Why do we need to go shopping to relax?

Shopping, especially online, is a “socially accepted” way to relieve pressure. When it interferes with a person’s life, this drive can be controlled with the help of a health professional.

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The work day was exhausting. You punctured a tire when you returned home. Once arrived, your neighbor spoke to you for 40 minutes about the dues of the neighborhood association. It’s the least we can say: you have a bad day. At this moment, a compelling need is felt. It may be a matter of buying an eyeshadow, a tote bag, or kibble for the dog, but it takes something to make you feel like giving you a gift.

Shopping, especially on the internet, can offer the thrill of “hunting” that helps us better manage stress. In this case it is a process of adaptation to distract from painful or uncomfortable emotions. Buying items gives us a comforting new feeling. The reason is the continual stimulation of marketing by creating an atmosphere where consumption becomes a way of appeasing oneself and expressing one’s emotions.

Listen to the discomfort

Whether it’s clothing, furniture or a gym membership, the goal of shopping is to trigger positive change. This is a promise of the future often influenced by advertising, remind the experts of the site She knows, and in a socially tolerated way, even encouraged, to release the pressure. The problem: a vicious circle can be put in place. After the purchase of a product, we feel happy, then once the happiness is blurred, the discomfort returns, and the cycle begins again.

Shopping becomes problematic when it hinders a person’s life. Money problems and lack of total control often serve as an alarm signal. The litmus test is to go to an online business site, and not buy anything. In case of discomfort and need of purchase, this drive is probably unhealthy. The help of a therapist helps to develop healthier (and cheaper) coping mechanisms.

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