Online shopping is the process of making purchases of goods or services over the Internet, so people who shop online are those who use the Internet, in other words, internet users. These users can shop, visit online stores and shop from their homes or offices.

Customers can buy many items online, on the web, and companies provide their products online (such as books, clothes, appliances, software, toys and even health insurance). But despite the advantages offered by online shopping, there are many consumers who are afraid to make purchases on the internet, and this particular, because of the disadvantages of the latter.

What are the reasons that drive people to make online purchases?

Online shopping is often cheaper than buying in physical stores, and can be done 24 hours a day. In addition, such purchases offer the consumer the opportunity to take his time before deciding to carry them out.

For example, making purchases online is a way for everyone to save money, especially since most of the time the shipping costs related to online shopping are the same as when ordering by mail, since from a certain amount of money (on average 100 euros of purchases), the shipping costs are offered.

Finally, online stores offer the opportunity to select extremely varied products, from all stores on the planet, and often at unbeatable prices. This is all the more appreciable, that from 100 euros of purchase, there is the possibility to pay in several times without expenses.

The disadvantages of online shopping

The major drawbacks of these purchases include: connection problems (especially during holiday periods); the lack of relationship between the merchant and the buyer; the fact that we are never 100% assured of the reliability of a site (especially since dishonest people are always on the lookout for credit card numbers …); the impossibility to watch, to test, to try what one buys; and finally, delivery times that can sometimes be very long.

How to buy on the internet?

There are companies that use the virtual and others do not. Regarding the former, they provide consumers, caddies, which are still called basket (the latter are mainly in the hexagon). For those who do not have these baskets, when you want to make a purchase on the internet, you must check boxes in front of the desired items. Conversely, for those who use caddies, you must choose an article and click on a button of the type “add to cart”. With this system, at any time it is possible to add or remove items, such as in a real shop, without the need to put the item in his department.

Online shopping makes it easy to send gifts to family and friends wherever they are.

The problem of the bank card: a real obstacle to online shopping.

Although there is not much difference between online and offline shopping, many people still worry about buying online using their credit card number. .

Here, what is certain is that many people fear that malicious people armed with various electronic tools, network specialists and high-tech computer, are able to appropriate credit card numbers visible on Internet. Thus, to limit this fear, many online sales companies try to do everything to secure purchases of this type, including encrypting information that is transmitted to them.

However, if you are not afraid to use your credit card in a restaurant, entrusting it to a server, there is no reason that you hesitate to use it to buy online, since in the majority cases, to steal data related to the credit card, it is not internet that we use, but indeed the technique of pickpockets.

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