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Short, medium, long …, there are a multitude of necklaces that are distinguished mainly by their length. But with each style corresponds the ideal jewel. To avoid making odd choices when choosing your necklace, here is everything you need to know …

The choker necklace
As the name might easily understand the collar ras-the-neck door at the base of the neck. Less poetically called dog collar, this jewel about forty centimeters surrounds the neck and can be embellished with a pendant. It is usually worn with a round neck or boat, but it can also highlight a strapless dress.

The princess necklace
With a length of between 43 and 48 centimeters, this jewel constitutes in a way a generic necklace, that is to say, it represents one of the most frequently worn necklaces . Just below the clavicle, this type of model fits most outfits, and is an ideal accessory for everyday use. It comes in a multitude of models and colors.

The morning necklace
If we add a few extra centimeters to the princess necklace, we get the morning necklace . It is usually worn at breast height. This type of jewel is particularly suitable for tailors dresses or pants which he adds a touch of class and a bit of sophistication. The morning necklace is ideal for going to work.

The opera necklace
More known as the sautoir , this jewel was popularized by a certain Coco Chanel who only had eyes for him. For the French stylist, this simple accessory that falls at the top of the belly can liven up a little black dress in an incomparable way! Both chic and urban, this type of necklace is suitable for both festive moods and more formal situations.

The long necklace
The jewelry of length equal or greater than 90 cm are commonly referred to long necklaces or necklaces Rope. An essential symbol of the 1920s, this type of necklace gives free rein to its imagination and creativity. Whether worn in its length or in several rounds for a cascading effect, it gives style to a sober outfit. Be careful, however, to avoid overloading !

The Lariat necklace
This is a model with no closure system at the nape of the neck. This lasso necklace attaches mainly by making a knot or by inserting one of the ends in the ring fixed for this purpose on the other end. There are different lengths of Lariat. The longest ones are usually worn with an evening dress to which it gives a touch of extra elegance. In short version, the jewel gives a more casual style.

The bib necklace
Sometimes called a bib Online necklace In Lahore, this jewel can have different sizes. Depending on the model, he can tighten the choker, or go from below to reach the chest. The materials, too, are diverse: pearls, metal, fabric … This category of necklace offers many possibilities, but remains generally ostentatious.

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