Renew his domain name, buy office supplies, pay for his sponsored links, buy train or plane tickets for his business trips … a business leader has a thousand and one good reasons to use online payment.
How to choose the right payment solution, know the dangers of online financial transactions and how to play safely: essential information to optimize your purchases.

The different payment solutions online
Pay by credit card
The buyer uses his classic bank card to shopping in Pakistan
It must, of course, be verified that the e-commerce site on which one buys is equipped with a secure payment system. It is a mode of encryption of personal data (name, address, bank details) that makes them invisible, unreachable and therefore can not be recovered by hackers.

As soon as you go over a secure area, the web browser indicates it with a very clear message. The presence of the small padlock at the bottom right of the screen during the payment (and in the address bar) symbolizes the security of communications between you and the website.
Warning: the padlock does not presage the reliability, honesty or security of the site itself, but only the security of communications between you and the server.

Once certain of the security of the site, the payer communicates his coordinates:
Bank details:
The 16-digit number of his card.
The 4 digits of the validity date (month and year).
The last 3 digits of the pictogram on the back of the payment card.
and validate his order.

A problem? You have to contact the seller quickly.
Also useful, the AFUB (French Association of Bank Users)
Pay by e-card number
It is a payment method attached to the credit card that allows you to pay without giving your credit card number. E-numbers are assigned temporary credit card numbers.
e-credit card: Available at Société Générale, Banque Postale, LCL, Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, Axa Bank
Virtual: Available at Crédit Mutuel

Pay without a bank card
These are popular services for Internet users: they allow you to pay for your purchases without disclosing your credit card number. They also offer a lot of related services very interesting for a business leader.
The famous Paypal service and its competitor Google Checkout
These online payment solutions require an email address and a credit card number (you only communicate it to Paypal during registration)

How to use Paypal
Open an account (save your email address, your mailing address, and bank account information)
Follow the payment procedure on the merchant website (by choosing the Paypal payment method). On eBay, payments are made from one Paypal account to another and sellers are notified by email of the payment made. He can then if he wants to transfer your payment from his Paypal account to his bank account.
Track his transactions on his account.
With a Paypal account, you can also receive money: sell an object, request a transfer of money …

Advantages :
No bank card number to give to the e-merchant
A speed of the transaction
The inconvenience :
Paypal is regularly the victim of phishing (see below)
Google Checkout is positioned as the PayPal competitor. It works with merchants affiliated with Google.
Realize his transfers by Internet
All major banks offer wire transfer services over the Internet. Generally free between the holder’s accounts in the same bank, they are paid on accounts of other banks.
It is thus possible to transfer salaries for example and even to associate an accompanying email.
The real dangers of online payment
Yes, the dangers of Internet payment exist, one of the most offensive is phishing, especially for users of Paypal.
Phishing is a technique used by identity theft hackers. For example, they send an email posing as your bank and asking you to confirm your bank details. The arguments used are often alarmist: attempt to hack your account, serious problem on your account … Always check the sender of the emails you receive and the site on which it sends you. With a little attention, we quickly realize the trickery.

There are different ways to prevent phishing: For example, use a browser with anti-phishing (like Firefox) or use OpenDNS.

But you should know that the level of danger of buying online is the same as that of a purchase made offline. Stealing cash, recovering your code and bank card from stores or at a ticket office, stealing your checkbook … the common sense principle is the same everywhere, online or off caution.

Note that for any online purchase, in case of fraud, your bank is required to reimburse you if a debt has been made to your account without proof of your identity (for example without the 4-digit code of the card or a signature) .
New payment methods
There are two types of payments possible with

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