If you have the annoying habit of keeping your shoes Online in Pakistan back home, you’ll have to stop this nasty mania. Various studies have shown that it is better to put on our slippers once at home, under penalty of bringing in various bacteria.
Raise your hand if you are one of those who come home in the evening, go to the kitchen to put their groceries, or in the room to drop their bags, and take the opportunity to talk with their roommate or their half in the living room – all while still having their shoes on!

Yes, most of us do not pull his shoes out the door, and yet we should really do it. Because, as you may have guessed, they are really full of bacteria.

When you think about it, we walk the whole day walking on sidewalks, where dogs have their belongings, where some people have thrown in their chewing gum, their cigarette butts and many other things.
Gateway to bacteria …
A study done by the University of Arizona shows that there is an average of 421,000 bacteria on our shoes, with nine different strains of bacteria. Among them, the bacterium E. coli, which can be the cause of intestinal infections, diarrhea, and even meningitis in some cases, but also the bacterium Serratia ficaria, causing respiratory disorders, and finally the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacterium, which can cause urinary infections.

So of course, you can only catch these bacteria in extreme cases, but that makes you think, does not it?

According to Professor Kelly Reynolds: “We walk to places where we come into contact with bird droppings, dog droppings and germs on the floors of public toilets, each of which is exposed to origin of E. Coli bacteria. The other thing to know about our shoes and the environment in which they live, is that we are also led to walk on dead leaves and debris, the latter serving as food for the bacteria and allowing them to grow.
but also toxins
And as if that does not give us more chills, know that you must also worry about toxins. Another study by Baylor University found that asphalt toxins mixed with tar increased the risk of cancer. These toxins then turn into particles, which then attach to our shoes.

Dr. Reynolds insists, “Think about rainwater in the streets. There may be gas in and chemicals, which then stick to your shoes and can be brought back into your home. ”

Not to mention the factor of dirt and the difficulty of properly cleaning a carpet.

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