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Omni, who can not think of it!

Let’s stay serious. The question is why this famous double silk thread, single or triple, rather than a good old steel cable wear resistant and unbreakable. Because to confess all the same that put on the famous Pearls of Culture a vulgar “wire” which will have to be replaced after a few months there is really something to wonder about.

So why is it tradition to mount the beads with a silk thread and make a knot between each pearl?

Since ladies wear pearl necklaces, the silk thread was the best solution found. Indeed the silk thread (natural thread) was with linen among the only son existing in these high times. There were many botanic-based threads but their appearance and finesse would not have allowed them to be used on pearls.

The silk thread will allow to thread the pearls with perfect harmony. That is to say that the space between each pearl can be measured in an equivalent way to each realized node. Because it will be a knot made with agility by trained hands that will know how to arrange between each of the pearls a regular and perfect knotting.

This knot that separates cultured pearlswill allow to install “a buffer” between each of the pearls. Thus they will not risk to clash with each other, wear away by friction. The presence of this node between each pearl must also reassure the one who wears the jewels , because if the thread was to break, the loss of a pearl is even unlikely because a part of the knot will always be there to retain the pearl concerned .
This node therefore has two functions, that of avoiding the friction between each bead and the loss of a bead during a possible rupture of the wire.

The pearls are pierced using a forest with three sides. No complementary element is introduced as sheath inside the bead. The silk thread will be in direct contact with the Nacre (Carbon Nitrate) and everyone knows that the mother of pearl is not a robust material to wear. It is tender and friable, a little like limestone. Only the polished surface makes it so homogeneous that the nail can not scratch the surface of a pearl. The situation is different for a tool made of iron or steel.

Imagine that your necklace is mounted with something other than a silk thread. This thread of silk which will be of its consistency much less resistant than mother-of-pearl, a little like a porcelain shell would be able to cut a thread of silk or wool with some rapid friction. Thus the silk thread, present in the heart of the beads, will allow to maintain them safely without altering the beads, because the resistance of the silk thread is lower than that of the pearl which constitutes pearls. Being less resistant it will be the thread that will wear and not the pearl. Fortunately! Because pearls can be eternal if they are well preserved. The silk thread is a noble material but remains without real value and can be changed as often as necessary.

The advantage of the silk thread does not stop here.
Even if, with these arguments, it would be enough for its use, the “end of the end” also comes in the very concept of pearls. When we think ” pearls”We think of softness, we think of femininity, mother of pearl, and advertisers understood it a long time ago and use it as soon as their slogans claim them. Indeed the use of silk thread will also bring this concept of softness, comfort, perfection … Once the necklace around your neck you will not feel it, the jewel is light, airy … Only the discreet caress and the touch on your neck will make it remember to your memory, when by a movement of the head or the passage of your hand to touch with tenderness this necklace of pearls, you will hear the discreet tinkle of your pearl necklace . The flexibility provided by the silk thread is simply wonderful, perfect, excellent. It could not be better.

That’s why, even today, natural silk thread is still the best solution for threading pearl necklaces. It is true that it retains this small inconvenience that will push you to pass the door of your favorite jeweler to entrust your pearls for a day to install a new thread, ensuring flexibility, comfort and comfort. aesthetics of your necklace. A cost of a few euros, once a year (Following the use of the pearl necklace and after inspection of the knots, the rhythm of the reassembly of a pearl necklace goes from one year to several years for the most careful people) to take care of the wonder that is a pearl necklace, this reassembly is not a big investment.

Also, if you are demanding, require the silk thread for your pearl necklaces and let the jewels of little value use the plastic or steel threads that will use the pearls.

For a pearl worn as a pendant (single pearl) it can be mounted on a gold chain or ink link leather or neoprene that will not wear the pearl. These cultured pearl pendants are not intended to circulate the pearl along these links. Gold is a soft metal that goes with mother-of-pearl. The hardness of gold will be less than that of mother-of-pearl. You will not have any risk of wear. Leather or neoprene are not abrasive and for a pendant their use is not prohibited.

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