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A Mobile Touch Panel in Pakistan also called contact board is an inductive fluid gem show gadget that can get input signals, for example, contacts. Some consumers bought a new mobile phone and used it for only three days. In the end, what is the reason for the failure of the mobile phone touch screen, the following editor will introduce the reasons and solutions for the failure of the mobile touch screen.

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How to Fix Mobile Touch Panel Failure

Nowadays, the screen of mobile phones is getting larger and larger, occupying almost the entire mobile phone, because once in close contact with the ground or other hard objects, it can cause consequences beyond regret! However, sometimes, after a fall, there is no surface damage, but I can’t touch it. What should I do? (I will not state the fragmentation here, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible)

Physical damage

1. All the touch screen and keys of the mobile phone are malfunctioning (sometimes all of a sudden, the whole screen fails) [Maybe some original parts of the mobile screenn are loose or damaged, you need to send to a doctor for reinforcement and welding, or replace the screen or components]

2. The touch screen of the mobile phone is malfunctioning and the buttons are normal.

3. The mobile touch panel of the mobile phone is biased and can be corrected, but it is still biased after the correction [Return to factory or the grid chip (last 1m) for calibration. The screen is deliberately biased for the mobile touch panel.]

4. The calibration screen appears when the phone is turned on. It can be calibrated, but it cannot be calibrated all the time. [Need to replace the touch screen grid chip]

5. The touch of the mobile phone is broken, the disassembly is normal, and the installation fails. [The four edges of the touch screen are too tight. Remove the seal from the touch screen and the root of the touch panel is broken.]

(Mobile phone chip: In the mobile phone program memory, the chip mainly stores the phone body code (commonly known as the serial number) and some detection programs. There are two cases of chip failure, one is the hardware of the chip itself; the other is the internal The storage data is lost and the hardware is not damaged much, mainly the software data is lost. When the digital is lost, “Phone LOCked” will appear, “CON-TACTSERVICE” or low will appear. Electrical alarms, black screens, etc.)

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Other Hardware Damage or Impact

1. Personal use habits: Playing games or operating frequently will cause problems such as screen heating, so the screen may be burned out! [Can only change screen]

2, battery failure, this can be resolved when using a charger or data cable.

3. Magnetic field effect, [Keep away from magnetic field or demagnetization treatment]

4. The influence of electrostatic sweat and oil pollution, the human body may appear electrostatic sweat and oil pollution under certain circumstances and should be actively cleaned and protected.

5. High temperature and low-temperature effects, the impact of ambient temperature on the Mobile Touch Panel in Lahore or the entire machine is very large [above 40 degrees Celsius is very prone to problems, please do not use]

Mobile Touch Panel Failure Failure Two: Systemic Damage

Today, the mobile phone system is three points in the world, android, apple os, windows, the former two occupy the vast majority of the market share, the latter is the successor of the desktop system! Well, after we use it for a period of time, the system deposits a lot of garbage and information. Improper operation will cause damage to the system, which will cause some operational problems. If your phone does not fall and the mobile screen fails, then You can start with the system first!

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1. Crash or fake crash, this problem can be solved after turning off the screen or restarting the phone;

2. The system files are damaged. Most of the rooted phones can change and delete the system files. [The solution is to flash the machine and try again! Vicious circle, so I advise you to delete system files carefully].

3. The firmware upgrade failed. Due to network or other problems during the upgrade, the system was damaged and the touch files could not be called.

4, the system settings are disordered, some friends like personalized settings, but carelessness may cause some system settings to be disordered, and some functions are damaged! [Setting on the computer using the mobile assistant—backup and reset—restore factory settings on the phone].

5. For the win8 system tablet, the bios system loading of the Mobile Touch Panel in Karachi may appear. After sleep or a temporary black screen, it is easy to cause the screen to close frequently and cause the preloaded touch program to malfunction. Internal software debugging, only by entering the bios to make it automatically load the screen to start, etc., there is no clear method]

Mobile Touch Panel failure three: software damage

During the use of the mobile phone, the software is the most contacted program. The use of the software may also cause some problems in the entire mobile phone. The screen failure or some failures are also common problems!

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1. Viral software causes the system to infect the virus. [Curious to kill the cat’s software, everyone suffers it. The phone may be hijacked or its function damaged. When the mobile touch panel in Islamabad fails, the solution is to use software such as a mobile assistant on the computer. Run a virus cleanup program or just flash it! !! !! !! Back up only important data]

2. Large software makes mobile phones unbearable! !! !!

3. The software does not support touch screen.

Second, the reason and solution of mobile phone touch screen failure

1. The touch screen and keys of the mobile phone are all malfunctionings (some of them are normal for a while and all will fail): add welding or replace the touch IC, add welding or replace the CPU, write software (key failure, the touch is normally a certain button is stuck).

2. The touch screen of the mobile phone is malfunctioning. The keys are normal: Change the Mobile Touch Panel Price in Pakistan. Add welding or touch ic, plant the CPU (processor), check for disconnection or short circuit. (Normal software and CPU are bad but rare).

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