. Track your reseller statistics to fine-tune your marketing strategy or offer exclusive offers.

Gift cards, gift certificates and promotional codes
Offer gift cards and gift certificates to your virtual e-commerce store. Get new customers and retain existing customers. With a promotional code, increase your conversion rate! Your customers will love you!

Sell! And do you know 😉
As you can see, our e-commerce virtual shops offer a multitude of possibilities and have almost no limit!

Sell your products or services in a modern, secure e-commerce environment. Give your customers what they ask for!

Try our shops!
We have created some fictional e-commerce shops to show you the possibilities that are available to you. Different scenarios have been devised for these online shops and they illustrate a good part of the features that can be found in a real online shop. online shopping in Islamabad

Note that all functions are operational; you can test them as you see fit. No transaction will be concluded. When requested, enter a valid email address. You will be able to receive automated e-mails from our web shops according to your transactions!

Have fun shopping … this will be brought to our account 😉




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